Demonstrative Essay Topics

Demonstrative essay topics deal with the description of how something is done. One can provide a descriptive essay on virtually any topic — you simply need to describe how a specific process is implemented or fulfilled. When working on a descriptive essay, you may focus on something really simple as well as on some complex processes. For example, you may even describe how to make a sandwich, how to change a light bulb or you may even focus on such complex instructions as to how to change an engine in the car. If you want to master the principles of technical writing, be sure that descriptive essays lie at its basis.

If you have been assigned a descriptive essay but no creative and appealing demonstrative essay topics spring to your mind, be sure to use ideas from our company’s expert writers. Specifically, you may write on how to:

  1. Plan your birthday party.
  2. Paint with oil.
  3. Change your image.
  4. Boost your confidence.
  5. Organize a wedding.
  6. Provide a shelter for animals.
  7. Deliver first aid to a person in need.
  8. Learn a programming language.
  9. Record a video on YouTube.
  10. Write a screenplay.
  11. Write a business letter.
  12. Improve your memory.
  13. Draw a picture.
  14. Cook pasts with salmon.
  15. Prevent injuries in hockey.
  16. Practice morning hour writing.
  17. Write an extended outline.
  18. Read one book per week.
  19. Make a smoothie.
  20. Throw a surprise party?
  21. Edit photographs.
  22. Practice mindfulness.
  23. Use your breath properly in the process of singing.
  24. Eat oysters.
  25. Make sushi at home.
  26. Use VSCO and Light room for photo editing.
  27. Make a florarium at home.
  28. Restore a carburetor.
  29. Ride a bicycle.
  30. Ensure peace in the whole world.
  31. Make sure there are flowers in your garden all year round.
  32. Make a web page.
  33. Clean your balcony.
  34. Manage your time properly.
  35. Master a foreign language.
  36. Prepare quick food in the morning before going to work.
  37. Make handmade candles.
  38. Decorate your room before the New Year.
  39. Become a famous actor.
  40. Train your memory.
  41. Greet people from Japan.
  42. Draw a genealogical tree.
  43. Choose a high-quality digital camera.
  44. Find a roommate who you will be on the same wavelength with.
  45. Apply makeup properly.
  46. Weave braids in your hair.
  47. Copy information from the outside sources without violating copyright.
  48. Draw a comic character.
  49. Organize a dancing contest.
  50. Apply nail polish.
  51. Properly sculpt your eyebrows.
  52. Choose a pet for yourself.
  53. Pack a suitcase for economy flight.
  54. Backup your information on the PC.
  55. Find cheap airline tickets.
  56. Bake meat.
  57. Make pottery.
  58. Get the best costume for a party.
  59. Write a successful poem.
  60. Make a greeting card on your own.
  61. Be clear when writing messaging.
  62. Fix a flat tire in the car.
  63. Make an origami.
  64. Meditate in the workplace.
  65. Start exercising regularly.
  66. Be a successful student.
  67. Make handmade jewelry.
  68. Grow greenery at home.
  69. Make invisible ink for writing secret messages.
  70. Start eating healthy food.
  71. Acquire the skills of fast reading.
  72. Make an Italian pizza at home.
  73. Differentiate a brand bag from a fake one.
  74. Master hip-hop movements.
  75. Prepare a tasty milkshake.
  76. Buy quality shoes for running.
  77. Recreate yourself after a strenuous work week.
  78. Use a navigator.
  79. Prepare a backpack for going abroad for two weeks.
  80. Treat minor injuries.
  81. Pick the matching colors with the help of a color palette.
  82. Practice fasting.
  83. Receive energy from solar cells.
  84. Polish and clean jewelry.
  85. Lose weight.

Actually, this list of topics can go on and on. The abovementioned demonstrative essay topics are just some of the most creative ones. Once you have chosen the topic from the list of creative and unique demonstrative essay topics, be sure that you plan the rest of the writing process and come up with an extended outline or a plan of writing. Check out below which paper parts are necessary.

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Demonstrative Essay Structure

Thesis Statement

As you are working on a demonstrative essay, you need to provide a thesis statement. Actually, it should be simple and it should aim to formulate the core idea what the essay will focus on. For example, you may pinpoint to what problem, issue or process you intend to describe and also briefly mention what is needed to be done or specify whether the process is complicated or not.

If you have a complex subject, the key is to break it down into parts. Definitely, the degree to which you focus on the thesis development also depends on the complexity of topic and the number of pages you are expected to submit. Therefore, if the process is complex, you can even formulate the thesis statement in more than one sentence. For example, you may first mention the issue and then briefly highlight steps that lead to the final result.

Body Paragraphs

When developing body paragraphs, make sure that you relate the main ideas to the thesis statement. Keep in mind that each separate idea mentioned in the thesis should be outlined in a separate body paragraph. Start a body paragraph with a topic sentence and make sure you provide supporting examples. When providing explanations, try to make them logical, simple, and clear. Just imagine that your target audience is people who have never done that thing before. Will they be able to understand the instructions from how you write?


Try to make the conclusion clear and strong. Provide a logical summation of the ideas you have outlined previously. Do not introduce any new ideas but make sure the topic is logically complete. Pinpoint to the result one aims to achieve.

Overall, that is everything you should know about demonstrative essay writing. Should you lack some creative and unique topics, check out the ones provided in the list above.

Demonstrative Essay Topics

Essay writing is one of the most challenging yet ambitious things you may need to do in your life as a student. The problem of most students is that, when it comes to choosing the most appropriate topics for essay, including demonstrative essay topics, they do not consider the task to be important. This is a huge mistake, since the choice of a topic is crucial for the success of the whole paper. Looking at the amazing demonstrative essay examples online, it is easy to see that their authors have invested all their resources, time and talent in creating a decent piece of writing. So, if you think that the quality of essay writing does not matter, you are absolutely wrong. Even a single paper can have brilliant or devastating effects on your grade. Of course, as a student, you will have to write different kinds of papers. Be ready to work hard to achieve the best academic result. Otherwise, do not hesitate to ask for affordable help from professionals who know how to write a demonstrative essay.

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