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Introduction Introduction is the first component of any 5 paragraph essay. The last sentence of any introduction must include a thesis statement. This thesis either presents a debatable statement or outlines the key components of the essay. The thesis must also serve as a transition between the introduction and the next body paragraph. It should be engaging enough to make the reader interested. First Body Paragraph The first paragraph of the 5 paragraph essay must provide evidence for the strongest argument. It must include the most specific and relevant examples and illustrations. If you do not know how to prioritize among different pieces of evidence, you can always buy 5 paragraph essay help from experts. However, if you decide to work on your essay without anyone’s help, you will need to begin with a so-called “reverse hook”. It is a kind of transition between the introduction and the first body paragraph. The paragraph should be devoted to one single point from the thesis statement. The last sentence must be transitional, linking the contents of the first body paragraph to the second one. Second Body Paragraph In the second paragraph, you will provide another piece of strong argumentation, which may not be as significant as the one you mentioned in the first body paragraph. However, it is still powerful, argumentative, and significant. It also supports your thesis statement. The second body paragraph begins with a transition, which links it to the first paragraph. The main topic or theme should be included at the beginning of the second paragraph. It can be the first or the second sentence. In the last sentence, include a transitional component to link it to the third body paragraph. Body - Third paragraph In the third body paragraph, you will incorporate the weakest examples and argumentation which still should be linked to the thesis statement. Again, the first sentence will be transitional one, linking the contents of the third paragraph to the second one. Buy great 5 paragraph essay to save your time and effort, and you will receive a paper which follows the basic conventions for academic writing. The last sentence of the third paragraph will contain a transitional component, linking it to the conclusion. Conclusion The fifth paragraph is a concluding paragraph of the 5 paragraph essay. It is where the main argument is wrapped up and conclusions are made based on the evidence provided in the body of the paper. This is the last opportunity to make a lasting impression on the reader. In the conclusion: • Include an allusion that will link the conclusion to the first paragraph of the paper, • Restate the thesis statement using different words and expressions, • Summarize the key points made in each of the three body paragraphs, • Provide a final statement to tell the reader that this is the end. 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