Expert Hints on Introduction and Outline Creation

Writing an Original Essay

Essay writing task may become a really interesting occupation. One has no idea how it can end up when he/she starts writing an essay. So, you start thinking about your essay and it seems to you that you have already found the right direction. Then you conduct a research work and find new information for yourself. In addition, it often happens that you brain creates innovative ideas related to the selected topic. In some instances, during the writing process, an author can find him/herself stuck and having no idea how to continue writing. It occurs often. That is why, it is recommended to create an outline of an essay. You can call it a pre-writing stage. It helps you to remain focused without confusing all the collected information.

Essay Introduction

Please note that introduction is one of the most important pats in your essay. There is no reason to continue writing if you introduction is weak and does not have clear thesis statement. If your essay cannot catch reader’s attention from the very beginning, it will not be read till the end. However, if you manage to interest the reader from the introduction, there is a strong possibility that he/she will want to read your essay till the last page. So, make sure that introduction is concise and interesting at the same time. In case you fail to do so, your middle and last paragraphs will remain unread. That is why it is vital to pay close attention to introduction and create an original one.

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Writing an Essay Outline

Please do not underestimate an essay outline because it is crucial for writing an effective essay. Outline helps to minimize your efforts and not to lose the selected direction. If for some reasons you feel confused and lost the idea, you can check the outline and find the correct track. Remember that creating an introduction outline or an outline for the whole paper reduces your writing efforts. After you have completed an outline, all you need to do is to describe the points mentioned in it in more detail.


Here are the tips on writing an outline:

  • Conduct a research work
  • Collect information related to the selected subject
  • Create bullet points
  • Put necessary information together
  • Create clear and concise thesis statement
  • Begin with a question
  • Do not ignore the curiosity element
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