There is an increasing focus on health issues in the modern health care. Different health care settings often need a graduate respiratory therapist. Since my childhood, I have had a desire to become a respiratory therapist; working in this field will enable me to satisfy my long-life objective of being in a position to offer life support to the individual with respiratory problems. This is the major reason why I want to pursue Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy.

I am a 41-year-old married female with two children. I obtained an associate degree at Palm Beach State University. I strongly believe that through the BSRT program at Nova Southeastern University, I will be able to gain the knowledge and skills that will permit me to grow into an advanced level registered respiratory therapist. Considering the rising demand for respiratory therapists, particularly in intensive care units, I believe that the training and education will prepare an individual to meet the skills requirements in our current and future roles in transforming the health care system.

My aspiration to join the Nova Southeastern University is motivated by the university curriculum, which is structured in a way that prepares a student to becoming a skillful health care specialist and disease manager for children, adults, and neonates. Furthermore, I believe that BSRT program will help me to embrace an evidence-based health care practice that promotes delivery of high-quality health service to the patients. I think that Nova Southeastern University is the right place for me to pursue my lifelong goal of becoming a respiratory therapist.


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