Ancient Roman Inventions and Technology

The Roman Empire was formed in the 8th century BCE as a humble city. Aristocratic kings originally ruled Rome, and by the 6th century BCE, it turned into a republic... Details >>

Effects Of Over-Consumption And Increasing Population

Wildlife conservation is the process of consuming natural resources with care and responsibility so as to make them available for a long period of time. A renowned philosopher from Clemson University distinguishes conservation from... Details >>

Food Ethnography

Speaking about food traditions in general, I would like to say, that each country has its unique food ethnography. This ethnography reflects the history of a nation, its customs and beliefs. That is why the process of getting acquainted with a... Details >>

Middle Ages

The history of the Middle Ages covers a large and important period in world history. As an important step in the history of development of human society, this period had the common and distinctive features of both East and Western civilizations... Details >>

Same-Sex Marriage

Nowadays, the same-sex marriage is a very hot topic. It was impossible to imagine several decades ago, but now this kind of marriage is legalized in eighteen countries in the world. A huge amount of famous people express the support for gay and lesbian couples. Many world-known writers... Details >>

The Right to Live and Let Die in the Modern Age

Since antiquity, the prerogative to live or die rested in the judgment of the state. Statistics from the past explicitly demonstrate how states had absolute power and massive authority over their citizens to the extent that individuals did not... Details >>