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What Is a Business Plan and What Is Its Purpose?

A business plan is a document that presents a specific business idea, the ways of its implementation, and the steps required to implement it. Any entrepreneur who wants to launch a business should have a properly structured business plan. 

No good architect would start constructing a building without a clearly devised plan, calculations, and blueprints. If he/ she risks doing so, the building would most probably fall or fail at enduring some poor weather conditions. This metaphor can be applied to the case of launching a company without a properly composed business plan. If you want your company to survive competition and different market conditions, be sure that you need a perfectly composed business plan. 


There are different types of business plans. Some of them are written for real companies, i.e. when you are the one who plans to launch business, whereas the others belong to the part of academic assignments, especially for students majoring in Business. In the latter case, you will be required to provide a business plan essay. Still, whatever the case is, you need to work on your business plan as if your life depends on its success. 

If you want to know the principles of successful business plan writing, check out the following outline:

  1. Executive summary. In this section, be sure to provide a concise overview of the whole business plan. Try to be brief and focus on the key points and details that are most important for the understanding what the company is about.
  2. Summary of the company. Please introduce the company’s name, location, logo, as well as the main idea/ concept of the company.
  3. Description of the service or product you are selling. Make sure you clearly describe what you offer/ sell to the audience. 
  4. Market analysis. Make sure you conduct the research of the market in which you operate. Mention also the main competitors. Specifically indicate how you fit the niche.
  5. Market strategy. Mention specific actions you will take to run the company and provide services/ products to the audience.
  6. Management. Introduce the team as well as duties and responsibilities of each and every member of the team. Describe professional background and qualifications of the team in order to pinpoint to their credibility.
  7. Outline the risks. Provide a brief discussion of the risks the company may be exposed to. 
  8. Milestones. Identify the major goals and provide a timeline when they should be completed. 
  9. Financing. In this chapter, outline the expected revenue as well as approximate expenses needed. To justify each point, provide explanations and calculations.
  10. Appendix. In the appendix section, provide the information, especially diagrams, tables, graphs, statistics, and other calculations, which were not included in the main body of the business plan.

The success of your business greatly depends on success of your business plan. If you do not have a business plan, it will be hard for you to launch and manage your business. If you face difficulties with business plan writing, consider buying a business plan from Best-Writing-Service.com. 

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