Internship Essay Writing Tips

Internships have become a very important part of undergraduate life. Training programs are very popular among students as they provide them with the opportunities to learn some work peculiarities. The knowledge and skills obtained during the internship will enable an individual to build a successful career in the chosen field and grow into a confident professional. As a result of the training period, one ought to write an internship essay in which he or she has to dwell on the gained experience. Also, such an essay can be written by the person, who applies for an internship.

In its essence, the internship is a career-based opportunity given by companies in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors to potential students. This opportunity enables undergraduate students to work in a real work environment and get the skills and qualifications necessary for professional growth. During the training period, one has to be diligent, hard-working, and attentive to detail. In other words, an internship is a great instrument for comparing your knowledge received in the educational institution with work experience. Although internship essay writing is not easy, you may succeed with this task by following the suggestions provided in our article. In addition to handy writing tips, we are going to provide you with an internship essay sample that will help you figure out what your paper ought to look like.

Types of Internship Papers

As already mentioned, you will need to write an internship essay in two scenarios. First, you may need to write such a paper when applying for a particular program. Second, you will need to submit an internship experience essay in which you will outline the competencies and skills obtained during your training program. In the first case, your paper will resemble an application essay. In the second case, you will need to submit a reflection paper.

When writing an application essay, you need to include arguments convincing the potential employer that they have to hire you. As such, your task is to introduce yourself and your educational qualifications from the best perspective. Also, in this write-up, you have to specify your career goals and explain how the internship program will help you achieve them. Pay attention that many other candidates apply for the same training program. Thus, your task is to convince the hiring manager that you are a good fit for their company.

An internship application essay is different from an internship report. Such a report is always written after the end of the program and includes the author`s reflections about his or her work. When working on a report, you need to describe your role and responsibilities, challenges faced, and overall experience. Also, you may include your performance evaluation to help your reader find out how you have benefited from your experiences.

Why One Ought to Write an Internship Experience Essay?

An internship experience essay is required at the end of the training program. The main goal of this paper is to summarize the student`s experience and outline his or her learning outcomes.

When working on such a paper, you need to tell how the obtained experiences relate to your professional development. Also, it is necessary to mention how the program has helped you accomplish your educational and career goals. In other words, such an essay is a good tool for evaluating your own performance and predicting future achievements.

How to Write an Essay for an Internship?

When working on your training report paper, you need to consider the following internship essay format:

  • Make sure to describe your overall working experience in the opening paragraph. The first paragraph of your paper has to provide your target audience with some hints about your role, achievements, and experiences obtained. Although it is possible to use the first-person perspective, you have to try to avoid including your personal opinion. The main goal of the introductory part is to provide your reader with insights into your overall experience;
  • Explain how did you manage to meet your goals in the main body of your internship essay. The main body is the lengthiest and the most detailed part of your paper. You may start it with a brief description of the goals you have set at the beginning of your training. Then, you may describe your duties and responsibilities as an intern. Finally, you need to explain whether you managed to reach your goals. Pay attention that all of your statements are to be supported with the appropriate examples.
  • To make your report look accurate, you ought also to mention in what way you have benefited the organization. You can do it by providing examples of the changes you have made during your training program. To prove your words, you may include feedback from your teammates or supervisors. This information will help your audience recognize your outcomes;
  • Finalize your paper with an explanation of how the training program contributed to your growth. In the final paragraph of your report, you need to briefly describe your experience and dwell on the things you have learned. To make your write-up look perfect, you may relate your internship experience with your future career endeavors. To put it simply, your conclusion is to provide a clear connection between the changes, accomplishments, and experiences that will help you succeed in the career chosen.
  • Proofread your paper. When your paper is ready, you need to revise it to make sure it matches the prompt. Also, you need to make sure your document is free from grammar mistakes and logical flaws. Consider that even the silliest mistakes can affect the paper`s quality. So, if you want to submit a flawless document, you need to revise it. Also, you may ask your friend or family member to cross-check your document. Objective feedback will help you find out what issues may be improved.

Internship Essay Example

The following example will help you understand how a successful document is to be written, structured, a formatted. Use it and boost your writing potential:

My name is Alex and I am a California State University undergraduate student looking for an opportunity to get some practical knowledge during a summer internship. Practice is one of the main components in a professional preparation of specialists. The summer internship will allow me to improve my skills in the field of manufacturing systems engineering and to use them in the future. It will be one more step to endless working opportunities and will determine my abilities and ambitions.

Electric engineering specialists are in high demand around the world and start off with a reliable company will give me a competitive advantage. One of my career goals within systems engineering is to become known as an expert in this field. Doing an internship will give me a grounded experience of what my studies may look like in a work environment, and it will help me to test drive my career, to see if the work fits my interests and skills. The internship will also give me an opportunity to increase my network, expand my professional branding and meet different models of management. Having this opportunity, is a great start in improving my engineering career.

Throughout the years of California State University, I gathered a decent base of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. I worked with significant specialists in this field, and this has developed not only my professional but also communication skills, and now I get on with people much easier. I feel as though I can manage the company’s clients better and more efficiently. By working as an engineering student, I have not only accumulated skills in electric engineering but also learned how to work in a team and collaborate effectively. I have an analytical mind that helps me to model, understand and characterize problems. And my creativity will help to explore innovative approaches and alternative solutions in systems engineering.

Courage and a fresh vision while making decisions, essential work experience, independent meaning and passion to work – those are qualities that determine me the best. Ability to make decisions and solve problems will aid me in my advancement as an electrical engineer. I am ready to meet challenges, and I am flexible to work conditions. I am sure I have potential skills to reach the goals of the company in the form of profit, maximization and stability. I am extremely innovative and results-oriented undergraduate with an excellent educational background in the engineering field. My main objective and goal for the internship are to learn all about manufacturing system engineering. My internship experience will be very useful in increasing my future career skills. And as an intern, I will do my best to obtain a full-time position and a successful career in the future.

To conclude, I want to notice that the internship for me is not only a valuable practical experience. It is a great possibility to show myself, to expand my opportunities, to strengthen my benefits and to take a decent place in both: professional activity and life in general. It is important for me to face all the obstacles and difficulties of my future work. And in my opinion, nothing will equip me better with real experience than an internship with a good and reliable company. When starting a career, I will need a lot of inspiration and immersion in a working process will be the most rewarding experience of my life.

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