Humanity has been searching for information about the environment and nature for many ages. The establishment of geography as a science began before the Christian era. This discipline helped people to understand various... Details >>

Gallery of Renaissance Art

This gallery is composed of six paintings that are supposed to show the main principles and ideas of the Renaissance art in Italy. The choice of the paintings is stipulated not only by the popularity and significance of the works, but also by the... Details >>

Children Toys and Gender

Gender stereotyping continues to impact all aspects of the society, and the society gradually imposes a tyranny of gender-specificity on children from a young age. The latest victim is the toy manufacturing and marketing sector with most stores dedicating aisles... Details >>

Colonialism and Poverty in Third World Countries

This paper focuses on the challenges of the post-colonial era in Zimbabwe, which is marked by failed leadership and poor policies that have extended devastating consequences in the country’s structure. Of major focus is the unequal access to the health... Details >>

Geography: Environmental Issues

It is a widely held belief that geography is the study of the environment. Throughout the history of humanity, the functions of geography may have changed. Understanding the purposes that geography served at different stages in human history can be a key... Details >>

Gone Girl

Gone girl is a mystery movie directed by David Fincher based on the Gillian Flynn novel of the same name. Starred in Missouri, the film tells a story about mystically gone woman Amy. The movie has a fascinating plot and became so popular with... Details >>