Science and Happiness

As the science develops, the humanity acquires the new insights that shape the understanding of the causal relations of the external realities and people's inner world. For example, an important discovery about the plasticity of an adult brain is revealed by a famous scholar, Norman Doidge in his book... Details >>

How Sports Events Contributes to the Economy of the Hosting Country

Over the recent years, discussion researches have been conducted to determine the economic contribution associated with hosting major international Sports events. International Sports events refers to the big sports such as the Olympic Games aand FIFA World cup soccer... Details >>

Family, Marriage, Kinship in Different Cultures

This paper will examine the issue of family, marriage, kinship in different cultural conditions. The topic presents an interest for study, because the family is one of the five fundamental institutions of society, giving it stability and the ability to replenish the population in each generation... Details >>

Infancy to Preschool Years

The diversity of psychological journals focuses on the peculiarities of a child’s development along with its behavioral patterns. The current research is a reflection of one of the most respectable sources of information. It helps to acquaint a reader with the basics... Details >>

Original Creation of the Earth: Nebular Hypothesis vs. Six-Day Creation

The question of the original creation of the Earth has always been one of the most controversial throughout the time. Thinkers, investigators, and philosophers have always wanted to understand human beings’ origins, the circumstances that led to the planet creation and... Details >>