Brock, Henry. (1997). Your Complete Guide to Money Happiness. Legacy Publishing (NV); First Edition edition. This book is basically a collective thought on what money is and its connection to human happiness. More than just a collection of theories and opinions from different other writers and other critics of the said thought; this reading is more on utilizing the facts that are able to contribute to the different issues that relate monetary ownership to the possible happiness that human individuals are feeling (54). The author Henry Brock is one of the most trusted individuals when it comes to discussion human behavior as it is intertwined with the capability of one to own certain properties and how these particular properties bring in a certain sort of satisfaction that identifies a human’s capability of experiencing the real sense of happiness (76). Believably, there are different issues that are concerned especially when it comes to human behavior. According to Brock, this particular identification of human behavior towards material possessions practically makes a definite sense as to what intensified understanding of the connection that is making humans see money as a source of happiness or satisfaction in some way.

Dunleavey, MP. (2007). Money Can Buy Happiness: How to Spend to Get the Life You Want. Broadway Publishing Edition. Is it true that money can buy happiness? This is the primary question that Dunleavey intends to impose on this reading. It could be noticed that there are different options of understanding presented especially when it comes to proving or disproving if money is rather able to provide proper sense of seeing how monetary possessions actually affect the happiness that humans are feeling towards their possessions (56). Believably though, instead of putting whether or not money is a source of true human happiness, it could be observed that the author further opted to mandate on how money could be practically used properly to be able to provide real happiness. He further opted to present possible ways that could be used to actually mandate the proper use of money that is not excessive and not dependent on over use of material possessions (88). It could not be denied that material possessions provide happiness; however being less able to control the want of acquiring them provides more problems than that of the satisfaction that they are supposed to give to their owners. Due to this, the author himself reiterates on the need to see things in balance to be able to feel the real meaning of what happiness is all about.

Frank, Robert. (2010). Luxury Fever: Money and Happiness in an Era of Excess. Princeton University Press. Through this reading, Robert frank was able to point out that today’s society is buried deep on the impulse of wanting something. It could be observed that somehow there are different issues that are considered when it comes to the issues of handling the possibilities of being entangled when it comes to the balance that people proposes on their view with regards their needs and their want of the said properties. Practically, the want of having the luxury of life has taken over the clear vision that humans have over their needs and the practical vision that they have when it comes to the things that they simply want out of life. There are different measures of consideration that are best able to manipulate that the thinking of the people towards the different material wants and needs that they intended to have as part of their personal properties. Truthfully, it could be noticed that through examining the society, the author was able to bring out the fact that social pressure affects that perception of humans when it comes to their understanding on how much important money really is.

Hooper, David. (2007). Guide for Living: Law of Attraction – How to Attract Money, Love, and Happiness. Princeton University. The connection of satisfaction with money is of course one of the most important matters that are best able to help humans get the satisfaction that they want out of their lives. According to the author of this writing, it could be noticed that the different options of learning about the elements of satisfaction basically gets into proper position especially when it comes to mandating how human individuals need to behave with their needs and their desires.

Needeleman, Jacob. (1998). Money, Money, Money: The Search for Wealth and the Pursuit of Happiness. House Publishing.  Every now and then, it could be noticed that marketing presents happiness in a form of people owning properties and having what they want when they want it. Believably, it could be observed that through the years marketing has imposed on using the weaknesses of humans in terms of getting their interest in making a good sense of getting the profit that they want out of the most important markets that they ought to serve. Apparently, it could be noticed that this approach of pursuance have been best effective in providing the marketing industry he attention that they need from the market that they are targeting. In short, it has been better proven that humans have this particular perception over ownership that basically makes it easier for them to feel happiness once they get the material things that they have in possession.

Rauley, Laura. (2007). Money and Happiness: A Guide to Living the Good Life. Wiley Publishing. Living the good life has usually been involved in becoming much contented with what one already has in his life. It could not be denied that somehow, with the many things that the world offers today, being contented is not such an easy task to do neither it is an easy choice to make. The social pressure is just deeply intense that most individuals are already less able to make particular decisions that could set them into settling for simple things. Through this reading, Rauley is able to find better ways as to how much contentment should be viewed by humans. She further noted that somehow, humans ought to better material possessions in a much balanced way that could practically allow them of seeing the real benefits that these particular ownerships could bring them. Truthfully, it could not be denied that even though humans are presented with too much, they still have the choice to settle only for what they basically need.

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