Inception and Reality

Inception is a Hollywood movie production that has tremendously fascinated the attention of its viewers with the idea of lucid dreams. It was one of the best fantasy films in 2010 that attracted the imagination of its spectators. The movie was scripted and directed by Christopher Nolan. The development of the story line of the film was the director’s idea since 2001. The film is based on the concept of dream incubation and an element of lucid dreaming. Some of the main characters in the film who aided in accomplishing Nolan’s idea are Leonardo DiCaprio, who acted as Cobb. This character appeared to steal the information and ideas from people’s mind in a dream and uses it in the real world. This essay examines the various claims highlighted in the film and how the influence the reality in the real world context and the implication that Nolan’s message in the film.

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The Reality in the Film

The movie has been choreographed artistically to bring the aspect of a lucid dream. The reality that the film tries to enlighten the world about is that most individuals in the contemporary society still experience lucid dreams. Nolan has used this genre to show that an idea in one’s mind can be a significant thing or a risky device that can lead to one’s downfall. The movie also implies that lucid dreams is an escalating aspect in the real world and usually experienced by real people. Inception was premiered in 2010. The Japanese businessman offered an expert extractor who knows everything about inception to plant ideas through multi-level dreams to execute corporate espionage. In contrast, the extractor Cobb will have his ticket to get back home for his children. The director is making a claim that Fantasy can get one lost, and change an individual’s mind while dreaming. According to the movie, an individual’s vision can be manipulated at will and influenced to an extent that it reflects the real world.

How the Reality Challenges  the Viewers’ Stand

In the real world context, manipulation of an individual dream is usually impossible. However, when used for positive reinforcements lucid dreams are usually significant. If an individual encounters, any problem in real world solving it in the lucid dream is impossible. However, the reality that Inception movie implies is that world with is that an individual’s aspirations can be accomplished in dreams. For instance, Mal left her children and husband believing that the fantasy had become her reality even though Cobb was convincing her to bring her back to reality but she refused until she ended up killing herself expecting Cobb to follow her by doing the same thing. Another significant illustration from the movie is evident when the customer approached the chemist to buy drugs that would trigger them to dream. According to these customers, they thought that by taking the drugs they would experience some lucid dreams that would orient them to reality. Nonetheless, in the real world context, this element seems impossible therefore posing a significant challenge to the viewers. There is also an aspect of Cobb stealing ideas from his victim’s mind in a dream. Well, if critically analyzed it is almost awkward in real life situation to achieve the same act. The spectators are left to wonder whether this is just a mere fantasy or can only be made in movies.

Another incidence in the movie that appears to challenge the cognitive of an individual’s thinking is how the absence of gravity is experienced in the hotel room. For example, the elevator was unable to move and Arthur was forced to cause an explosion in a dream to make it move forward. Such elements make the movie tricky to comprehend. It is indeed a fact that the earth has gravity and this aspect is scientifically proven. However, one can fail to understand how the dream world depicted by Nolan in that particular scene had no gravity. Therefore, understanding that scene can be regarded as controversial in the reality world.

Elements that Make this Fantasy a Reality

Just like other forms of dreams, lucid dreams have it pros and cons that can justify its relevance to reality. The essential point to be considered here is whether the person dreaming is in a position to control the dream with some aspect of clarity in the expectation. Edwards has shown that even in reality many people cannot identify their prospects whether they are wide-awake or sleeping. Therefore, this aspect makes the Nolan’s idea in his film to be valid. He has achieved this point with the scene where Cobb uses some sophisticated technology to infiltrate the subconscious minds of the victims who are not aware of the prospects.

Scientific research has acknowledged that dreaming is usually accompanied by its protection mechanism. Edwards has further explained that this protective mechanism often avails itself spontaneously in lucid dreams when the dreamer is about to cause harm to themselves. Some clinical survey has also found that a person with frequent lucid dreams usually stands the chance of differentiating the aspects in a dream state and the real world. This element can be evident in the Inception movie when Saito approaches Cobb to with the idea of manipulating the dream of Robert’s heir. The Saito wanted their father’s company to collapse and the only way was convincing Cobb to infiltrate the heirs and son’s dream. Saito promised to help Cobb be acquitted of the murder charge. Cobb had been incarcerated for murder and Saito would help him out after accomplishing what was expected. This aspect makes it appear a reality and indeed it is because there was an element of what usually happens in the contemporary world.

The Social, Emotional, Global Implications of the Alternate Reality

From the social perspective, it is clear that money is relevant to an individual’s status in the society. Money makes one be respected and be treasured in the real world. Having a lot of money has been equated to having power in the society. For example, Saito purchased an airline company he provided everything for the team to finish the job correctly. Saito did all of that because he didn’t want to lose his money. He also did this with the motive of getting richer and more respect for being a tycoon with all the wealth. Moreover, had most of the information about Cobb and his assistant also he had the power to bring them to him whenever he wanted. The implication here is that whenever one is stable financially, they stand in the best vantage point to achieve their aspiration in the society.

Emotionally, it is conventional for human beings to be greedy and selfish. Therefore, sometimes human beings use the money to satisfy their emotional needs. These requirements include material wealth such as fancy cars and anything one can need to earn respect and power. A phone call can change many things if an individual has power like when Saito made a phone call to someone to give Cobb the green light so that he could access the airport without being stopped.

The idea brought out in the movie has left most of the audience in suspense. Some may have concluded the movie as adventurous and mystery, while others might have taken, is as a controversial movie. For instance, throughout the session one can be left to wonder whether Cobb can unite with his family despite having the power to infiltrate dreams. It is also ironical that despite having the ability to manipulate and steal other people dream. Cobb is still entangled in a quagmire of meeting his children. This aspect involved quite some emotional issue that depicted the creativity of the scripter.

What the Film is saying about Our Reality

The Inception movie is trying to convince humanity that their fantasies can be converted to reality according to how they believe in them. However, this idea is not conclusive because an individual’s dream can be subverted using some complicated technology. The film has also stipulated that lucid dreams can be used as an instrument to combat the element of self-mutilation among other issues in the real world.

The movie can also be analyzed as trying to encourage further studies on the functioning of the human brain. The idea of stealing one’s dream has not yet been achieved in the contemporary society but given a thorough scrutiny it makes sense. It implies that if the natural world would just put more effort in studying technology, their efforts will not go unrewarded. It is because almost all the technological inventions present in the real world such as the airplanes, elevators, cars were once lucid dreams.

The movie also implies that if humanity dwells on dreams they can virtually develop anything. It involves having the idea in mind and creating imaginative goals and implementing them when required. Just like Arthur did when the escalator was not moving, so can be done by humanity to achieve the best.

In conclusion, Inception movie is a significant movie in enlightening the world about the issue of real fantasy. The aspect of lucid dreams that has been used to illustrate the subconscious mind of human brain has clearly assisted the director in making the idea to be understood. However, it calls for the attention of the viewer to understand these elements and relate them to the real word. Therefore, it is an obligation for humanity to use their subconscious mind significantly to achieve their aspirations in life.

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