The Companys Origin, History, Corporate Structure and Growth

Diversity in the workforce has become a necessity in the business world. The New Frontier for Fresh Foods Supermarkets management has taken it upon them to ensure that diversity in terms of location and employees is achieved. The supermarket is a chain store, established initially in the Southeast of the United States about 20 years ago. Furthermore, food stores have started expanding to other parts of the United States. The first new stores have been opened along the eastern seaboard. Slowly, others are being established along Maryland, Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The company has not reached the Northern New England states since the executive has instead decided to venture into the Southwest because it has a larger population. The manager of one of the most successful chains food store in the Atlanta region has been requested to move to Phoenix, Arizona for her to facilitate the opening and running of a new store.

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The firm is a profit making corporation, a corporate structure that goes beyond one individual. There are managers in all the stores established under this chain. They manage the various stores autonomously. Different managers of the various stores under the chain run their respective branches independently. Moreover, the growth of this corporate structure is being facilitated by the establishment of more stores along the southwest, long Washington DC and all other regions where the stores have been set up.

The Strengths and Weaknesses Within the Company in Reference to their Diversity Initiatives

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Fresh Foods Supermarkets diversity initiatives to recruit more employees, establish new stores in different regions and embrace cultural diversity are a great milestone in its growth. Vivian Noble, a manager in one of the stores in Atlanta has accepted to move to Phoenix, Arizona to open and manage a new store. She is of African-American origin. Moreover, for her, this is no hindrance for achieving the goals set by the firm. Noble is embracing the participation of the surrounding community by recruiting employees with Hispanic and Native American roots. Furthermore, this will establish cohesion among the workers and give the firm an outlook of the surrounding population. Recruiting older workers is also strength to the company since these workers will interact freely with many elderly and retired people in the area, leading to an increase in sales. The firm is establishing workforce that will relate to the community it will be operating in (Cox & Blake, 1991). A weakness in the firm is the transfer of one of the strongest managers from Atlanta. Thus, this may cause the collapse of the store at Atlanta. The transfer of Vivian Noble to a region she is not familiar with may cause disconnection from her job and thus not yield the expected results.

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Opportunities and Threats within the Companys External Environment in Reference to their Diversity Initiatives

The firm has a wide area it can cover in the establishment of new stores. Threats may be in the form of other upcoming chain stores that may be planning to price lower and cover areas, such as the North where Fresh Foods Supermarket has not yet started venturing into.

Steps that Vivian Noble can Take to Recruit and Develop her New Workforce

In the recruitment of a new workforce, Vivian needs to establish colleges and universities that are likely to produce the desired candidates for the posts available. Developing a connection with professional associations local organizations that are ethnically diverse for example Commercial Real Estate for Women, churches and cultural institutions may help Vivian in acquiring a reliable workforce. Conducting interviews to select favorable candidates and according them the relevant training on the necessary skills for the jobs are steps that Vivian will need to develop a new workforce (Simma Lieberman, n.d.).

Other Ways that Noble can Help her Company Reach out to the Community

Establishing a relationship with the surrounding community is important for the survival of a firm. Noble can help her firm establish such a relationship by reaching out to groups, such as the disabled, sports teams and youth groups by asking her company to sponsor them in their activities. In the companys branding and advertising, Noble may use the surrounding community and this will help reach out further to the community. Recruiting workers from groups, such as the disabled will create diversity for the company (Vogel, 2013).

How Fresh Foods Supermarkets as a Whole will Benefit from Successfully Moving into this New Region of the Country

An increased profit is among the most notable benefits that will come upon the firm as a result of moving into the new regions. A new market niche will be established as well for the firm. Moving into new regions will also result in an increased workforce that will benefit the firm in acquiring more ideas and new skills at work. The companys territorial boundaries will also enlarge. The clientele of the company will grow rapidly as a result of the move into new regions.

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