Utopian View of Justice

Sometimes it is necessary to look at a phenomenon or an event from an opposite perspective in order to better understand its true characteristics. Looking at crime from...

Science and Happiness

As the science develops, the humanity acquires the new insights that shape the understanding of the causal relations of the external realities and people's inner world. For example, an important disco...

Concept Analysis of Freedom

The concept of freedom has been considered by almost all existing philosophical and psychological theories, as well as in many other fields of human knowledge. Such considerable attention proves its i...

The Radical and the Republican

By mid 1850s, Abraham Lincoln was quite experienced, but almost unknown to the country’s population politician. Lincoln’s origin and his reputation of an honest man, led to him being elected for four ...

The Super Story

Globalization: The Super-Story is an article written by Thomas L. Friedman. Friedman is a journalist, author and a television commentator who tries to give unbiased opinions on cultural, political and...

Global Health Care System

France was chosen as the country for the current analysis because its health care system as well as that of the US has many common features and its experience might be useful for coping with the same ...

Genocide Foundations

The political and cultural contexts of the modern world introduce both positive and negative influences of the genocide studies and experiences. Notably, the two aspects have a major effect on the gen...

Ethnic Restaurants

I have chosen this activity because of my belief that the description of an ethnic restaurant serves the best when characterizing any culture. Moreover, I wanted to check my expectations and attitudes...


Modern drama art is a kind of art, which does not teach or shows what to do, neither have it served the aim to entertain the people only. The main goal of any play is to state a question and provoke s...

Comparing and Contrasting the Healthcare Systems of the United States and Japan

Having the world’s third largest economy after the Unites States and China, Japan has a high standard of living and an advanced healthcare system. When analyzing the health services of Japan, it is si...
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