Animal Experimentation Argumentative Essay

Animal experimentation (animal testing or research) is the kind of experimentation, in which non-human animals are used as subjects of behavioral or biological study. This approach is not the same as the field studies, as far as it implies observing... Details >>

Vitamin B12

Vitamins are organic nutrients that the body requires in small quantities for the performance of various biochemical reactions, but the body cannot synthesize them on its own, and so they must be supplied by the diet... Details >>

The Effect of Advertising or other Media on Body Image and Health

TV commercials, movies, advertisement and women’s magazines have in the recent past depicted unattainable body images as the ideal bodies. Several studies have shown that women’s self-esteem, confidence, and eating habits are negatively affected depending... Details >>

Response work on “Hills Like White Elephants” by E. Hemingway

“Hills Like White Elephants” is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway and published in 1927. This piece of literature is remarkable for referring to the problem of abortion without naming it directly... Details >>

Plastic Waste: Environmental and Health Impacts

The amount of plastic waste and the ways of its elimination are being a great concern for all countries today. Though the plastics production has recently decreased, the issue of plastic waste is unlikely to be solved soon... Details >>

Housing and Neighbourhood

The nature of housing and neighbourhood varies eminently depending on several factors. Some of the core reasons for the variation may include security, household income, as well as government policy among others... Details >>