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Hollywood is a world of fantasies and impossible things. There are some movies that depict a certain theme with the help of good acting, direction, and script. The movie Olympus Has Fallen is an action thriller, it has a unique concept and many thrilling moments. In the background of the movie there is an evil conspiracy, and the United States has a mission to withstand some not so friendly powers on the planet. Olympus is the secret service code name of the White House. In the movie the White House is the home of the President Benjamin Asher, played by Aaron Eckart.

The focus of the movie revolves around the lead character, who is not the President himself, but a special agent, a man who is responsible for the protection of the Head of State and other important dignitaries in the White House. It is Mike Banning, played by Gerard Butler. The man had an unpleasant incident with the presidential family, which forced the President to transfer him to the Treasury Department.

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The impact of Hollywood is deep in daily life because a viewer gains new facts about a specific thing or object and mixes it with prior knowledge to formulate updated information. The assimilation process does not just update the old information but also helps to eradicate prior believes and possible modifications of certain things and experiences. There are instances when Hollywood has produced the most powerful action movie, computer generated graphics and virtual reality. This process occurs naturally, and people do not invent it themselves.

The viewer has a schema of a cast, and by adding new information to it, he or she makes new conclusions. This behavior is known as assimilation. The movie has many cinematic surprises. Thanks to the writer and director a tragic event that is made as a background of a major action in the plot, midway through the script and screenplay becomes a part of the actual movie. The director of the movie changed the actors several times before he cast them in their roles.

Antoine Fuqua skillfully directs the movie, throughout which there are many instances when the viewer anticipates one thing, and the opposite is shown. The overall surprising moments add the charm, and such an intricate movie is perfect for the viewers who love surprises. The plot shows that the covert team of rogue elements kidnaps the President and his topmost advisors: the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense.

The most fascinating fact about the film is its reflection of the international political tensions occurring in the world today. The most interesting part of the movie is relevant to the political and global environment of the current world. Considering how quickly one sees events unfolding in the world, the movie is impressively up-to-date and spontaneous. The North Koreans have invaded the White House. Though it is not an invasion in the true sense, they have managed to hold the most important man in the global political realm, i.e. the President, along with his second in command and other important advisors. It is obvious that the North Korean terrorists had some sophisticated training and gadgetry to allow them to control the White House, one of the most well protected political buildings in the world. The North Koreans have managed to penetrate into some crucial places in the White House, and their plan has accompanied by a comprehensive reconnaissance about every individual whom they considered important.

Once the Olympus falls in the hands of the terrorists, Banning finds himself in a somewhat familiar situation. Though he never had to rescue the President and Vice President before in his career, he is the one to get the job done. The Iron is not just a kidnapping plan here, but it is a way of the setup by the terrorists. It will allow the American nuclear assets to destroy various unfriendly countries; it is also planned to eliminate the life in America.

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The accommodation part of the movie is responsible for taking care of the changes or any alteration of the information that has already been present in the minds of viewers. The process consists of specific prerequisite facts and modifies them to get new information. Researchers call this process Schema Update, and it is not restricted to a specific schema, as a new one is likely to occur and update to revise information. Frank (2013) firmly believed that human behavior naturally equilibrates a balance between accommodation and assimilation processes. The mind balances it without the emergence of any need or requirement. Frank (2013) calls this mechanism Equilibration. This the main point where the role of media and entertainment becomes important (Frank, 2013).

Hollywood impact

A famous director and producer Thomas (2013) stated that the Hollywood is a massive pro-agenda machine that produces TV shows and movies according to the Government policies. Though it gives the impression of working on an independent policy, it is far from the truth. Hatred and misleading literature are the prime functions of Hollywood movies and shows, which is a well-known fact. There are even adverts that show alcohol promotion for viewers (Thomas, 2013).

Vaz (2013) mentions another example which is the metaphorical and indirect form of messages sent through the dialogue and has an emphasis on the people in particular. In order to convey these messages in a manner which is not noticeable to the common people in the first place. However, when it comes to the live action, they stop at nothing and show blood and massacre. It is enjoyable for the masses who unwillingly perceive these as customs. People can see the impact of it in real life as many students have killed classmates in their schools and colleges violently (Vaz, 2013).

The storyline is great, and the twists and turns are unusual, unlike in the other movies where the dialogues are frequently predictable. The movie Olympus Has Fallen has largely succeeded due to convincing play of Butler, who as a Secret Service Agent, trusts in his ability to handle unbelievable things. The movie depicts Banning as a man with required physical skills and sharp mind. These traits enable him to become an inconceivable threat for a group of terrorists who do not have the courage to face him. Viewers love the scene when the hero encounters the head of the terrorists and detains him. The ending is also unusual and opposite to the traditional Hollywood movies, there are many difficulties until the last half of the movie. Morgan Freeman performs a good acting which is expected from him. The man has a promising place in Hollywood in recent times, and he earned the place in a few blockbusters by his good performance and immaculate dialogues.

Terrorists have a one-track agenda, a realm that allows them to focus on a single aspect of their mission. No matter how good it is, the plan does not allow them to forsee what will happen if things do not go the way they expected. Banning is a specialist, whose task is to think about the best approach and to search for any weak links in a terrorist mindset. He is against a phalanx of single-minded killers who are all set to destroy the whole America. The plan of the terrorists fails only because of the Bannings heroism. Among the notable features of the movie is a computer simulation, used for various scenes. Unlike other Hollywood simulations, Olympus Has Fallen has garnered much appreciation for its graphics and simulation throughout the movie (Vaz, 2013).

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