The United Arab Emirates have taken the initiative of ensuring that the citizens of the country receive adequate training sufficient to enable them, appreciate the solar systems. Previously, the country relied in traditional sources of power that resulted in the creation of various sources of energy that were harmful to the natural environment. Considering the fact that the use of oil is an nonrenewable source of energy. The ministry of energy saw the necessity of creating a system that would sustain the country after the oil exhausts in the country. He strategies used by the government included civic education. The education as meant to inform the public about the necessity of creating a unified system of hot water solar sources that would run the energy system of the country. The activity proved fruitful because of the recorded results.

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The introduction of hot water solar heaters has worked for the benefit of most people in various parts of the world. The use of the solar materials has proven to be cost effective to most people that apply the technology. Apparently, the panels adjust to any existing climate. Majority of technical and engineering experts prefer the use of the water system because it is environmentally friendly when applied. The basic materials that are needed in the functioning of such materials include solar collectors and storage tanks. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the first countries to emulate and implement the use of the water systems on a large scale. The Middle East country has placed an initiative that ensures each household has the water system. The implementation of the program has worked because most people give out positive reviews about the current situation. The paper explains about the Hot Water Solar System in the country.


Categories of the solar water heaters

Active systems

The government ensured the active solar heating system exists in various categories. The understanding of the categories enables most people within the country to decide upon the system that they prefer to be used in the country. The adaptation of a preferred solar system depends on the mode of preference of the user. The direct circulation system is one of the preferred techniques of active solar water systems used by much Dubai residents. The pumps available in the households are used in the collection of a preferred set of household waters with collectors. The adaptation of the system is the most preferred considering the fact that the system can function under any set of weather conditions that may work to the comfort of the user in the UAE.

The choice of preference lies on the united emirates user. The use of solar water heating system is a common practice on most cities. In areas such as Dubai, the use of the systems is preferable considering the fact that the area comprises of working class citizens and foreigners. Majority of the houses uses active solar water systems that belong to the indirect circulatory system. The use of the indirect circulatory systems comes in handy because most people in the country prefer the use of the method owing to the fact that the pump supplies a non-freezing fluid in hater transfer. The fluid is released through the collectors an existing heat exchanger that circulates the water. The water is then transferred into households for further usage. Majority of residents in large cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai prefer the circulation system.

Passive systems

Continuous research by government and local authorities has led to the creation of a system that revolves around the creation of a unified system that aims at improving the energy sector. The ministry of energy in the country has worked at coming up with other effective ways of ensuring that continuous reach is conducted for the benefit of the whole public. Majority of the public prefer the implementation of an affordable and reliable system that would enable them to access the services of the solar energy without incurring huge expenses. The central theme of the government was to introduce the passive solar water heating system. The system is quite affordable for the local residents that prefer the use of services that are quite cheap and available for them at relative costs.

The understanding of the passive systems is relevant before its usage. The government and the ministry in charge had the solemn duty of ensuring understands the mechanisms of how the system works. The activity revolves around the analyzing of the two types of passive systems. Integral collector-storage makes up part of the passive systems. The understanding of its mechanisms is vital for the users. This is because it enables the citizens to understand the risks and ways of operating and maintaining the machinery at a chap costs. The integral collector works in environment where the temperatures are relatively low. The basic education given by the local authorities gives an exact description of how the machinery could be operating during the specific hours of the day without interfering with the monthly budget of the united emirates citizens.

The solar experts have the duty of giving house hold owners the right advice about the usage of the solar systems. The advice given on the solar systems should be based on the tastes and preferences of the user. If the user prefers an active system, the solar expert should give expert advice based on the machinery. If the owner wants a passive, one the advice should be based on the passive system. Apparently, the thermosyphon systems are another part of the passive solar water heating systems. The economical cost involved in creating would eventually make the country an energy conserving. Research indicates that the one of the top ten countries that leads in the production solar energy power. The type of power produced by the passive system is the most preferable considering the cost benefits involved in its creation.

Storage tanks

The ministry saw the necessity of educating the public how the solar system works. The activity was to prevent fraudulent activities of private investors that may opt to sell to the public wrong material. The continuous activity carried out by the government enabled the public to know the basic materials to use in the creation of a reliable system that depended on the solar power. At first, the education on the quality of the water storage tanks was a relevant activity. The training was meant to teach the public the relevance of purchasing a long lasting storage tank that would facilitate the mass storage of adequate water that may be used for domestic and commercial purposes. The activity resulted in a continuous training process that ensures that the public was well informed about the materials to be used in the tanks.

Majority of the solar systems needs storage tanks that are well insulated. This is because the heat derived from the activity is essential for the safety purposes of the household owners. The storage tanks should have an inlet and outlet that are connected from and to the collector. The ministry emphasized the necessity of the citizens to understand how the storage tanks works to reduce cases of accidents and inconveniency. In case the household owner prefers a two tanks water system. The solar water heater heats the water before the fluid passes the water heat at the conventional point. Majority of people prefer the two-tank water storage tanks. The one tank system contains a back up water heater that is combined with the storage of solar in a single tank. In conclusion, the understanding of the storage tank system is essential for the citizens.

Solar collectors

The collector is a vital part of the hot water solar system. The understanding on the usage of the collector is essential for the citizen. Apparently, the ministry ensures that each household owner understands the usage of the system on a broader perspective. The activity resulted in creation of a system that focused in the creation of a complex system. Apparently, solar collectors exist in three distinctive forms. The flat plate collector makes up one of the common collectors used in the United Arab Emirates. The plates are insulated in such a manner that they can absorb heat at high levels. The waterproofing applied on them make them more preferable collectors. The use of the collector is functional when creating a pool jetting of solar power. In conclusion, flat plate collector is a reliable pice of material.

The integral collector is a collector used in most parts of the country. The technology used in the creation of the collector is simple and preferable. Little demonstrations enable people to understand its basic mechanisms. The activity resulted in the creation of a reliable piece of collectors that most citizens in the UAE prefer to use. The simplicity involved in the application of the piece of technology makes it a reliable set of technology. The collector feature mostly blank tubes that are insulated inside a glazed box. The cold water passes through the system before that heats it. The simple functioning makes it a preferable choice amongst many people in the country. Ideally, the use of the collector is used in the country because of the hot and dry climate in the country. The government ensures that each citizen has a preference of choice based on the type of solar material the person prefers.

The evacuated tube collectors are another type of collectors that is commonly used in the country. The collectors is commonly used in the rural parts of the country. The collectors are quite cost effective to sue considering the fact that they are sold at cheaper prices compared to other collectors. The use of the collectors is quite common because of the ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions in the rural areas. The ministry prefers the use of the collectors in the rural areas because of the cost benefits involved in the use of the piece of material. They contain a row of transparent tubes are made in glass. The tubes contain a piece of glass and metal absorber that are attached to the fin. The collectors are quite popular because of the high rate of reliability associated with the use of the collectors. Ideally, the government makes it a preferable choice to small household owners.

Selection process

The introduction of the energy conservation strategy relies on the ability of the government to come up with a reliable way of implementing it. The implementation of the energy conservation strategy with solar power is a step that requires a careful evaluation process. This is because majority of the citizens understand the traditional systems that they could use to accumulate fuel. Apparently, the ministry of energy in the country took the initial step of ensuring that the society understands the use of the solar water heaters first. The use of civic education worked for the ministry. More people in the country appreciated the role that the solar power would play in the generation of heat. The government saw the need of education the public about the selection process of the solar power system. This was to save the costs involved in purchasing a unreliable solar power system.

Cost is a relevant factor that every person needs to consider before purchasing anything. Apparently, the buyer should look at the cost involved in purchasing the solar material. The cost should fit the financial capability of the individual considering the fact that the initial cost of maintenance may prove to be quite high. The purchaser needs to understand how the machine works in specific environmental setting. A wrong decision may lay lead to a high cost of maintenance. It is the duty of the seller to give effectual; advice to the buyer about the use of the solar panels. The purchase of the right solar systems must be cheap and easy to maintain. Ideally, the cost involved in purchasing and maintaining the solar system is an effective step that the buyer needs to consider.

Evaluation is a necessary activity that needs to be observed by each purchase. A good selection process needs a careful evaluation process. The government of the United Arab Emirates ensures that each citizen observes a careful selection process that may facilitate the purchase of the correct material. The evaluation of the correct size is a relevant activity. The buyer needs to analyze and evaluate the size of the household in order to come up with the correct set of materials that may support the solar system of the house. The activity has proven to be quite relevant considering the fact that the mild selection process may lead to the creation of a wrong set of values that may undermine the functioning of the system. The evaluation of the site position is also a relevant activity that the buyer needs to observe.

Impacts of the solar water systems

The introduction of the solar hot water heaters has worked for the benefit of the country. The initial investment cost was quite high. This is because the government has to allocate a lot of revenue to the ministry of energy. In return, the ministry was to ensure a proper procurement process was concurred to ensure that no fraudulent activity took place. The purchase of bulk solar panels was an expensive process that took a lot of time and funds. Additionally, the government cost of investment in the local civic education about the use of the solar water heaters was quite high considering the fact that the citizens had to be taught more about the use of the solar water heaters before they install them in their homes. Therefore, the process was quite expensive.

The energy preservation technique has worked for the benefits of the citizens in the Middle East country. Majority of the citizens have come up with effective ways of preserving the energy by installing the use of the solar system. A local based research indicates that 87.9% of the United Arab Emirates use the solar power systems in their homes. The activity provides an energy conservative future for the country. Apparently, the country serves an example of a nation that has embraced the necessity of preserving the energy for future purposes. The government reports also indicate that the ministry of mining has managed to reduce the mining activities for future purposes because the use of the solar powers has provided a better alternative for the country. The activity has led to the creation of a large field of water panels that explains the ability of the country to system its renewable energy system.

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