In the concert of the modern dance music, many masterpieces were represented, including old and new. These were collages, collations, fusions, etc. by the famous artists like Erik Satie, E. Grieg, etc. The music of various kinds inspired me to listen more things of the definite kind. The best I liked collages, where different musical pieces are put together, or like it is said glued together. Nowadays, this genre is very popular among musicians, who add much new to this genre. In the concert, the audience had luck to listen to three collages, including ballads, crossroads, and in the frames of the duet music. Duet music sounded much inspiring, like always, when it is required to underline contrasts inside one composition. Contrasts help to reveal the hidden aspects of life reflected in music.

The most significant work that was played at the concert was Holberg Suite Music that was written in 1884 by E. Grieg in commemoration of 200th anniversary of birth of the Norwegian playwright Ludvig Holberg. In this music, there can be observed the notes of music that were traditional for 18th century, although this work was written in 19th century. This work is oftern compared and contrasted to other neoclassical works, like to Franz Liszt’s “A la Chapelle Sixtine”. In the context of the modern dance concert, this Grieg’s masterpiece sounded especially festive. All five movements’ people listened very inspiringly, including Praeludium, Sarabande, Gavotte, Air, and Rigaudon. Any of these parts has special keys to understanding, and along with the great performance of the music, it was not that difficult to understand the key concepts of this work.

Another interesting genre that was involved in the frames of this concert is fusion. Considering the fact that this genre is very old, it is worth mentioning that many pieces of this music were written in the past centuries. Foe example, for the audience, the well-known masterpieces in this genre are fusions by Bach, jazz fusions, etc. Fusion as a genre is a combination and compilation of couple or more of genres. The authors of this kind of music are inclined to generate new ideas on the basis of old genres, creating new unexpected combinations. As for me, fusion is the best genre for the dance music, as it helps to express the best features of it, generating new concepts within the concrete pieces of music. 

Ballad music is one more suitable genre that was played in the frames of this concert. Ballad music helps to relax, when it is needed to rest after the stressful day. It is good to rest, when you are at the concert of the modern dance music, and you are listing to the best things of music. Many people from the audience were admired to listen a good ballad that was included into the repertoire of this concert. They were listening, and then applauded inspiringly, when they were listening to the final accords of this heavenly adored music. As for me, I felt like this music is taking me higher and higher, with every accord that was played within this composition.

In general, the concert happened to be one of the best from all that I heard during one or couple of years. The audience met the players with applauses that were the best reward for them. It felt like every one of those who were present at the concert came there to enjoy the high-quality music that, unluckily, is not that popular among youth nowadays.  However, I believe that soon the situation will change, and such concerts will attract more young people. 

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