Homework should be abolished for primary school children because it is a waste of their time, teachers declared today. It damages relations between parents and children and causes tears and upset among young pupils, according to members of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers. Teachers go through the motions of setting homework because they believe they should but sometimes do not have time to mark it for weeks, leaving children’s mistakes uncorrected”. This implies that most teachers and lecturers give students homework because the school administration stresses that homework is vital to student’s education success. However, giving students a lot of homework does mean they will perform well. Performance is a reflection of effective teaching strategies but not overloading students with homework. Additionally, most teachers do not pay cross attention to student’s homework. Therefore, student’s homework is a contemporary issue that is primarily focused on this research proposal. 

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Aims of the Proposal

The purpose of this plan is to introduce the current situation of the primary school kids. They got so much homework to do that there is limited time to play and relax. 

Discussion of the Proposal

Currently, in United States and across the globe it is impossible to fathom schools, teachers, and lecturers who do not issue homework to their students. Most learning institutions attributes good performance to the vast amount of homework issued to. The introduction of nappy curriculum has increased pressure on students since it requires students to meet sixty-nine early learning goals. However, the objective set cannot be achieved during the learning hour in schools. Conversely, most lecturers, teachers, and education institution have adopted homework strategy. They argue that allocating homework to students will help them achieve the set goals. 

Despite the emphasis on homework by teachers and learning institution, most students do not appreciate, the amount of homework allocated to them. They view it as a burden, and most of them do it to evade punishment associated with failure to complete it. It implies that most students do not handle homework so that they can gain academically rather they do it since it is part of their curriculum. Thus, homework has little or no impact on the students’ performance. A research that involved more than 4,317 students pointed out that most students spent a lot of time doing their homework thus leaving very little time to play, interact, and engage in their talents. This implies that homework has turned our students into robots who are consistently claiming stuff rather than engaging in extra-curriculum activities.

Fernandes’ research indicates that most students in the United States spent an average of three hours and a half attending to their homework. The total hours that a student spent handling academic issues are approximately twelve hour. The amount of hours spent are beyond the doctor’s recommended time and may have adverse predicament on the students. Moreover, “students who spend more hours handling their homework experience greater behavioral engagement in school”.  Findings from this report have indicated that the current homework practices in schools have been accorded high privilege. It was pointed out in the current schooling system schools that have reflected extemporary performance have continual their learners’ advantage in the competitive educational climate. This has been attributed to the homework issued to students. Nonetheless, it has hindered student’s well-being and full engagement. This is a reflection of the current status of homework and the society perception towards it. Students relay gets time to play. This is, as a result, of the long hours spent in class, and the situation is worsened by the homework given to them. It, therefore, implies that there is very little or no time that is left for the student to play. The education system and homework given to primary children is training them to no good, which should not be the objective of the school system.            

Benefits of Homework

Research carried out by different people and organizations have pointed undeniable benefits of education.  Evidently, the benefits of education have been on the headlines in most newspapers and television stations. These media stations have affirmed that the link between homework and students’performance cannot be underestimated.  They claim that homework has helped to improve student’s performance across the broad. Studies have shown a greater impact of homework on students’ performance. Older students have been the primary beneficiaries of homework. The younger students also benefit from homework, but the amount issue to them should be regulated. 

An in-depth research claim that students particularly those who come from a well up family have greatly benefited from homework. It is believed that these students have access to a variety of resources, and this has significantly been reflected in their performance. They receive enormous assistance from their family. Additionally, they have computers and laptops and can access online resources. The advantages of homework have been extended to the students with the disability. Crosser monitoring and supervision of homework among the disable students has enhanced them to benefit from it. It is worth noting that the Asian American students have greatly benefited from homework. This is because the students have ample time to research online, from their libraries and consult with their friends. It also provides them with enough time to have a mastery of the concept.

Research has indicated that homework does not only help students to improve their academic performance but also help them develop remarkable social values. It enables students to create time for study while they are out of school compound. Homework has been greatly encouraged by some social analyst and pediatrician. They argue that most primary students who are not assigned homework spent most of their time watching their favorite TV show such as cartoons. If primary students are regularly allowed to interact with the television, they become lazy and cannot engage in any productive activities. Most of them spent time sleeping on the couch, and they merely help in household activities such as cleaning. Most of them engage in unnecessary activities that depict irresponsibility. If such kids had homework, they would probably be reminded to focus on constructive activities. Thus, homework is a greater way of making kids responsible, moreover; they are in a better position to under what they learn in class. 

Some scholar have emphasized that school without education is unfathomable. They have pointed out many factors as to why homework remains a fundamental ingredient not only the student performance but also in developing the expected social being. It is argued that homework has enabled teachers, lecturers, and other instructors to acknowledge and understand student’s weaknesses. This has prompted an opportunity where they can supplement and provide new skills. Students’ taking the time to handle homework has given them a chance to catch up with some of the classes they missed. Furthermore, it reinforces their day to day understanding of lessons. This has enabled them to permanently incorporate high concepts that are easily called upon during examination.

Time spent handling assignment is time well spent. This is affirmed by the fact that homework has been a stepping stone in improving the stability of primary students in school.  Rather than students spending time in deconstructive activities homework has helped students to enrich themselves academic wise. This has greatly benefited students since handling homework has enhanced students to reap great rewards that are reflected in magnificent reports on report cards. Thus, the positive impacts of homework on building students both scholarly and socially responsible cannot be undermined. 

Abolishment of Homework

Despite the advantages mentioned above, homework remains a threat to our primary kids since most teachers, lecturers, and instructors issue homework that is above the recommended standards. More so, they do not pay keen attention to the student’s homework and therefore they do fail to access whether it is making positive or negative impacts on the students.  Most teachers think that giving the student a lot of homework is giving them an opportunity to read extensively. However, this reflected enormous predicaments of student’s academic and social life. These among other adverse impacts support the statement that “homework should be abolished”. 

Reasons for Homework Abolishment

The statement is also supported by enormous reasons that affirm that homework is impacting negatively on our students. Some student’s activists have criticized the approach of issuing homework to students. They argue that homework should be abolished since according to the policies in most schools in the United States, homework does not count for more than eleven percent of the total student’s grade. They pointed out that due to the insignificance of the homework in student’s report card it should therefore be abolished or change the policy so that it accounts for at least twenty percent. 

The scientist also argues that primary kids need about six to seven hours a day to get access to sunshine and fresh air. There is also criticizes on the amount of homework that consumes a lot of time for students and parents. , there has been a claim that kids and parents live in the world of academic research but rather they should be living in the real world where studies are not exaggerated in terms of bulk homework. Students do not get time to socialize and engage other social activities. Teachers also give homework because it is emphasized by the institution, and it is stipulated the learning curriculum. This implies that teachers do issue students extra work simply because they are mandated to do so. Nevertheless, this should not be the case, and rather teachers should ask students to carry some work home or do something that is worthy for them to handle. 

Homework should not only be something to assign, but it should be a thing that inspires.  It should also be accompanied by something of interest that a student should achieve. Ironically, most people who issue homework do not look into these vital objectives.  Most teachers who issue homework do not respect the fact that the amount of homework should vary depending on the child’s age, home circumstances, and developmental level. Recently, most homework issued cannot be completed with ease, and primary kids have much struggle completing their work. Kids do not get time to enjoy after-school activities such as sports. 

Sample Events to Prove the Critique

There are several events that support this analysis. According Rodier, research he found that homework had nonacademic effects. Students in some schools in California were being issued with the enormous amount of homework. These students were spending more than nine hours studying in schools. In addition, they were spending at least three hours attending to their homework. As the result, the primary kids were diagnosed with health problems. Furthermore, they portrayed emotional discomfort. According to the report of the individuals who analyzed them, they realized that; among the young students, excess homework diminished kid’s effectiveness. Some of these students spent optimum time attending homework, approximately two and half hour every night. Those who spent more than this time on their homework had their positive relationship with other students altered. Their academic achievement was changed since they tend to grasp more content than it is examined. Thus, most of them focus on irrelevant concepts. 

Though homework has enabled them to have a broad grasp of some concepts homework issued by teachers is not related to primary kids’ achievement. Those programs that assisted after school homework had little link to the improved student’s achievement and these students were counterproductive. About fifty-six students are not ready to appreciate homework issued and consider it as the primary source of stress. A sample of student claimed that they were deprived sleep since homework consumed a lot of time and left very little for sleep. They also experience other health issues such as; stomach problems, weight loss, exhaustion, and headache. Finally, they had little time to socialize with friends, extra-curriculum, and families. This event is vital since it portrays how homework impacted on primary kids negatively. From the sample interviewed approximately thirty percent expressed a positive attitude towards homework. Thus, apart from the negative impact highlighted here above students have a negative attitude towards homework. This strengthens the argument that homework should be abolished for primary school children


From the above research and discussion, we notice that homework has impacted to our students both positively and negatively. However, the adverse consequences of homework on our primary students surpass the positive effects. This is because most homework issued is not aimed at developing the child both academically and socially. Besides, teachers do it because they are forced by supreme forces from the administration and the superior. More so, teachers are not keen enough to examine whether homework was done properly.  Furthermore, teachers go through the motions of setting homework because they believe they should. However, they do not take the time to mark it, thus, leaving children’s mistakes uncorrected. Therefore, there is a feeling that homework should be abolished for primary school children.

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