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Students can make their choice from a range of investment paper topics to impress the professors and get high grades. 

      • Foreign direct investment: what are the benefits and costs?
      • Is a financial market based on investment variables effective?
      • General Electric in China: potential investment
      • Investment analysis: a set of tools
      • What is more efficient in Kenya: aid from Western countries or Chinese investments?
      • Foreign direct investment in the developing countries: methodological critique
      • Investment decision and risk analysis
      • Foreign direct investment versus foreign trade
      • Investment and portfolio analysis
      • Stock market securities: what is the investment risk?
      • Stryker vs. Medtronic: which investment is more effective?
      • Mutual funds: types and objectives of investment
      • Monetary investments vs. fix investment
      • Potential of foreign countries in investment returns
      • Development of human parental investment
      • Are investments in college education worth the price?
      • Income investment development and related inequalities
      • Maximization of the investment returns
      • Capital budgeting and investment appraisal

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Some investment paper topics may appeal to your interests more than others; so, you should base your choice on your preferences. 

      • Renewable energy and investment return
      • Property investment: basics of depreciation
      • Public equities and private investments
      • Development and investment of foreign direct types
      • Valuable investment vs. snowballing debt
      • Indonesia: peculiar features of foreign investment
      • Career of an investment banking analyst
      • Investment funds: what are they?
      • Young people should have effective investment practice
      • Investment trusts in the field of real estate
      • Portfolios of real estate investment
      • Investment strategy in the area of real estate
      • Intangible assets as the area of investment
      • Maximization of investment return
      • Italy: are there any investment risks?
      • Is it possible to predict portfolio investment returns?
      • Offspring and parental investment
      • Investment banking and bonuses
      • Investment of China in South Africa
      • Investment and social development
      • Maximization of investment return
      • Problems related to company investment
      • Valuation ratios of investment
      • Consequences of foreign direct investment

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All investment paper topics require careful research, profound knowledge, and ability to organize the ideas properly.

      • Human capital investments: return and risks
      • Investment ethics
      • Theory of parental investment
      • Investment and business innovation: immigration to Australia
      • Insufficient human capital investment in Cambodia
      • Investment strategies: indexing and behavioral finance
      • Investment in alternative energy
      • Is it reasonable to invest in Amazon now and in the future?
      • Foreign direct in Japan
      • Case analysis of mock investment
      • Investment fund under student management: rebalancing
      • Investment bubbles
      • Investment of key stakeholders in British Airways
      • Laws related to foreign investment: the Philippines
      • Foreign direct investment of Carrefour
      • Bond investments: standard guidelines
      • Davao City: call center investment activities
      • Investments in present-day economy: perspectives
      • Excellent choices in foreign direct investment
      • Effects of inflation on investment
      • Relation between the global financial crisis and investment bank regulation
      • Investment return of data warehousing
      • Vietnam: peculiarities of foreign direct investment


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      • Criteria of investment: net present value and others
      • Investment in college education - benefits
      • Foreign direct investment: peculiar features
      • Training program: return on investment
      • Investments with social responsibility
      • Risks in international investment related to currency fluctuations
      • Investment decisions and risk analysis
      • Chinese foreign investment
      • Investment banking careers
      • Political institutions and foreign direct investment
      • Investment decisions and risk analysis
      • Foreign direct investment in China
      • Investment in educational technology and learning returns
      • Relation between China and Nigeria: foreign direct investment
      • Attractiveness of Ireland in terms of foreign direct investment
      • Investment efficiency decline
      • Investment trusts in the area of real estate
      • Investment multilateral agreement
      • Investment of value or snowballing debt
      • Evergreen types of investment
      • Mexican foreign direct investment
      • Equipment for farm tractors as a interesting investment with specific background
      • Investment model for evaluation of how committed are homosexual relationships
      • Situational analysis of intersect investment
      • Training in investment management
      • Increase in solid investments
      • Solutions related to foreclosure crisis
      • Investment in the form of foreign aid programs
      • Pakistan: firm profitability and fixed assets investment in the textile sector
      • Market share and profit making of company shareholders
      • Monetary and fiscal policy in 2019
      • Foreign policy and foreign direct investment in India
      • Risk management in the markets and stock valuation
      • Female colleges: investment for girls of the highest value
      • Crash in stock market and US Great Depression
      • Investment liberalization and trade: effect on individual economies
      • US macroeconomic outlook
      • Return on investment (ROI): measurement in six social metrics
      • Education at the early childhood age: approach of wise investments to ensure perfect future
      • Hedge funds and investors
      • Bond valuations and interest rates
      • Evolution in foreign direct investment: trends and tendencies under the conditions of developing nations
      • Investment banks and securities firms: what are their functions in the US and Saudi Arabia?
      • Investment in Indian infrastructure for facilitating of development in economy
      • Foreign direct investment: benefits and relative costs on a host country
      • Public expenditure channels in private investment and core infrastructure
      • Debate related to the solar energy development and corresponding investment in Australia
      • The Dominican Republic: what are the effects of European and American presence and investments?
      • Effect of the inward foreign direct investment on the domestic firm productivity

Ask relevant investment essay questions and get the readers interested in your ideas and the way you present factual information in your essay papers. Make sure that the choice of the direction is made properly as a boring topic will never lead to a good paper. Consult your professor if you feel that you need some professional support and guidance from the expert.