Policeman of the World

Since its inception, the United States has developed various policies that have made it a dominant force in international relations. Ultimately, the United States of America has assumed the status of the ultimate world leader. Consequently, this entitlement has forced the USA to involve itself in different world affairs for an extended period. In effect, this course of action has several consequences in the US relationship with other world nations as it seeks to advance its status. Various foreign policies motivate the desire to maintain the powerful influence that the USA has in other countries of the world and that it advocates at both national and international spectrums. Against this background, one should argue that the role of the United States of America as the policeman of the world can be perceived in different perspectives.

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Policies After the Civil War

The first framework takes the angle of some recent international events in the world, involving the United States' military that could be traced back to the foreign policy that had been developed in the country after the Civil War. The first example is the ongoing struggle against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Within the last few years, the United States of America has conducted numerous direct attacks on ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. At the same time, it has assumed the strategy of arming local fighters, such as the Kurds, to help defeat this group in their regions within Iraq. Interestingly, this action has been adopted by the USA, considering the threat that ISIS poses to the USA and its allies. For instance, this group has claimed responsibility for various attacks on not only the US soil but also in France, England, and Italy. Indeed, such a move can be traced to the post-Civil War policy of protectionism. Here, the United States strives to serve its interests such as the protection of the lives of its citizens and those of its allies in the world.

Related to the war on ISIS is the aid that the USA has provided to various rebel groups in Syria to fight President Assad. Thus, this practice has continued for several years now. This follows Americans displeasure with the Assad administrations alleged support of terrorism. Moreover, the United States accuses the Syrian authorities of destroying civilians by killing them with poisonous gaseous substances among others. This endeavor also relates to the post-Civil War policy of protectionism that the USA developed to safeguard the interests of its people, especially their safety, from possible terrorist attack that Assad might launch against them.

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The Rise of the USA as a World Policeman

One should also examine some aspects of American history from 1865 that has made the USA emerge as a world's policeman. Thus, there was a mass immigration of people, particularly individuals from Europe, to the United States of America. As illustrated by Buenger, an unprecedented upsurge in European immigration of some 2,7 million new arrivals was registered in 1865-1818. This wave of migration helped to give the USA the much-needed human labor that was required for the rapid growth and development of the industrial sector in the country. At the same time, these immigrants provided non-human resources, such as finance, that were used to build industries and expand urban areas of the country. Eventually, the United States was able to become a dominant world power in agriculture and technology.

Furthermore, the period after 1865 resulted in the Industrial Revolution from 1856 to around 1913. Primarily, this age witnessed a shift in production from artisans to big factories. Moreover, there was an established expansion in a better organization and coordination in the industries as the result of technological advancement. For example, railroads were developed at the time to transport farm produce to industries and markets. These achievements allowed expanding manufacturing base that propelled the USAs status in the world to the highest levels.

The last event of the era that helped advance the worlds policeman status of the USA was World War I. Following the failure of the USA to broker a peace deal among countries involved in the conflict and the German attack on the US ships, Americans entered the war. The primary intention of Americans input into WWI was to defend the honor of their country, stop the German propensity for war, and restructure the world after that. Therefore, the USA fought along the Allied Forces and their victory elevated its status as a powerful nation. Henceforth, this country has become a dominant force in the worlds affairs as it still strives to maintain the standing of the policeman of the world.


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American Power after World War II

The third context links to the different incidents that Americans have participated in after the Second World War. The first example is the Korean War. The USA was primarily involved in the Korean War that commenced due to North Koreas decision to attack South Korea in 1950. However, soon, other countries and entities joined the war. For instance, the United Nations, which had the United States of America as the chief force, began to support South Korea. Eventually, more than 20 UN member-countries participated in the war by contributing their troops to the organization's army. The US policing role could be illustrated by the fact that the USA had given the battalion about 88% of its total personnel. Undoubtedly, this underscored the world leadership responsibility that the United States of America had taken in the conflict.

Furthermore, the USA led the military mission to stop the occupation of Kuwait. This event followed the annexation of Kuwait by Iraq. President Saddam Hussein was given an ultimatum to remove his troops from this country, but he refused to do so. Subsequently, the USA became the leader of a UN-mandated operation that led to the removal of Iraqi soldiers from the territory of Kuwait. The US troops were also involved during the Yugoslavian War. In 1995, the fight against genocide in Yugoslavia intensified. The mission was dubbed Operation Storm and it was essentially led by the United States of America. To ensure the battle was won, for example, the USA had trained mercenaries who helped stop the massacre. Eventually, President Slobodan Milosevic was forced to surrender. Indeed, these illustrations show that the USA has become the worlds policeman.

Driving Forces

The last perspective concerns some of the driving forces that promoted international policy decisions, involving the international incidents that the USA had been engaged in above. For instance, the need to preserve its national security made the USA attack both Afghanistan and Iraq to avert further attacks on its soil after 9/11. The promotion of world peace is also an American ideology, which has necessitated the war against North Korea to bring peace to the Korean Peninsula against the aggravated activities of North Korea and its partners. Lastly, it can be deduced that the promotion of democratic tendencies that the USA espouses has been a motivating factor in the fight against the Syrian administration that unleashes terror on its citizens. Consequently, it is clear that the various foreign policies of the USA have led to its involvement into the worlds affairs with a force that makes it comparable to the global policeman.

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To conclude, it is important to note the role of the United States of America as the policeman of the world can be perceived from different perspectives. The first relates to some recent international events in the world involving the United States' military and these can be traced back to the foreign policy, developed in the country after the Civil War. The second perspective is through the analysis of some aspects of American history from 1865. The third context is that of the policing roles that the USA has assumed in some incidents after the Second World War. The last perception is that of some of the driving forces that have fueled international policy decisions relating to global events with the involvement of the United States of America. Therefore, the role of the USA as the world leader and policeman has been a gradual process that has been illustrated by numerous examples.

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