Any historical event can be viewed and analyzed from a number of viewpoints. Minimum two participants of this or that historical event can express and support their personal point of view and have all the rights to be either supported or not. Let us discuss Mexico and the United States' points of view on the Mexican American War 1846-1848. 

Let us also try to compare and contrast these two viewpoints, remaining neutral, as we should always remember that any story has two sides.

The Mexican-American war, known in America as the Mexican war, while in Mexico this war is known as the United States Invasion or the North American Intervention. This difference is based on the perception of the conflict between two countries, which differs dramatically.    

However, from 1846 till 1848, Mexican and American armies fought against each other in a military conflict. Eventually, it was a battle for Mexico to save what they considered to be their property and for the U.S. to preserve the disputable land of Texas. Moreover, the United States wanted to obtain more Mexican northern lands. As it could be observed from the causes of this military conflict, the roots of this bloody war long precede the fighting itself.

In the United States of America, the Mexican-American war was characterized as a partisan war, while for Mexico it was a point of national pride. Historians claim, that by the year of 1846, the military conflict between the United States and Mexico was almost inevitable. The starting point for this conflict is considered to be the so-called "Thornton Affair", which took place on April 25, 1846. In the course of the Mexican-American war, two armies fought about 10 major battles, which were successful for the United States. In the course of the Mexican-American war, about 1,700 American soldiers were killed in combat, still the general number of soldiers died during the conflict was 13,000. At the same time the Mexican casualties were about 25,000 soldiers. 

Ultimately, an American army captured and occupied Mexico City. The war lasted for about two years and ended in spring of 1848. The United States forced the Mexicans to negotiate and dictated to them terms of the peace agreement. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was formalized in May, 1848. According to this treaty, the Mexican territories of Santa Fé de Nuevo México and Alta California were ceded to the United States of America in exchange for $15 million dollars. The enormously large territorial loss for Mexico made 52% of all the territory. This war consequence for Mexico encouraged the central government to colonize northern territories, in order to avoid further losses. It was completed by means of enacted policies. 

As noted earlier, the Mexicans and the Americans have different points of view on the war. For Mexico the war was the attempt to protect Mexico’s private territories from the American invasion. They considered the annexation of Texas to be a violation of the 1828 boarder treaty, thus influencing Mexico’s sovereignty over that territory. So, there was nothing left to do for the Mexicans, but to defend the country’s territorial integrity from the U.S. invasion. 

From an American point of view, the Mexican American War was absolutely driven by political, social and economic pressures to expand the territory of the U.S. In the 1840s the idea of a “manifest destiny” was very popular among Americans. According to this idea, Americans felt it their duty to extend the boundaries and dominate the continent. However, the most prominent common feature for both countries concerns the desire to save their private territory.

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