Personal Development Planning

Personal development planning would help in the creation of an action plan based on my goals and personal development within the context of my career. It includes my aspirations, strengths, weaknesses and competencies. As such, a personal development plan would go a long way... Details >>

Politics of Identity

The Native American population of the United States are the descendants of the original inhabitants of the American continent. They came to North America through the Bering Straits of Alaska form north-eastern Asia. The migration is mainly considered to take place... Details >>

Utopian View of Justice

Sometimes it is necessary to look at a phenomenon or an event from an opposite perspective in order to better understand its true characteristics. Looking at crime from... Details >>

Advertising Restrictions

The advertisement industry spends an enormous amount of money every year to air publicity programs that target children and young adults. The media have... Details >>

Ancient Roman Inventions and Technology

The Roman Empire was formed in the 8th century BCE as a humble city. Aristocratic kings originally ruled Rome, and by the 6th century BCE, it turned into a republic... Details >>

Bioethical Deliberation

The questions of bioethics have always been connected with human practice in medicine. The principles of Human Dignity and Human Rights, Human Vulnerability, and Personal Integrity, and... Details >>