The human race is an individual phenomenon on planet Earth because of its developed cognitive abilities and highly developed psychology. For centuries, people often thought that human cognitive abilities represented Factor X that made them humans disregarding such aspects as ethics, compassion, love etc. However, Factor X is the combination of psychological factors that united the humanity because of the practice of mutual support, love, compassion and other humane qualities. The analysis of the writings that consider specific cases of the recent history of humanity demonstrates that the admiration of technology and neglect of the humane aspects of its use related to Factor X endanger its existence leading to crimes, deception, and destruction. The analyzed articles include The war photo no one would publish by Torie Rose Deghett, Visible man by Peter Singer, and Hiroshima and the inheritance of trauma by Sarah Stillman. According to these sources, the humanity is endangered by the abuse of technology as it often serves as the tool for committing acts of violence and deception. As a consequence, the modern technology tends to serve the abusers of the humanity endangering its existence because they ignore the value of the development of Factor X leading to the relationship based on ethics, justice, and love.

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Technology and Mass Deception

The development of the technologies leads to the evolvement of the issues that endanger the humanity because of the demise of respect to humane qualities. Such global problems are mainly related to the control of the technology and power, and the deficit of recognition of the need for adequate moral reasoning associated with their use. Although the modern world is filled with different technological devices that are hard to get rid of, many of them do not make our lives better. People use smartphones and the internet endangering themselves to suffer from a wide range of dependencies, sleeplessness, neurological problems and other. For some of the people, the technology is essential for running the business and maintaining the connection with relatives. In contrast, others use it for achieving different unethical goals or even endangering individuals or communities.

Recent technological solutions in the sphere of digital communication led to the fact that the internet can be used as a tool for social influence and control. For example, up-to-date technologies allow cracking emails and gathering different private data, and people may become the victims of such actions. When inventing different technological tools such as social networks and electronic messaging overall or cloud storage, their developers intended to make the life of the society easier. For instance, surgeons may perform remote surgeries or consult their colleagues overseas without even leaving their offices. Similarly, an individual may order goods from all over the world find friends in different countries without leaving his or her homeland. However, recent reports and news indicate that it is worth to maintain privacy in the digital space.

The reason for maintaining digital privacy is the availability of numerous means of stealing and malicious use of private data, which make internet potentially unsafe. Due to this fact, the article by Singer supports the thesis of the paper as the humanity is endangered by the abuse of information technology by different peers. Surprisingly, the main agency that wants private information of any individual is the government, which is evident because of the activity of different secretive services. Experts state that technologies allow the government intercept and store far more information than was possible for secret police of even the most totalitarian states. Although these outcomes were influenced by democratic movements, social networks and other services sometimes demonstrate that some people enjoy fewer democratic achievements than before. The reason for this is that the modern governments have a drastically high number of methods for collecting and intercepting data in the digital space. For example, every day the National Security Agency intercepts 1.7 billion emails, phone calls, instant messages … and other communications. Consequently, such agencies can manipulate the public since they are aware of weaknesses and needs of different individuals expressed in private conversations. Luckily, there are people, who oppose this tendency using similar methods against the governments and demonstrate the presence of Factor X.

The work of WikiLeaks and similar websites demonstrate that their founders disagree with injustice, public deception, and control, which is the manifestation of the possession of Factor X. Disregarding the critique of their work by different politicians, the sites reveal shocking information about corporate and governmental fraud, different illegal use of force and other. For example, WikiLeaks published 70,000 documents about the war in Afghanistan in 2010 leading to the wide critique of the US officials. Similar actions changed the public opinion regarding the state regimes in Egypt and Syria leading to the democratic changes in these and other countries in the Middle East as well. Consequently, the author of the article approves that the technology alone is not the evidence of Factor X. Instead, this factor is manifested through the will of different people to assist each other and resist the efforts to control the digital space and manipulate them. Apparently, people, who have this factor, actively resist the factors, which endanger the humanity in both virtual and real spaces.

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The Arms of Destruction

The discussion of the danger of the technology for the humanity and its relation to Factor X is impossible without the involvement of the problem of wars and the use of arms for killing people. This problem is addressed by Sarah Stillman in the article devoted to the discussion of the consequences of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The journalists work addresses one of the greatest challenges for people, which is to resist the temptation to use deadly technology for eliminating opponent individuals and communities. In the history of the humanity, people of the opposing tribes killed their enemies using arrows, swords, and spears. However, the modern weapons are much stronger and can produce a widely lethal effect massively damaging the environment and endangering the existence of the humanity.

The atomic bombing of Japan is one of the gravest examples of the malicious and unjustified use of the technology for killing people, which is a manifestation of neglect to the actual Factor X. Such military actions are a threat to the world and they are more serious than any pandemic due to the fact that their consequences last for several generations. Such adverse impact can be observed only now, since almost 60-70 years ago as untended wartime trauma can move vertically and horizontally through individuals and families, morphing across years, decades, or even centuries. This adverse psychological impact damages the well-being of many survivors of the atomic strike although they suffer from it without any moral reason. Experiencing a psychological trauma, the survivors of the bombings lose their identities, interest to life as well as the opportunity for enjoying the well-being of the restored community. In the case people practice such attacks the human race would not have a chance to survive in the future as one its half would die and another one would lose their sanity.

An opposite perspective that may lead to the salvation of the humanity from a collapse caused by the use of lethal technologies is the practice of the approaches, which represent the possession of Factor X. For instance, some communities of Hiroshima survived due to mutual support and self-sacrifice opposing the power of intelligence and weaponry as the survivors from the targeted city helped each other by all possible means in order to live. The case presented by Stillman demonstrates that a violent and eliminating attack did not crush the community of the Japanese city completely although many of the people died. Instead, due to compassion and mutual support, the Japanese and the worldwide communities restored the city and saved the memories of the survivors. Such actions demonstrate that having technology people kill each other but if they have a strong Factor X they can withstand the challenges of life and save the humanity.

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The Public Manipulation by the Media

Another problem that can be even graver than the lethality of the weapon is the lethality associated with the words, which is the case with journalism. The support for this claim is the report of DeGhett associated with the events depicted in the Western media during the Gulf War. The problem was that the Western media attempted to depict the war as a sort of a television show or a video-game war a conflict made humane through precision bombing and night-vision equipment. The Gulf War was often described as a conflict in which the technological superiority of the US forces allowed them accurately eliminating the enemies without any adverse damage to the invaded country. Together with the Iraqi locals, many American troops died during the Gulf War but the Americans supported it as they were not aware of the real course of events in this conflict. Thus, journalists of the major broadcasting agencies and newspapers were misrepresenting the real case of events in order to manipulate the public opinion for the support of the initiators of the conflict.

The deception of the public in large scale led to the aggravation of the Gulf War and both parties lost their citizens although some peaceful options were available. Numerous reports praised smart bombs and surgical strikes revealing the context of humiliation, suffering, and death from the journalists reports. Such purification led to the fact that the Western citizens did not treat the Gulf War seriously whereas the Iraqi people, ranging from the military to the civilians, suffered from it. The manipulation of critical information demonstrates the absence of Factor X in people, who treat war as their business and deceive the public attempting to meet their malicious goals. Having no compassion and the will for mutual support of people disregarding their social, racial, ethnic or religious background, some individuals become worse than animals and kill each other by all means. As a result, Factor X is not associated with intelligence but the humane psychology, which offers different ways for avoiding the danger of the use of different technologies for the existence of the humanity.

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The analysis of Factor X leads to a conclusion that Factor X is not intelligence but humane psychology the absence of which endangers the existence of the humanity due to the use of technology for malicious purposes. Even having any technology separate individuals tend to kill or manipulate different communities for controlling resources or other material benefits. The articles by Torie Rose Deghett, Peter Singer, and Sarah Stillman demonstrated that technology poses a danger to the human race if its users have no Factor X. in contrast, if people are loving, compassionate and supportive, they are capable of restoring any material or spiritual damage and their communities as well. The worst cases of lack of Factor X include the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and the control of the public opinion for the support of the Gulf War. Therefore, the humanity should preserve and cultivate such humane features as love, compassion, self-sacrifice, and mutual support promoting in order to save itself from diverse risks caused by the malicious use of the results of technological progress.

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