The Way of a Peaceful Warrior is a book authored by Dan Millman, a former Olympic champion, and based on the true-life accounts of the athlete. After reading it, one gets inspired by the manner in which Millman manages to overcome challenges and obstacles in life. The piece of writing has received a positive critical acclaim due to its content and the positive attitude to life presented in the story. Dan approaches issues such as social justice in a systematic way that explains the necessity of understanding the daily events. The pieces of advice given by the author about several ways of tackling problems are essential for the understanding of the book. Thus, the essay gives a detailed explanation about the Way of a Peaceful Warrior.

The setting of the book gives a precise overview of the author’s level of creativity. Apparently, the writer uses the gas station as the focal setting of the work. Moreover, the manner in which Millman combines the events in the piece of writing illustrates his innovativeness. The story begins with a description of the daytime, and conventional and ordinary life of a student in a college. As time passes by, the night events bring Dan to Socrates who is an attendant at the gas station. Through this, the author identifies two paths that one can follow, and the key question is which of them is better to choose. To sum up, the narration of the book makes the gas station the key setting based on the fact that it reflects on the day and night time paths.

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To continue, one should also consider the language of the book. The Way of the Warrior uses the first person singular who is the author himself. The piece of writing tells about the events that happened in the writers’ life; consequently, Dan is present in almost all the scenes. Furthermore, the occasions revolve around the daily struggles and the complete adoption process of the Socrates’ teachings. Moreover, Millman uses direct, affable and modest language to facilitate the understanding of the work. The use of the first person helps an individual to realize the necessity of the Socrates’ guidance and the main topic of the piece of writing. In general, it creates simplicity in reading and comprehension of the book.

In addition, The Way of a Peaceful Warrior has its own philosophy. After reading the whole piece, a reader realizes that the book promotes the philosophy of Zen supported by Socrates as the ultimate cure for negative states or feelings such as unhappiness. The approach is presented through two people discussing the ideas concerning the manner in which a person should live. The author’s main target is to make people understand that the existence of happiness that is unreasonable shows the necessity of adopting similar strategies in all spheres of life. Not surprisingly, the book gives detailed explanations on how Socrates sees the peaceful nature of a warrior. To summarize, the ability to recognize the importance of happiness in life illustrates the philosophical nature of the book.

The tone of the novella is also a critical point of discussion. To start from, Millman’s ability to overcome sadness brought in by the leg injury is quite inspirational. Apparently, the writer is successful in replacing the sadness with unreasonable happiness in all the situations. Additionally, the narration of a love story that leads to a marriage is essential for the reader since such themes as love also set the tone of the book that is happiness. In general, one can state that the work has a tone of happiness because all the arguments and ideas brought in by the author revolve around the happy setup. Even the title of the piece of writing also demonstrates that Dan Millman centers his thoughts on the mentioned feeling. Additionally, the use of jokes between Socrates and the author add to the key tone of The Way of a Peaceful Warrior and support the writer’s intention to employ laughing in the work. Attention should also be paid to the ending of the piece of writing that supports the general joyful tone.

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The ending of a book plays a vital part in the reader. Apparently, the book needs to have a striking ending to appeal to the audience. The author manages to bring out a positive conclusion at the end of the storyline. The moment of joy comes in during the outdoor wedding. The love story between the author and the girlfriends ends up in marriage.

The appearance of Socrates card explains the cause of the happy conclusion. It symbolizes the fact that the attendant has understood the basic reasoning behind happiness. A reader can see how the author manages to combat fear with cheerfulness that means that the book takes a positive twist towards the topic that centers on the core message and ideas discussed in the novella. In conclusion, the work has a joyful ending.

Finally, a look at the plot analysis of The Way of a Peaceful Warrior is also essential for the general overview of the piece of writing. Apparently, exciting novels have to include some elements to create interests in the reader. The use of expositions, climax, complications, suspense, conclusions and denouement is necessary. Speaking about the work under consideration, the author applies the use of explanations in describing the preliminary situations. The complications and conflict can be noticed in the rise of action. Moreover, the writer spends most of the time studying the work of Socrates, and the activity enables him to gain more insights. This action is an illustration of the existence of climax in the set piece.

To conclude, The Way of a Peaceful Warrior is a novel written by Dan Millman, a past Olympic titleholder, and the basis of the work is the true-life stories of the sportsperson. The setting of the book gives an accurate indication of the author’s level of originality, and it is worth stating that the writer uses the gas station as the key setting of the novella. Speaking about the linguistic features, it should be mentioned that The Way of the Warrior employs the first person singular who is the author. Furthermore, the happy and joyful tone of the novella is also a critical point of conversation. Lastly, the ending of a book plays a vital part being really exciting in order to appeal to readers.

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