PepsiCo. Inc Financial Analysis

The current ratios, which are the current assets are divided by the current liabilities, therefore, it shows that the company had a current ratio of 1.16. These demonstrate that the company had a wide margin in respect to the short-term assets that could sort short-term liabilities. In addition, the acid ratio, which is 1.02, showed that the company is less from the risk in terms of short-term liabilities in that the ratios exhibited stable inventory level. Details >>

Ludacris 'Ludaversal' Marketing Plan

'Ludaversal' will be one of many albums that have been released by Ludacris. His music career began when as a DJ at a radio station; he released Tim’s Bio version, originally sung by Timberland. His first album has been sold in more than fifty thousand copies during the first year after its release. Ludacris was signed just a year before the new millennium. Details >>

Metropolis II Essay

Contemporary visual art goes far beyond mere vision. Its main task is not to inform, but to impress and even shock the viewers. Very often, modern artists experiment with various techniques and methods to create unique pieces of art that leave unforgettable impressions and... Details >>

Mexicans as a Minority Group in the US Essay

Cultural competence refers to the ability of the medical practitioners to be able to offer quality services to people from different cultural dimensions. Cultural competence among the medics is essential since it ensures that patients receive quality services regardless of their cultural... Details >>

Pherkad Essay

Pherkad stands out as one of the most significant stars of the Ursa Constellation because of its confusing variability changing over less than a tenth of a magnitude within a short period. It also stands out as one of the brightest and warmest stars in the constellation and 175th in the... Details >>