Personal Development Planning

Personal development planning would help in the creation of an action plan based on my goals and personal development within the context of my career. It includes my aspirations, strengths, weaknesses and competencies. As such, a personal development plan would go a long way towards helping to improve my personal and professional development. Below is my personal development plan.  

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I am highly interested in the field of business and management. This is due to the fact that a degree in business is applicable in any industry. I am currently pursuing a hospitality management course at IMI University. However, prior to my enrollment in the course, I have pursued other courses in another university in England. I have previously taken a course in international business management and psychology at Regent’s University London.  A course in business would not only help me get a good job, but it would also help me when entering into a world where my parents are no longer doing everything for me financially. Undertaking a business course has helped in improving my money management skills. This would enable me gain financial independence. Business courses have helped me acquire certain skills, which would improve my future well-being. These include personal financial, organization, and goal-setting. This would go a long way towards helping me in buying a house, budgeting, investing and saving money. 

Learning technology is also critical in the contemporary world. The business courses I have undertaken teach various technology skills. This would help in keeping me ahead of the game making me standout to employers. It would enable me attain higher paying positions. Business classes also teach communication skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership, which are vital in improving my career. The classes have provided me with useful information that I would use in my daily life after graduating from college.

In the current turbulent economic times organizations strive to determine alternative methods of gaining competitive advantage apart from price reduction and price competition. Focus on entrepreneurship and innovation enables the organizations to survive in the contemporary market. As such, they strive to look for employees who acknowledge the importance of initiative, activity, and entrepreneurship. A course in hospitality entrepreneurship has helped me in developing a positive attitude towards initiative and risk taking. This is in addition to providing basic business knowledge. 

Hospitality Entrepreneurship focuses on the tourism industry. It is impossible to very difficult to determine the details of service delivery and follow the strict directions of clients. Hospitality Entrepreneurship course has helped in cultivating my capabilities of being resourceful, creative, and prompt. This would help in improving my competitiveness in the highly competitive hospitality job market.   

My learning until now has been good. I can study better than I used to. I am intrigued by new knowledge of the field of hospitality entrepreneurship. In particular, I am intrigued by how various concepts we learn are applicable in real world daily. This has enabled me gain a different perception of various issues in the hospitality industry. Whenever I read magazines on the hospitality industry, I strive to associate the issues with whatever we have learnt in class. This has helped in improving my understanding of the issues. I also find new knowledge on information that may be helpful in the future interesting. I particularly like the analysis of the trends of the trends in the hospitality industry. This is due to the fact that it would not only help in improving my chances of acquiring employment but also becoming an entrepreneur by investing according to the trends. However, I lack interest in certain subjects that do not motivate me. I do not like topics that are simply theoretical and may not be implemented in real world situations.

Personal Vision

My personal vision is to ensure that I excel in my career and influence everyone in a positive way. I would strive to improve my career development by taking various courses on management. I would also like to be updated on various trends in the management industry. I aspire to be seen as someone who others would like to work with. In essence, I aspire to become an attractor of talent. This would help in improving my competitiveness in the job market. Ultimately, I desire to use my management skills to become an entrepreneur. This would help in creating jobs and improving the economy. 

Personal Motivation

I am motivated by seeing the results of my work. I am motivated when I see that my skills and abilities have had a positive impact on many people. I am also motivated by constant progress. Implementation of new ideas and realization of their goals excites me. I am highly satisfied when I implement out-of-box ideas and ultimately prove their value. I am also motivated by a challenging situation since it enables me to use my skills and talents to tackle it.   

Section 2

TOWS analysis

A TOWS analysis is similar to a SWOT analysis since it involves listing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. However, in a TOWS analysis threats and opportunities are examined first with the weaknesses and opportunities being examines last. This enables one to take advantage of the opportunities and threats to reduce threats by making use of strengths and overcoming weaknesses. A TOWS analysis would help in determining my ability to use opportunities and strengths to reduce to minimize the impact of my weaknesses on my personal and career development. As such, it is one of the most important tools that may help me in my career development.  


  • Time pressure, which may derail my plan to improve myself, as it makes me revert to my previous bad habits
  • I face very demands daily. These may conspire against my wish for self-reflection, which is critical in my efforts for self-improvement.
  • It is also difficult to balance work and personal commitments. 
  • Evolving technologies may make it difficult for me to perform my job more effectively.


  • The increase in demand for people who have entrepreneurial skills would improve my competitiveness in the job market.
  • Coaching would help in improving my leadership skills. 
  • I am currently undertaking a course in Hospitality Entrepreneurship. Completion of the course would help in improving my chances of acquiring a higher paying job. 
  • I am currently working as a manager of SKYWM company website projects. This would help in improving my skills. 
  • Learning from others who have roles that are similar to mine would help in improving my skills.
  • Improvement in my ability to manage the need to complete various tasks quickly would increase the amount of time I have to deliberate on the tasks. This would improve the quality of my work. 
  • I intend to engage other people to provide feedback on their experiences on working with me. This would help in improving my skills, which would help me become a better leader and team player in my organization. 


  • I have an impulsive need to get things done so that they may be off my to-do list. In some instances, this may compromise my ability to do the things perfectly. This limits the benefits of doing the things more carefully by deliberating them over a time. 
  • In some instances, being compulsive makes me begrudge if I am given certain tasks. This is due to the fact that additional tasks increase my stress levels. The need to undertake each of the tasks more carefully may make think unkindly about the people who assign the tasks. 
  • I may intolerant to people who do not understand issues that seem simple to me.
  • Time pressures may also increase my stress levels, which may lead to emotional hijacking.
  • I face difficulties in handling multiple competing demands effectively. 
  • I also lack stress management skills. 
  • Despite what everyone believes, I have low self-esteem.


  • I am multi-interested. I am interested in work and various recreation activities.
  • I have good inter-personal skills. My degree in psychology and various business courses have helped in improving my competitiveness in the market as it improves my ability to understand the issues that employees face,
  • I have good critical and analytical skills. 
  • I have good language and writing skills.
  • I have good communication skills.
  • I am an efficient public speaker.
  • I have extensive work experience having worked as a manager of SKYWM company website projects. 
  • I am a highly ambitious person. This would help deliver my tasks more effectively to improve my chances of advancing my career. 

Professional Development Plan of Artem Shyshenko for 2020

I intend to improve my leadership skills. This would improve my chances of being promoted to the top level management of my company. To attain this, I would look for a mentor one month after graduating. I cannot look for a mentor currently due to time constraints. I have to attend to academic and professional issues not to mention personal issues. These take up all my time. The mentor would help in guiding on the various attributes that I should perfect to become a better leader. 

Good communication skills is one of the major attributes of good leadership. Therefore, I intend to improve my communication skills. I would pursue various courses on communication skills. I also intend to become more conscious on how I communicate with other people whether in the workplace or is social settings. This would help in detecting various communication problems that I may have. For example, I have noticed that sometimes I interrupt other people when they are communicating. Interruptions make lead to ineffective communication. Harnessing the skills in the long-term would help in improving my communication skills that would go a long way towards helping to advance my career. It would help me improve my communication when working with people from other cultures as I intend to work in other regions on the globe. 

I intend to finish my degree on Hospitality Entrepreneurship and then apply for a Master’s degree in Global Business Management in Regent’s University in London. The degree would help in improving my capabilities and resources in the global economy. The desire to pursue this master’s degree is influenced by the fact that globalization is one of the major factors that is influencing the current market environment. When combined with my bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Entrepreneurship, it would help in improving my chances of getting a higher paying job in any location in the world. 

In the next five years, I intend to be working as an expatriate in the hospitality industry. This would enable me apply my skills and experience in a global market environment. A bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Entrepreneurship would go a long way towards enabling me attain my goal. 

I like traveling and experiencing new cultures. Working as an expatriate would enable me work in different regions of the globe. This would improve the impact of my activities.

Ultimately, I would like to become a consultant on global business management. My academic qualification by 2020 would help me become a better consultant. In addition, by 2020 I would have gained extensive experience due to my position as a manager in different locations across a globe. 

I currently intend to continue working for SKYWM company website projects. This would help in improving my experience. However, after graduating with a master’s degree in Global Business Management from Regent’s University London, I would quit the company. During this period, I would have risen to the top level management of the company. Working with another company would help in maximizing my career potential since continuing to work for SKYWM would limit my career development. 

By 2020, I intend to be working for a company where I would have increased responsibilities. This would help in increasing the responsibility would increase the resources that are available to me. This would ultimately help in increasing the impact of my job. 

Finance plays a critical role in the personal and professional wellbeing of an individual. Most people take up a job due to the financial benefits the job offers. Despite the fact that I dot simply work for money, I cannot ignore its importance in my life. By 2020, I intend to have made enough money to lead a comfortable life and maintain a good lifestyle. Upon acquiring financial stability, I intend to use my experience and finance to help the less fortunate in the society. I intend to use my consultancy services to improve the fortunes of small organizations from developing countries improve their competitiveness in the global market environment. This would enable the organizations provide employment to a significant number of people in developing countries, which would provide them with an income.


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