The deep analysis of the leader’s tactic after the American Revolution proved their significant difference that further gave rise to the fundamentally different American nation. The American Revolution took a significant part in the life of Americans because of rejection the British monarchy and founding the United States of America, which played a significant role in the formation of the specific political ground that made the U.S. one of the most powerful countries of the world. The paper is basing on the analysis of the American Revolution, which led to the faction between Hamilton and Jefferson deep study of which helped to identify political significance of the rivalry and its influence on the formation the current political situation in the U.S. 

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The Factors that Led to the Faction between Hamilton and Jefferson

The repertoire of the colonists significantly changed after the breaking out of American Revolution that was reflected in their writings. The classical repertoire became brightly represented in the rebellious sentiments of pamphlets. Great number of such famous writers and philosophers as Homer, Plato, Xenophon also expressed their position in the revolutionary literature. The colonists had shallow understanding of classical virtue but they supported it and republican ideas with the aim to prove their strong intentions. The crucial aim of the colonists was putting into the practice the principles of the ancient times. However, the admiration of antiquity detrimentally impacted the civic worldview of the founders. The imitation of the classical figures of the past had negative impact on the further development of the leadership. Samuel Adams put many forces to embody the republican’s values refusing personal fame and wealth. The desire of George Washington only craved to come back to his farm after the war winning. The adherence of John Adam to stern values of republicans reflected in the skeptical attitude to the unmoral strategy of French despite he admired some aspects of its culture. All abovementioned founders sincerely believed that adherence to the classical republican features will help to enroot not only fair government but also make people to accept them as establishers of the new nation. 

After the American Revolution the core essence of terms democrat and republican was close despite today they have significant difference. Democracy in eighteen century brought no legitimate cultural values to the America. It’s essence changed only after 1831 that was caused by the occurrence of numerous political parties. In that period the republicanism began to differ significantly from the democracy because of its belonging to the elite world but not democratic. The morality of people was reflected more in their capacity to act but not to choose wisely. The founders represented themselves as elite who governed a simple, not wise people. The republicans wanted to break the prosperous monarchial norms and reconstitute the American society.

The aggravated situation and revolution mood of the nation led to the engagement of the founders in the disputes concerning the range of issues that made them to form the opposing parties. The crucial issues that caused such cleavages included socioeconomic structure, states’ rights, and foreign policy of America. The significant deal breaker became discords concerning the idea of formation the states that opposed to the federal government. The representative of the federalists wanted to form a strong national government when Republicans rejected such idea because of their fear that the federal government could become very powerful that will induce raise of armies, levying of taxes, and occurring of the national debt to the foreign nations. Consequently, the crucial difference between the position of the Republicans and Federalists became core of the conflict and further caused faction between Hamilton and Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton saw the future of America as a metropolitan, industrial, commercial society when Thomas Jefferson craved to see American nation as a number of small farmers. 

Controversy between the of the Policies of Hamilton and Jefferson

The controversial situation in the country induced George Washington to assign Alexander Hamilton to ot the position of the treasure secretary with the aim to promote the prosperity of the country supporting the industry of America. However, he also made Thomas Jefferson his state secretary intending to restrict the power of federals and make the economy to base on the agriculture. Washington wanted to reconcile the Democratic-Republican faction within his own administration. However the tactic approach of both representatives continued to differ significantly. Hamilton sincerely believed that self-interest is the most powerful derivative of the human actions that can support the industry and commerce development.

Thus, the first aim of the state was protection the private property from the thefts. The significant factor was support the desire of the people to have the own property that will provide financial benefits to the state. Hamilton also supported growth of inequality and considered it the main distinction of the society. He wanted to raise the economic interest of the wealthy Americans and proposed the financial plan to reach the aim. The plan included assumption of the state debt that comprised $25 million. The other step was creation of the United States’ Bank. The main objective of the proposed plan was connection the federal power and economic vitality of the country. The plan of Hamilton concerning the creation the Bank was approved despite the numerous opposed arguments. However, Thomas Jefferson with the other Republicans continued to argue against it proving its unconstitutional core. Hamilton insisted on the necessity of the Bank creation because it could help to solve range of problems, which included convenient depository for the federal funds, ability to control the inflation taking state bank notes to the bank of their origin, and shortening the number of notes printing.  The actions of Jefferson and his follower Madison were directed to the constant criticizing the program of Hamilton and formation the specific tactic that was used in the Congress. However, as a result Madison, Jefferson, and Hamilton compromised and Congress passed the plan concerning the assumption of the debt. Such situation also helped passing the plan of Republicans concerning the capital city on the Potomac River. At least the parties started to find the compromise that became a step forward the new age. However, the social difference between the state power representatives continued to fuel their controversies.  The constant desire of Jefferson to emphasize on the development of agriculture impeded the partnership between the parties. His policy significantly differed from the strategy of Hamilton who in 1791 represented the report that advocated an increase of the manufacture in the national plan. Such plan was regarded as an attack on Jefferson’s strategy. 

The disagreement between the two leaders was also reflected in the discords concerning the foreign policy. The core of the conflict was choosing the best way to take the appropriate place in the world where dominated France and Britain. Washington played a significant attention to the foreign affairs and regarded Britain as a previous enemy but future trade partner, when France associated with the revolution and potential danger. Hamilton supported pro Britain policy and opposed violent nature of French Revolution. Thomas Jefferson advocated pro French policy and regarded the revolution as example of fight with monarchical oppression. Jefferson considered Hamilton as a bright representative of the monarchy and corruption. Such discords throw Jefferson off his stride and he left the cabinet that led to the win of Federalists in the dispute. 

Political Significance of the Rivalry

Social, diplomatic, and economic issues were not the only factors that impeded the political unity. The ideologies supported by Hamilton and Jefferson not only contributed to the partisan fractioning but also caused personal tension. The partisan enmity ended the dreams of the republicans. However, the rivalry played a key role in the establishment of the first parties of the U.S. The ideas of Hamilton were published in the four newspaper essays. For Jefferson the rivalry transformed him into the important figure whose ideas concerning the changes in the U.S. originated before the American Revolution enrooted during his residence in the France of the old regime.

Jefferson was sure in his win and regarded president elections of 1800 as real triumph of the American Revolution. He pledged the right of all people for the election by the simple people that further had a crucial effect on the political situation. For the political and personal reasons collide of egos and ideologies caused fail of the leaders. However, the nation that they established continued to develop. Their rivalry was very significant because of the endowing the county by the leading world power. Today the system of two parties became a fundamental element of the American democracy despite the founders saw it in the other way.


The analysis of the influence of American Revolution on the factions of Hamilton and Jefferson helped to identify the main reason, which led to their faction that was reflected in the desire of the republicans to break monarchial norms and reconstitute the American society. Such situation induced formation of the opposing parties every of which considered their tactic the most successful that would bring the country to the prosperous future. Despite the activity of the parties did not reach its pinnacle, they significantly contributed to the formation of new nation and creation the current norms of the U.S. policy. 

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