Original Creation of the Earth: Nebular Hypothesis vs. Six-Day Creation


The question of the original creation of the Earth has always been one of the most controversial throughout the time. Thinkers, investigators, and philosophers have always wanted to understand human beings’ origins, the circumstances that led to the planet creation and what will be the final for the humanity. In general, there are two main points of view toward the question. On the one hand, the official religious outlook states that there is no exact scientific proof of the fact that the planet and humans have been created in accordance with a special scientific laws or rules. On the other hand, the scientific approach oppositely states that there were some predispositions why the Earth appeared and looks like the way people experience it now. In any case, there are no exact proofs about the real origins of Earth. The already elaborated existing theories are nothing else but the hypothesis, and the question of the Earth and people’s origin will be the most complicated mystery scientists will have to solve in order to be ready to answer a number of questions that have been provoking the interest for a large amount of years.

As a consequence, the topic of the paper is Nebular Hypothesis theory and the theory of the Six-Day Creation. The current paper compares and contrasts the two theories that are generally considered to be ones of the most famous, regardless the fact that they represent opposite points of view toward the issue of the origins of the Earth. In order to present the information, it will be necessary to compare and contrast the two visions of the theories: the old-earth secular view and the young-earth view toward the problem.

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Old-Earth Secular View

The old-earth point of view states that the origins of the planet we inhabit come to the miracles connected to God and His divine actions that contributed to the appearance of the planet and life upon it. The followers of this theory are mainly the supporters of the biblical traditions that state that God created the heavens and the earth, and this was He, who contributed to the manner people used to live and develop. 

The Six-Days Creation theory comes up with a number of proofs that are called to serve as evidence to the fact that the Earth had been made up during the six days. The theory was very spread out and gained its fame in the 17th century when the scientific development was not as much advanced as it seems to be now.

One of the drawbacks, which the theory possessed and currently possesses, is the errors and misunderstandings in translation of the Book of Genesis in Bible. The investigators of the Bible along with the investigators of the theory have a tendency to conclude that it does not have enough necessary evidence. This is determined by the possible misinterpretation of the Bible. In addition to this, the opponents of the theory have a tendency to claim that the Bible cannot be regarded as a serious scientific source that bears a credible and verified nature. 

The origins of the Earth from the point of view of the Six-Days Creation Theory are described in the manner which is totally refused by the official scientific approach due to the fact that the events described in the Genesis look more like the fiction which had been created in the most talented way. The argument between the supporters and opponents of the theory in question, and the old-earth point of view has been manifested in a number of discussions which, nonetheless, did not lead to the unique or common agreement on how the earth was supposed to be made up.


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Young-Earth View

The young-earth point of view on the Earth’s origins consists in a number of scientifically proved assumptions that had been based mainly upon the investigations conducted in regards of the outer space and its influence upon the process. Nebular Hypothesis is one of the most progressive theories, which are aimed at explaining the reasons and conditions which had the external character and impacted (or contributed) to the creation of earth.

The key idea of Nebular Hypothesis consists in the assumption that all the planets within the Solar System (which are known for the contemporary people) have been created under the magnificent influence of the primeval nebula. This fact has several proofs under it; however, they are not as perfect as they had been expected when they have just appeared. 

The scholars have a conviction that the matter as the basis of all the process in the galaxy could not have appeared due to the absence of the predisposition. It means that there should have been a sign or push which made a contribution to the creation of the Solar System and the Earth, as one of the planets which belongs to this galaxy. 

It is also necessary to mention the fact that the young-earth point of view totally declines the theory of the six days earth creation, since it does not coincide with the traditional vision of the origins of the planet. Meanwhile, the Nebular Hypothesis is characterized as a great (or even immense) energy which contributed to the life creation and planets appearance. The supporters of the theory have also a conviction in the fact that the Nebular Hypothesis has been taking place for a very long time, since the planets which have been discovered are of various age. It means that the Sun was the first planet to appear, the other planets, however, occur in the solar system galaxy as a consequence of the Sun creation. 

Comparison of the Viewpoints

In order to compare the Nebular Hypothesis vs. Six-Day Creation, it is necessary to regard their similarities. Regardless the fact that the theories do not have much in common, there are still several similarities between them. On the one hand, the similar points in these two theories are connected with the external forces which helped (or contributed) to create the Earth (as well as the other solar system planets). These external forces are defined as the powers which are not able to be perceived by human mind.

Another similarity, on the other hand, consists in the fact that literally, the earth and other planets (including those ones which have been mentioned in the Genesis, the Sun and the Moon) had been creating not simultaneously but throughout a certain period. In the Nebular Hypothesis it took hundreds or thousands of years, while in accordance with the Six-Day Creation theory, it took, as it seems to be obvious, just six days. 

In any case, the differences between the theories are more versatile and numerous. The advantage of the Nebular Hypothesis to Six-Day Creation theory is that the first of them is based on the scientific evidences, regardless the fact that they are not enough to prove the theory and turn it to the axiom. 

Contrast of the Viewpoints

The key and the most outstanding contrast between the two theories in question consists in the nature of the theories and their assumption. The six-days creation theory is focused on the religious outlook and does not bear any scientific data which would be called to prove the assumption. Meanwhile, the Nebular Hypothesis theory shows the way the outer space process take place and function – and, in the Nebular Hypothesis supporters' point of view – they could have functioned in the same way millions years ago, when the great exposure of energy has been released and the planets appeared. 

In addition to this, the six-days earth creation theory does not exactly regard the other planets such as Mars, Neptune, etc. or the dwarf planet Pluto and their creation. For the point of view expressed in the Genesis, these planets did not exist and there was no predisposition which contributed to or has caused their appearance in the past or in the future.


According to the numerous investigations conducted on the question of the Earth origins, there are a number of ideas, theories and hypotheses which try to undercover the way the Earth appeared and the methods which stimulated the life birth on it. The two theories regarded, compared and contrasted in this paper double check and show that there is much uncertainty in the way the creation process took place. In any case, the task for the future investigators, astronauts and scholars will consist in the necessity to discover the real environment, reasons and methods of how and why the earth as well as the other planets had been created. In addition to this, the question of human life origins will have to be regarded from various points of view in order to explain the real – not hypothetical – results of the human appearance on the planet. This information is of great importance since it helps understand the numerous process, issues, challenges and problems the humanity faces and finds the necessary answers for the questions that had not be responded for more than millions years.

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