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Higher education has been expanding its means far beyond the traditional libraries, lab works, and common lectures. Many professors began to realize that if they are not able to keep up to date with young people coming to their classes, they are most likely to fail in their teaching. Classes are no longer, as students have seen them ten or twenty years ago. One of the aspects that had undergone severe change is the discussion format. Online discussion boards for classrooms became a part of education quiet recently and have been borrowed from e-learning and online courses, as students there cannot participate in the in-class discussions. One of the students has e-mailed us asking how to start a message board. The problem is, this is up to your professor. You have to adhere to the rules and wait until they create a discussion question and only then you are allowed to post But do not hurry up! Let us guide you through the process of writing the perfect forum post.

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Simple Steps to Help You Learn How to Post on Blackboard Discussion:

Taking your time and creating a successful post is more important than being the first one to post. This idea will help your post stand out from the rest and catch attention of your professor.

  1. Find out whether this is weekly discussion or you have a duration of the course to post your answer. This will help you establish the timetable.
  2. Read your syllabus to check whether you may use some instructions or find an insight of what is expected from you.
  3. If there are some unclear instructions, it is always better to e-mail your professor and clarify the assignment.
  4. Look for sources and scientific data to back up your ideas, as online posts are intended to be scholar discussions.
  5. Use verifiable and trustful sources like academic e-books, research published online and academic discussion websites. Please note, that quoting Wikipedia is not a good idea; however using it for good reference list is helpful.
  6. Prepare a well structured and easy to read post. Avoid long sentences and complicated language, however, keep everything formal.
  7. Pay attention to formatting and take your time to create proper in-text citations.
  8. Integrated what was written before. Could you relate to the previous poster? Would you like to ask a question? This is a discussion, so such type of interaction is more than welcomed.
  9. Suggest personal observations and be insightful. No-one wants to read 15 posts that restate same information from similar sources.
  10. Do not wait until the last minute. There is Murphy’s law that says that if something can go wrong, it will. The internet will be down, we website may be not functioning or you will just fall asleep. So whenever you feel ready, post! 

Look at Our Free Discussion Board Example

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How to Reply to a Discussion on Blackboard

If your school is using Blackboard as a platform for online discussion forum, it is pretty simple to use. Once you have your post written, checked and ready to post, open the website and find the thread related to your course. You can sort topic by date, threads, author, and status to help you find the one you need.

Once you have opened the thread, quickly go through everything that has been posted not to duplicate someone post. If everything looks good, find Reply button and draft your post. Check the quotes and references, upload files (if needed) and only then hit Submit.

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How to Get to Discussion Board on Blackboard?

If you have troubles with searching a discussion board or college message boards, do not panic. Check your e-mail, as you were supposed to receive an invitation to join the discussion. Once you have opened the website, open the menu and look for Discussions section. You are most likely to see the full list of discussions, so sort them by author (look for your professor's last name or use Search panel and to look for specific question).  Once you have found the title of your discussion, click on it to open it.

Why Should You Participate Actively in Online Discussions?

First of all, you have to post a response if you would like to get credit for this course. However, if you want to go further and participate in the discussion you need to remember that studies have proved that students who receive positive feedback and reaction are more likely to post in response due to the social obligations. So if you would love to keep the discussion and help your fellow students, it may be a good idea to stay positive. Other studies have shown that students who actively participated in online discussions are more likely to carry the discussion into the class and usually have better results at the end of the course. An online discussion forum is also a good instrument of teaching students to handle their research properly as anyone can copy their response and look for proof on the Internet.

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How to Make an Order

Simple steps to order response essay

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