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For first-year students, it is a real challenge to review and critique an article, especially a scientific one. This is not the type of assignment high-school teachers give to their students. Thus, it can come as a real surprise to a college or university student if he or she is asked to critique someone’s scientific work. More often than not, students are asked to scrutinize scholarly publications, that present research on some scientific topic. So, the review itself should adhere to high academic standards. The student must be objective and the piece should be written in a clear, concise, academic manner. No wonder, those who are unsure of their writing skills decide to buy article review online from an experienced writer. Specialists working at our custom writing platform know how to present a flawless evaluation of any article, be it a publication in microbiology or art. Want to know how to write a decent review and where to get help? Keep reading and we will tell you what to do and how to succeed in your academic life.

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What is an Article Review?

It is a type of academic writing assignment where a student is obliged to provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of a specific article in an objective and unbiased form. Since the process of critical analysis takes much time, many students cannot perfectly cope with it. Another challenge is the difficulty students face trying to complete numerous academic writing tasks at the same time. Due to the intensity of the college or university curriculum, many students get insurmountable amounts of home assignments, thus they find it hard to strike a balance between studying and some social life and hobbies.

If you need to review a publication but cannot cope with it on time or lack some practical skills, be sure that you can rely on our company’s writers and buy article review online. They will cope with your task no matter the deadline and order complexity.

Ways of Article Review Organization

When it comes to article review writing, there is a commonly accepted structure that should be followed. As a rule, the structure of an academic review impacts the overall impression that the piece makes on the reader, and it is decisive for the ultimate grade. A properly written paper should consist of the following structural elements: article critique, comparison with the other similar publications, analysis of the issues raised in the article, and the publication overview (summary). 

The essence of this type of paper is the evaluation of the publication itself. The student has to search for relevant literature, explore appropriate methods, conduct in-depth research, and analyze the ideas reflected in the article. One of the essential aspects is to make sure the topic is relevant and pressing. If you lack adequate competence and experience with article review writing, you can always find an example of a neatly written paper on the Best-Writing-Service.com website. It will give you a general idea of what your text should look like and inspire you to start writing it. 

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As for the formatting styles, they can be really varied. First of all, it depends on the categories of review writing. Therefore, students need to become well-versed in different types of reviews and get to know the difference between them and the main features of each type of article review. 

As was already said, there are several types of academic reviews assigned to students. The most common one is a research article review. The main purpose of this text is to analyze and evaluate the core research methodology applied by a particular scholar and use it to draw conclusions from the assigned article. 

The other kind of popular article review writing assignment is a journal review. The core aim of this type of review is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a specific publication. To make the review successful, one needs to carry out a thorough analysis of the publication making a claim about its core value. 

A scientific article review is normally assigned at universities. The core purpose of this assignment is to make students provide a detailed explanation of scientific methods and analyze them in order to come up with specific conclusions. 

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Why Writing an Outline?

It is essential to start creating your masterpiece by outlining. An outline will help you clearly see the overall picture of what your paper will look like and also help you avoid the writer’s block usually encountered in the midst of the writing process. According to the traditional approach to writing, you should start with an introduction: provide brief background information and formulate the thesis statement. After you have your thesis statement written, think of how many body paragraphs you will have and try to formulate a topic sentence at the beginning of each one. Each body paragraph should be related to a separate aspect mentioned in the thesis. 

Once you have the outline, the next step you need to move to is the critique of the very article. You will have to emphasize the differences, contradictions, and some gaps that this research has. To make the review excellent, you can come up with questions that will address the flaws you have spotted in the article.


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Steps to Create Your Article Review Paper

     1. Provide the title

It doesn’t have to be creative. Think of a phrase that would summarize the focus of your paper.

     2. Present the article under consideration

You should provide a citation of the publication you review. Check your professor’s instructions. If you should write using APA, then the citation should be formatted like this:

Last name, X. X., & Last name, Y. Y. (Year). The title of the publication. Journal’s Title, volume(issue), pages. https://doi.org/zz.zzz/zzz

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     3. Introduction

Start with introducing the publication. Name the author of the article explaining when and where their work was published.

Then, shortly explain what the article is about. Highlight the positive moments and the key points of this research work. Mention the contradictions and gaps. Finally, provide the thesis statement that is the core of your paper.

     4. Summarize the author’s work

Highlight the central arguments made by the scholar. List the findings and the scholar’s conclusions.

     5. Provide your critique

Always start with the strengths and the contribution this publication makes to the body of knowledge. Then, turn to weaknesses. Maybe you have found some gaps or the theory used by the researcher doesn’t support the arguments.

     6. End with a conclusion

Paraphrase your central claim, list the main findings, and summarize your critique. Was this research accurate and valid? What is your suggestion for future work in this field of study?

     7. Proofread

Do not pass your review until you revise and read it carefully. This is an important stage in the writing process, as minor flaws can negatively affect the evaluation of your work. You can ask a professional writer or editor to proofread and edit your text. Thus, you will save time and get a guarantee that there are no grammatical errors and logical inconsistencies in your review. And of course, if you buy article critique online, you will get a professionally written custom paper that is already proofread and formatted according to the required style. 


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Good Reasons to Buy Article Review Online from Best-Writing-Service.com

Preparing article reviews requires careful planning and organization, which means that you should not merely devote sufficient time for writing but also to the pre-writing stage. Time-management skills will come in handy here. You will need to devote enough time to read the assigned publication, explore some background information on the topic, gather some evidence, and only after that switch over to the writing process. Much time will be needed for analyzing and structuring the data gathered. If all of these writing components sound like a total nightmare to you, don't get scared. You can always buy article review online from Best-Writing-Service.com. It will be unique, written for you according to your/your professor's instructions.

Our company’s writers fully realize that this type of assignment is on the whole more difficult and complicated than the majority of other academic writing tasks. So, be sure you can fully rely on us for professional assistance. We will ensure that the required organization, format, and citation style are followed.  

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