Trade and Environment

The process of globalization stated new challenges and opportunities for the world economy. Here, the establishment of the common standards and the exclusion of the majority of trade barriers are supposed to cause the rapid economic development of the majority of players. At the same time, the researchers stated that the globalization is mainly profitable for the developed states that acquire a higher level of technologies and can provide more compatible product for the international markets. Details >>

Changes of Philosophy that Thoreau Went Through

Henry David Thoreau world-wide know for his essay was a well recognized transcends from America. In his essay, he argued that individuals should not let governments control their consciences. Details >>

Racial Discrimination in America

Economic discrimination is the segregation of someone based on economic factors directly influenced by race or ethnicity, language or nationality. In America, economic discrimination is evident in wages distribution, benefits and conditions of work among different racial groups. It has been witnessed among Jewish American, Mexican America and Japanese Americans in wages disparity with their White Americans, type of work assigned to the groups where white Americans are found in high wage jobs while this groups are assigned low wage jobs. Details >>