Third Wave Feminism Essay

The role of a woman black or white has been a great debate from the ancient times to the present time as postulated by most of the proponents of women rights and activists. In the ancient times women were regarded as feminine to mean the identity of a woman as a weaker sex who comes second to men who were believed to be masculine as Simone De Beauvoir explores the meaning of feminism In her book, the second sex. While the third wave feminism as explains by Mary wollstonecraft in her book a vindication of the rights of women is the gradual change on the place and roles of women in a socienty.

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The theme on the third wave feminism is explicitly discussed in the article by Virginia Woolf on the Bibliography of Mary Wollstonecraft who is regarded as the founder of modern feminism, this  article is writen on reference to Mary Wollstone book a vindication of rights of womem. Wollstonecraft expresses some of the transformations (third wave feminism) in her concern as a result of educating a woman that; through education women will be liberated from political opresions that women can also be leaders, religious freedom, learning about their rights as wifes who should not be abused by their husbands like raped or beaten like she saw her father beating her mother, a woman right to education just like men which in most cases she wrote in pamplets during her career as a teacher earning her much fame, education again could enable women to gain the same work class as men a good example is Wollstone craft herself worked as a teacher. 

Third wave feminism is the same concern in the third world today irrespective of the race even though there has been alot of gradual freedom in women. Women are still regarded as the weaker sex as there is still a degree of partriachy in the third world of feminism

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