Popular Culture and Political Expression


Culture has had its roots in many aspects meaning that it has formed the foundation in which the elements depend on. It also boosts activities in other aspects. For instance, culture has deep roots in the politic arena where it has influenced the success of politics. Culture has seen its interaction with politics through its various elements. Aspects of popular culture include the social media, musical factors, literature and journalism among others. These elements help in the expansion of culture and provide support in political field. The Asian politics have been influenced by what is generally referred to as the Asian culture. Asian countries include Japan, North and South Korea and China. For example, the Japans value their culture in such a way that it has to be involved in most fields. Politics has been steered by the pop culture in the Asian region because of its broad elements. In this paper, various elements of the pop culture will be seen to manifest themselves as great influencers of the Asian politics in terms of expression since they have been re-interpreted and mobilized to represent local basics of political expression.

Social Media Interpretation and Mobilization

The social media has been the main element in pop culture that has been mobilized in order to fit in the political aspects (Bennett 2013). Social media is a broad element that can be used to reach many people. Moreover, social media does not only cover many people but also diverse of aspects of individuals. Different people can be reached by social media because it can capture their attention from many aspects. In the Asian countries such as Japan and Korea, the social media have grown rapidly with millions of users (Brewer & Taylor 2011). The advantage of social media is that it has many channels under which it is expressed through including Facebook, twitter, weblogs and YouTube among others that have been frequently used across the world. These platforms created by Medias are sufficient for spreading political ideas and propagandas because they have the capability of capturing the attention of many people. 

Most importantly, many political revolutions in Asian countries have been steered by influences in social media. The internet that is the running power of social media has been used as a great influence. Politicians have been calling for political initiatives through social media. In this case, social media has been used as a communication platform in attempts to enlighten the public on their political rights. In Japan, revolutions are evident whereby the youth has been mobilized by the use of social media. The Japan youth basically relies on the social media for communication purposes (Brewer & Taylor 2011). Therefore, it is broadly used to politically mobilize them.

Furthermore, social media has been a culture of many people in the Asian countries. It has integrated into the region’s culture in order to build trust among many Asians. Many people rely on and the trust social media on emerging issues (Brummett 2014). They check for updates in social media. News has had their way channeled through social media. Therefore, any mobilization made via social media is received by many people, and they believe it even if it is false. North and South Korea have been on constant political wrangles as a result of incitement that is available in the social media (Craig & King 2014). They express their political egos through the social media therefore causing civil wars. As a result, political agendas are passed through social media. Therefore, social media has also led to the destruction as well as construction of the political arena.

In addition, social media has been under the control of most Asian governments. This was brought about by the government’s great concern in the Asian countries to control the media as a whole (Crothers 2012). Consequently, the government officials elected by the people take advantage of the opportunity to spread their political agendas. Therefore, the political arena finds itself at a greater chance of thriving through social media.

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Literature has also been a crucial element in the pop culture for the promotion of the political expression. Literature has been an ancient element of culture (Donnelly 2014). Therefore, it can capture the early times politics together with the present time politics. The literature available in the Asian culture includes historical journals, poems, diaries and symbols. Historical journals have mostly been used in the pop culture to spread political ideas. Current politicians refer to the journal on how political background was and how the early politicians played their politics. Through these journals, the current politicians are tuned to a position they can advance in their political career.

Symbols are also evident literature among the Asians. They help in instilling of the Asian culture and passing on information. Therefore, they can be used to pass political information to the people. For instance, the Koreans value cultural symbols. They act as a sign of heritage to them. Political heritage among the Koreans is also maintained through the symbols (Crothers 2012). 

Political appointments in the Asian culture have also been made possible by the use of literature (Hall 2010). The pop culture allows the preparations of diaries. Use of diaries ensures that the politicians plan their work effectively. Consequently, the political environment is made conducive because there are no collisions. Politics is put on a better ground to do well. Therefore, use of diaries in the Asian culture promotes the success of the political arena. 

Literature has had a field of poetry as the ancient and enduring branch of culture. Poetry in the Asian culture was believed to spread the cultural values (Hirano 2013). Therefore, the Asians treated poems as valuable assets that could preserve their culture. Due to the respect and trust that the poems earned in the Asian culture, most politicians viewed poems as vessels to spread political policies and ideas that they had. The politicians began using poems to mobilize and create political awareness on people. However, literature has been facing challenges because most people are shifting from reading literature materials to social media. To the few who are still in the literature field, they have noticed tuned to the political expression that is available in the literature.


The Asian region culture has been greatly supported by the element of music. For instance, a variety of Asian music, commonly referred to as pop music, has been composed to ensure that culture has been preserved (Weis 2013). Music has been one of the elements with a large audience to experience it. Therefore, information conveyed by the music is quickly passed and instilled to an audience. Politics among the Asians is considered as culture and therefore there are songs that are composed with political themes. This action ensures that political ideas are passed to the music’s audience and that has led to political arena foreseeing success through such songs (Pennycook 2014).

Music has also been manifested in the political arena as an attractive factor in political arenas. Most politicians in Asian countries even up to date ensure that pop music is present in their rallies. This is because the music would help to attract a large audience in the rally. The presence of a large audience in a rally would ensure that the politicians pass their ideas to many people. Consequently, the political arena in the Asian region will grow. 

Asian music can also be used to ignite people’s emotions and thoughts. This characteristic of pop music would be a good foundation for political activists. The activists can compose several pop songs to open up the civilians eyes in case there is political harassment in the Asian region. The civilians would take the message in the songs with seriousness, and a revolution will be created. For instance, the Koreans value the message carried by their songs. They believe in the message and act religiously in adherence of the message (Lewis 2013). Therefore, Asian music can be used to promote political affairs in the Asian region.

Emerging Cultural Practices

Emerging trends in culture are also characterized by practices such as marriages and burials (McRobbie 2013). These cultural practices draw the attention of many people because once the practice is on session, many people avail themselves. Several cultural values are passed on during these practices. Although the Asians are very strict in these practices, changes have been chipping in whereby in the practices, current trends in the society are discussed. This creates an opportunity for politicians to interrupt the practices and air their political ideas.  Therefore, the political arena thrives through these practices.


Journalism has been a major platform for the spread of politics in the Asian culture (Nies 2013). It was a highly appreciated element of the Asian culture because it facilitated the spread of ideas of the Asian culture. Journalism has been the backbone of informing updating people on the current activities in the society. As a result of these platforms, politicians can venture in this element to spread their ideas. Politics will reach many people as a result of journalism. The radios, newspapers and the television will play a great role in the task (Street, Inthorn & Scott 2012).



In conclusion, popular culture has had a large portion across the political field. Various elements of Asian culture have been mobilized and reinterpreted in order to fit into the political field.  At some point in time, such elements have been used positively or negatively across the political field. That is quite evident in the Asian region where most people are used to social media, music, literature and journalism among other elements of pop culture that have been used by to make political expressions. Political success in the Asian region has been solely dependent on the elements of culture. The elements of culture have enabled capturing of a large audience for the success of the political arena. The elements ought to be upheld because they also help in the enlightening of the public in case of political harassment and discrimination.

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