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Ethnic conflicts and civil wars always inflict intense suffering on the countries involved in rivalries. They usually arise from the inability to govern and solve the fundamental differences between confronting sides. The typical ethnic clashes could be the result of both major and minor disagreements. However, despite their origin, they should be addressed according to the resources inside the community in order to find effective solutions to their reasons. Civil wars often emerge in retaliation for widespread atrocities directed at a certain group. The Path to Ending Ethnic Conflicts is a presentation which explains the main triggers of ethnic conflicts and civil wars and the approaches that could bring peace to the community. Thus, the essay focuses on Stefan Wolffs video identifying the key points and arguments stated during the talk.

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The speaker aims to determine the relevant factors that might reduce the number of unrests in the world. He is convinced that strong leadership and careful diplomacy could resolve the problems. Moreover, he states that elaborate institutional design determines the peace in the country. Indeed, diplomacy contributes to the long-term success in the mitigation of the two vices. As a result, the groups will be encouraged to make peace and to make it last (Wolff, 2010). The theory of complex power involves all parties that want their concerns to be heard in the negotiations. The essence of leadership reveals the best approaches that do not force any parties to the conflict. The theory of social identity corresponds to the recognition of the customs of the different ethnic groups in the community.

Wolff (2010) asserts that institutional design yields the innovative ideas that address the concerns of all the parties. The rights of individuals and communities should be respected in the quest for peaceful coexistence. He believes that an adequate leadership framework which challenges others to build healthy society could bring peace. However, it is vital not to allow the leaders to follow their personal interests and to derail the plans. Gradually, devoted leadership will cement into a responsible attitude towards minorities and other people.

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The speakers argument are convincing because of their relevance to the situation in the modern world where local conflicts have a global influence. The speaker admits that embracing diplomacy shows willingness to make peace. The support from the international community underscores the primary objectives of leaders collaboration. Nowadays, the leadership determines the appropriateness of the goals (Wolff, 2010). The speaker gives several examples how unexpected leadership became a resolution of the conflicts in Northern Ireland, Liberia, and other countries. In fact, he is certain that the leaders could resolve man-made conflicts if they are determined to end wars. Despite his good news, he mentioned that it is impossible to change the grave situation if the leaders are not willing to meet at the negotiation table. It would be highly important to understand the practical approaches to asserting the befitting leadership authority in the warring nations so that the ultimate peace prevails.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the key to limiting ethnic conflict and civil war lies in the attempt to negotiate and implement relevant solutions. The reason for standoff during negotiations represents various obstacles which correlate with the desire to settle for the maximum demands. The opposition should remain flexible and wise while trying to reach peace. Thus, the institutional design should address particular problems.

Ethnic conflicts and civil wars cause political, economic, and social turmoil in the affected countries. It is crucial to develop countermeasures so that peace reigns. Restructuring leadership contributes significantly to the rights of individuals. Diplomacy should be sufficient in accommodating opposing views, and the institutional design determines the best approach in the pursuit of peace.

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