Ecuador Earthquake

Despite the attempts of the government of Ecuador, foreign countries, and international agencies to eliminate threatening consequences of the disaster, this republic on the territory of South Africa continues to recover from shock caused by the terrible earthquake. Details >>

Asian Economic System: Should Asia embrace globalization?

Today, the notion of globalization is defined and therefore regarded by different scholars in different way. Some state that it is a synonym to the Western capitalism or American economic imperialism, while others claim that it is a foundation for global free enterprise and progressive cosmopolitan world. Both variants have own respective advantages and disadvantages that can impact the countries differently. Details >>

Capitalism and Class Conflict in U.S. History

US economy has faced a lot of challenges white it became firm and stable. In 1970 there was a decade of poor economy. In this period the American economy started its transformation from industrial to finance-driven capitalism.The American working class overcome many changes and the questions about labor was asked for the last time. Details >>

Economy of the United States

The United States has always been admired by businesspersons from other nations due to the country's success in entrepreneurship. For many years, America has been the most dynamic, entrepreneurial, and flexible economy in the world. Nonetheless, the US economy has been shaking for the last 30 years; the level of entrepreneurship has been declining over the years. Details >>