Fahrenheit is a forensic novel about fire and its usage. The writer Ray Bradbury has extraordinarily exposed the function of fire and role of fireman in the novel. Guy Montag the central character of the novel is being pictured as a fireman. The whole story turns around the Guy Montage as central character and fireman and the fire. By defining the novel it is story about a fireman who is amazed to see the concerns of the people about the book collection the affiliation they have with the book, which admires Montage a lot. He starts to stole the books and read them when he has spare time.

Novel summary:

The story of the novel “Fahrenheit 451” is about the war between book lovers and the people who don’t like to read books or remember the history. The major element introduced in the book is fire that is why the number “451” also represents the prefect temperature for burning the book pages. Story is about war between the book readers and the rebels who don’t like to remember anything about the history and wants to have the ashes in their hands. Guy Montag the central character of novel is amazed to see the lady whose house is burning but she is worried about her books that she have in her library. Montage admired the spirit of the lady for her books. Montage never feels the kind of interest in his personality about books and he never cared about the books in his fireman careers. He ever tried to save the other costly materials in the firefighting, but, never thought about the importance of book and knowledge. Suddenly Montage’s state of mind changed and he starts to steal and read the books, even, he organized a book library in his home. Everyday he tries to read a book to make himself knowledgeable.

On the other hand, Captain Beatty with the firemen raids the Montage house and found lot of book. Captain Beatty has very different view about books and knowledge, he believe that the bone of contention in the society is books which should be fired. So Captain Beatty and his firemen starts burning the books and cleaning the history and knowledge. Captain Beatty’s believe that fire can deviate the problems and destroy the anything problematic.

At the end of novel Montage resists against the rigid action of Captain Beatty and wants to stop him for not burning the books. He tries to explain the glory of knowledge and importance of book to Captain Beatty, but, Captain doesn’t listen and understand. An the end Montage decides to burn the Captain Beatty due to his rigid behavior with books which have history, knowledge or traditions and have future. It is better to burn the bone of contention than the books.

Story theme:

The writer very professionally exposed the anti book element in the society and the preservers as well. The element of fire and distraction is dealt in a very good manner by the writer. Moreover, role of fireman and function of fire in all aspects have greatly handled. In the first theme the fire is used to destroy the knowledge of the world and to burn the books. However, central theme of the novel is fire can also destroy the elements of contention. Besides all the facts one more aspect of fire is also come up which is campfire to restore the waste books, campfire can make it possible. So, the restoring aspect of fire is also considered in the book. The major theme of the novel is fire which is presented with a very diverse proposition. 


Distraction is very simple a spark can destruct the whole. The concept of fire in the novel and knowledge and books as core of the novel has greatly correlated by the author. Fire can be used by both ways to destruct the bad elements in the society and to loss oriented destruction. Both are very effectively presented by Ray Bradbury as he has mastered the art of fiction.

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