“Ludaversal” will be one of many albums that have been released by Ludacris. His music career began when as a DJ at a radio station; he released Tim’s Bio version, originally sung by Timberland. His first album has been sold in more than fifty thousand copies during the first year after its release. Ludacris was signed just a year before the new millennium. 

Ludacris is of Illinois origin from where he moved to Atlanta. Coming with a new style of rap songs gained him acclamation and praise from different hip hop fans in the United States and abroad. His success is attributed to his respect and determination for his work. He also attributes his success to his loyal and supportive fans in different parts of the world. 

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“What’s Your Fancy” is considered one of his greatest singles. The song was voted as the best MTV hit. His success at the music arena created a platform for some other musicians. Shawnna’s performance with Ludacris in “What’s Your Fancy” catapulted her to the American music scene. The “Southern Hospitably” received even more popularity from the urban music fans countrywide. The song received hit votes on MTV too and an outstanding airplay status.

The path of the artist to the music scene has had problems. One of his songs “Ho” was banned at most media stations owing to the explicit nature of its lyrics. The use of one of his songs ”Move Bitch” in a soft drink advert created controversy that led to the termination of contract between him and the commercial company. The controversy led to the questions being raised about the character and conduct of Ludacris. O’Reilly strongly opposed the contract. He believed that lyrics in Ludacris’ songs were a result of violence and crime on the music scene. Analysts deduced that race might have played a significant role in the termination the contract between Ludacris and Pepsi. One of his singles “Act A Fool” produced dismal performance on the music scene. “Chicken and Beer” does not receive much admiration either.  There is high anxiety on the new song that is set to release in March, 2015.

Ludacris has not been spared of the rivalry that is dominant in the music industry. He has had differences with Chingy and T.I. He has been sued by a group of musicians for copyright violation. His clashes with different artists have made him produce offensive lyrics against his rivals. 

Quality performance in diverse parts of the world is the reason for his popularity.  The popularity of his music is set to record growth owing to availability of the social media. The social media is still one of the best platforms for sharing information about new albums and a strong tool for sharing information about new songs in the market. Ludacris outstanding performance in hip hop music has created him earnings in terms of music sale and royalty. His music career has faced hardships along its way. Ludacris’ young gangster life has affected his image. The rapper has had to defend his actions as a child. The rap music he had chosen to follow has always been considered violent and abusive. His exemplary performance in most of his shows has also been the result of his music career success. Some of his tracks have been used in film production.

The artist has changed his approach in producing the content of his music as a way of building his image and character in the entertainment industry. His recently released songs have shown a decrease in explicit contents and messages of violence. The artist has gained roles in different movies. His performance in “Fast and Furious” has been exemplary. Ludacris has engaged in charitable activities. The Ludacris Foundation has helped many needy families. From helping in mentoring the youth to granting some economic empowerment to minorities in the US, the foundation has achieved a lot in helping the needy. The foundation has been a reason for his renewed image in the world of entertainment.

Ludacris’ real name is Christopher Bridges. He is married and has a daughter. He has a high profile family secret that most people do not understand. He has managed to keep much of his family life for himself. His entrance to the world of acting has enhanced his image as a person being jovial and social to people around him. His involvement in charity activities asserts that he is social to people from all groups and classes. Ludacris has profiles on different social media sites. The media has given him a basis through which he shares his ideas with hip hop fans around the world. He used Twitter to show his sympathy towards the loss of his “Fast and Furious” co-actor, Paul Walker.

The entertainment industry has greatly been influenced by Ludacris. He has proven that he is a dynamic artist. The roles he played in different movies are indication that he has a potential of achieving greatness in the world of entertainment. Most of the music he released fifteen years ago is still relevant and popular among the urban population. Ludacris’ image will still be paramount in building his career as a musician and an actor. In order to stay relevant in the music industry, the artist should broaden his music career. He may consider creating a fusion of his rap music with the Caribbean music. Caribbean is a region with many music lovers. Collaborating with the Caribbean artists in music production will greatly impact his career. The artist will attract more fans outside the United States. More fans imply increased revenue from selling music and concert performances. 

Endorsement Objectives

Previous album: 50,263

Group rally: 2,520

Universal music Distributor: 40,201

Supply Chain: 7,000

Reverb Nation: 50,921

The first shipment target — 40,000 items

The initial week sounds scan target — 8,000

Customers will receive a discount of 15 percent on music in both digital and physical form. The discount is offered on the basis of the pre-orders made during two months upon release. Customers can get a CD of the album at a price of $9.4.

Digital orders should be placed on the reverb nation website and other licensed digital music distribution sites in the United States. 


Compact disk is vital in storage and supply of the entire list of albums and extra tracks. One of these tracks will be a remix by DJ MAKJ from Los Angeles. A DVD of different performances will be distributed to fans in Oklahoma. Distribution to the Universal Music will be restricted to a maximum of 10.000 units. Each band member is assigned a number. The number and sign of every band member are indicated on every compact disk delivered to different distributors.

The selling price for each CD case is approximately $15 with no cost charged on downloading a digital copy of the album. Login details required for free download of a digital copy of the album will be attached to each album suite. The cost of downloading digital format of the album is $7. The artistry impression and graphics may be acquired from the band website and different music distributors.


The music tour will take place in different states. The entrance fee set is affordable for most of the attendants. Tremendous progress has been realized from the sale of tickets in different states with only five days left before closure of ticket sale.

Nashville, TN     -3000

Dallas, TX     -2000

San Marcos, CA     -4000

Harlem, NY    -4000

Ferguson     – 1800

New Orleans     -3100

Agent: Black Bird Agency

Brian Lamar


Supply Map 

The original supply and distribution budget was valued at $40,000. Houston (Texas) provides a potential market with an estimated value of 4,800 sales. Online and digital media amounts to a budget worth $5000. The figures have also been set for different states.

    NY: 20000

    LA: 1000

    NO: 1200

    BO: 800

    TX: 1000

    MI: 1500

Promotion is done from December, 2014 to January, 2015. Listeners should tune in on different state radio stations to get the hype of the songs. The distributors and the distribution budget include:

  • LA Music Store             $3000
  • Universal Music Distributor        $2000
  • Texas music Store        $1000
  • Electronic Stores         $1300

Retail marketing is done using catalog promotional methods. A budget of $900 is allocated to the Universal Music Distribution’s December Journal with journal sent over 3,000 stores. The same expenses are used in distributing music catalog to over a thousand stores in the country.

Universal music distributor P&P marketing

  • $400 is sent to the major Universal Music retailers. Four popular stores are used in distribution.
  • $230 is sent to a well known Universal Music Distributor in Houston, Texas. The advertisement is conducted on a weekly basis for a period outlined in promotional campaign.
  • $250 was allocated to the Electronic Distribution Outlets with two stores in the country. The electronic distribution outlets have been prioritized and were a promising music market. The use of an electronic distribution in transferring music is gaining popularity, and it is set to grow with technological advancement.
  • $600 is allocated to the Los Angeles Universal Music retailer which has two stores.

Internet and cyberspace advertisements create a strong platform for achieving general advertising goals.

  • The music is posted on the, a free music portal. The website has different genres of music with a big fraction of the urban music. $2300 has been set aside to be used in the overall promotional process. The costs will cater for the ads about the group, placed on the website.
  • Similarly, an internet site of live digital online music download is used to make music sales. The site provides universal access to music from different parts of the world. To download the music, one has to type Fannypack at the search field and click the search button. Different songs by Fannypack will be displayed. The music can be downloaded from the given list.
  • Number one universal music download website. Download up to three tracks for every purchase of Fannypack album. Featured performance will be conducted in selected states. The concert dates are posted on the website.
  • Ludacris may use internet radio station to reach his target audience. There will be featured releases by the universal music company. Different artists will perform alongside Ludacris. Most internet radio stations should be used in playing back new songs to be released as a way of adding value to the promotion process. The information about digital sites and retail markets where the music can be found is posted.

Alternative methods of advertising are to be used in creating awareness for the availability of the song and forms in which the albums could be acquired. 

  • Following up is made on the different marketing media used. Make phone calls to the retail outlets. Call the universal music records to find out if they may require some help with distribution. Make personal visits to the retail shops and find out the opinion of buyers (Lathrop, Tad, and Pettigrew 54). The online media provide an environment where the artist will directly reach individual fans. Send feedback to the clients via email and meet them personally on social media.
  • Sending gifts to different target groups will help in achieving most of the sales objectives. For instance, offering shop owners display rack.

Print Endorsement 

An amount of eight thousand US dollars is allocated for the print advertising. Advertisements are posted in journals and magazines one month before the album release. Prior release helps in creating anticipation among fans and gives time for all preparations pertaining to the general performance. 

  • Adverts are placed in different entertainment journals and lifestyle magazines. Apart from providing additional information about the new album that is about to be released, the print media gives additional information about the tours and venues of performances. The discounts offered on the labels should be included in ads.
  • Subscription is made on quarter page advertisement in the music and other entertaining magazines.
  • Ads should also be included in the weekly and daily magazines. 

Internet Endorsement 

  • The initial online advert’s cost is $4000. The adverts are placed on webpages that have top songs category. Universal music lifestyle websites should also be used in promoting the album. The advert should be posted two months prior to the day of release. Blogs may also serve as an alternative advert sites.
  • YouTube should be given consideration when conducting online advertisement. YouTube adverts create coverage on a large scale. The ads are used in most popular videos. Top social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter may be used in conducting extensive promotion.

Radio Stations Endorsement

Promotion over the radio should be given some consideration. The team members should be selected from different areas that are known to produce potential fans. Merle Beach of Tommy Boy Record was selected as the college representative with July Roberts of Atlantic Radio Company acting as his co-rep. Barbra Atkinson of the Capital Records is appointed as the head of the commercial advertisement. The advertisement date for all the formats will be on January 18, 2015. The setup is to be conducted immediately after the holiday break. Its time should coincide with the time key subject is aired. The aim of this is to get more people to listen to an interview. The album should be aired over the radio. Commercial and non-commercial radio stations may be used for promotion. The college radio also provides a platform for underground music promotion. 

The college radio is popular among high school and college students across the country (Lathrop 112). The plan will aim at organizing and developing a contest for the college music directors as a way of winning a trip to one of their performances in Houston, Texas. It is the third time this kind of promotion has been organized. The last group that won this award was directors from different radio stations in different states.

Important ideas should be used when promoting music via radio station. The radio should air live performance by Ludacris from one of his concerts. His marketing group should make music promotional visits to radio stations with a large number of listeners. Use the radio platform to create awareness for the activities of Ludacris’ entourage.

Ludacris will have to organize live performance for some of his latest songs.  He should reach out to the top online radio stations in order to advertise his songs.

TV Publicity

The objectives’ realization of carrying out advertisement lies not only on the promotional method used. Achieving these objectives also depends on the efficiency of the selected promotional method (Lathrop 112). The new album is disturbed to over a thousand press stations. Ludacris may consider hiring a private music promoter whose sole role is to boost the efforts already applied by Ludacris in promoting his songs. The list of magazine publishers has expressed interest in featuring Ludacris on a cover of their magazines. The date for this coverage is set for February, 2015. Rolling Stone magazine, alongside other magazines, has expressed interest in conducting this interview.

The popularity of the “Ludaversal” is set to increase with the availability of the vast promotional media. Apart from having benefits of wide coverage, the television media will provide more information about the release of album. Viewing Ludacris live performance on TV is more important that just listening to the music over the radio. The aim of this strategy is to create a plan that will help the artist perform on the night show. Night show always comes at the time when most people are watching television. The breakfast show may also be the best time for airing the interview. Reaching new and growing market is the aim of the group.

Tools and Resources for Promotion

The general process of advertisement is complex. The process requires utilization of different media in order to achieve the target set by the Ludacris’ marketing team. Paper posters, stickers, and postcards should be used in providing extra advertisement. Printed stickers should be used as covers for the albums. Artistic impression should be used on the stickers to achieve quality results. Quality material will result to more sales. 

Additional Promotion

Reaching out to different commercial organizations and groups will help in reducing the expenses used by Ludacris in promoting his album (Baker 45). He should make a deal with these companies for building his popularity. Ringtone is a good platform for promoting the song. The Ludacris promotional team should consider using the mobile platform to market their songs and their name. 

ITunes should also be used in comprehensive promotion of the songs. ITunes is changing the face of music. My tune has eased the process of sharing and keeping music files. The market for the tune is expanding at a rate least expected. There is a strong indication that the tuning market is going to be the next music marketing frontier. Ludacris may print T-shirts and his current record label. The T-shirts will promote his activities. Apart from providing information about the date of releasing an album, the printed words should indicate venue and date of different concerts.  Ludacris and his group may sing for charity as a way of creating their names. Singing for charity is part of giving back to the society, and it comes with an increased benefit. The charity songs should be used in raising money for children in foster homes. Ludacris has already branded himself in Hollywood. His acting career has added some flavor to his fame. The marketing objectives for his new album are set to be realized due to his popularity and position in the entertainment market. 

The marketing should also target coffee shops and restaurants. The Ludacris promotion should print ads about the album and tours on cups, tea mugs, and plates. The printed cups may be freely distributed to the restaurants and coffee shops. With this method, the information about the performance date in different states will be delivered to many people. Peer-to-peer marketing strategy may be used. This method will require fans to share information about the performance in different concerts. Fans may use the major social network sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach their friends and family members. 


Extensive marketing should be conducted as a way of realizing the marketing objectives. The marketing process should take into consideration the resources required for considerable sales to be realized. The television advertising should be payed maximum attention. Television networks such as ABC should be considered in conducting promotion since its ability to attract a wide viewership. The marketing models outline should conform to the regulations from different government agencies such as the national environmental management authority. The regulation by different local authorities in different states should be observed when conducting tours in different states. However, an unexpected change in the environmental conditions may affect them in some regions of the country. The marketing process should provide flexibility in changing the date and the times of touring different states. The weather conditions may be predicted in different regions of the country using figures from the weather stations. Coordination of the different promotional methods will be vital in developing a successful marketing strategy. The different members selected for the various promotional tasks will be required to work as a team. Furthermore, its actions will help in sharing the ideas directed towards achieving optimum sales. Most of the tours should take place on weekends and on public holidays for the maximum attendance may be achieved during these times. 


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