The contemporary global market has undergone a tremendous transformation in technological consumption. The Dyson Company Limited is also responding to these changes by ensuring that they introduce new household products to satisfy the consumer demands. The company has dominated the vacuum cleaner market through the production of quality and reliable technology that meets the expectations of the customers. According to UCL School of Management, the primary goal of the company is to give their customers the most innovative technology that enhances customers loyalty to their brands. The Company promotes a significant working environment that where creativity and technological inventions are nurtured and rewarded. The most remarkable technology manufactured by Dyson Ltd are the vacuum cleaners, the hand dryers, heaters and blade-less fans. The headquarters of the Company is in the United Kingdom and the founder is James Dyson (Innovation Portal, n.d.). According to the reports by Grantz, the company has 20% market share and the current leader in the production of innovative vacuum cleaners. However, there are also upcoming companies such as Grey technology dealing in the same line of products hence making the market more competitive. This essay critically examines the product innovation charter of the DC 01 vacuum cleaner by Dyson Company.

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The most successful technology from Dysons empire are the vacuum cleaners. The success of this product was centered on unique contributions of James Dyson who succeeded through engineering and re-engineering this technology to achieve the best product. He encountered significant frustration after his first innovation of vacuum cleaners exhibited diminishing performance due to clogging of dust in the product. Therefore, the suction capability of this equipment became affected. He decided to re-engineer the product using a different concept learned from the industrial cyclone bags. Dyson observed the large-scale elimination of dust from the Sawmills and hypothesized that the same method could be applied in the vacuum.

There is a significance evidence of the three key NPD strategic enablers that contributed to the development of the Dyson Vacuum cleaners. According to Trott, James Dyson started by developing 5127 prototypes before arriving at the DC 01 cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner. He conceptualized the idea for 13 years before venturing into the British market with his first idea of the cleaner. Grantz discuss that the product design of the DC 01 appears fragile since the outer cover is made of plastic. However, the secret of the product lies in the performance. It has an improved suction power three times the normal vacuum cleaners and produces less sound that sparks the interest of the consumers who love privacy while doing their cleaning. The motors are cushioned with the automatic silencers that enhance cleaning without interference with the other peoples peace. To ensure that minimal noise is produced during the suction process, the air jets producing the dust free air are effectively muffled on the fans.

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The appliances for the DC O1 vacuum cleaners innovation entails the cyclone units that are engineered to collect dust through a high suction power. The Cyclones are electronically powered which makes it easier to separate the dirt from sticking in the suction area but are converged to the bag less vacuum. This feature enables it to suck dust out of the carpet when placed at various angles depending on the user’s height. They are also convertible to enable inclination at different degrees when sliding over the carpet during the cleaning process.

The material used for the casing is plastic that has a luxurious look like the spray painting of the car. The purpose of this casing is to give the entire product a unique look that differentiates it from other vacuum cleaners in the market. Furthermore, this finishing is to give the value for the money since most customers refer to it as a high-end vacuum cleaner technology for the affluent. As a matter of fact, the most important thing that enhances its usability is not the material used but the type of clients this product is targeting.

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There is another cyclone that is fitted perpendicularly to the primary cyclone which facilitates production of dust free air during the cleaning. Filters have been avoided making the cleaner capable of attracting other objects such as tiny glass that can be detrimental to children playing on the carpet. The vents are also modified to ensure that the air coming out of the equipment is not smelly, unlike other vacuum cleaners.

The product manufacturing for the company is carried out in rural parts of China and Malaysia where the warehousing cost and labor are cheap. Therefore, this aspect makes the production cost of the equipment cheap. The primary goals of the company are to increase sustainability in their products by ensuring minimal energy is used in all their products. The Company has also ventured in the online marketing as a strategy to boost the sale of their product to customers in different parts of the world. The company also believes in plowing back profits and reinvesting in new product designs. Additionally, the idea of recruiting competent engineers also enhances the developmental process that encourages the ability to influence innovations.

Dyson Company Limited has a remarkable portfolio on their DC 01 vacuum cleaner innovation. For instance, the product received an award as the most innovative household vacuum cleaner which makes it more competitive in the vacuum cleaner market. The primary strength of the company is based on their protection of the intellectual property through the acquisition of the patent for their product. Therefore, this aspect also acts a barrier to the production of fake or illegitimate products that might limit their sales.

The remarkable concept evident in the production of the DC 01 Vacuum cleaner is leadership. James Dyson as the chief executive officer of the company acts as the role model to more than 600 engineers he has employed. He is an ambitious leader for the company who motivates and nurtures creativity regardless how vague the idea may look. According to Grantz, the ideas regarding a new product design is discussed in a private room and the company is always willing to collaborate with the engineers in supporting the new ideas. After creating a blueprint of the idea, the company acquires the patent to ensure the idea is not utilized by the competitors without their permission. This aspect has enabled the Company to experience a tremendous growth with more 200 patents. The company also emphasizes on minimizing the production. It is not the idea of the patent that makes Dyson a successful organization but the innovativeness of the engineers in the Company.

The success rates of Dyson have remained consistent over the past years because of the employees commitment to enhancing their productivity. The company also executes frequent training and inspires the upcoming engineers through creating an innovation and invention competition forums. These competitions are meant to encourage the students in colleges to embrace innovation as the primary aspect to boost the economy and improve the lifestyle of people.

In conclusion, Dyson Company Limited has established a significant business system that is conducive for the workers and the profitability of the company. Their success can be equated to the unique quality products that exhibit the competence of the engineers. The strengthening of the internal and the external activities also plays an integral role in ensuring the achievements.

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