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Literary analysis writing is an art many students have to learn to be successful in college. Why? It is the foundation of many classes. Whether this is a history class or English literature, you will have to examine different publications and write papers about those works. In your writings, you will have to analyze how a certain text was created, why it was written, and how its author conveys a certain idea. You will explain why the writer’s argument is effective in a novel or scientific publication. The ability to scrutinize the text and break it into logical parts will help you see separate motifs and symbols. At the same time, you will be able to understand the bigger picture and the greater idea.

Still, it takes time to learn how to craft a good literary analysis. More so, without a skillfully written sample that will serve you as a blueprint for your future papers, it may turn out to be impossible to write a good review. This is the main reason why students often buy literary analysis help from experienced writers. For instance, at our writing platform, we craft several individually written literature reviews every day.

In this article, you will find helpful tips on literary analysis writing and learn how to safely and quickly order an original paper online.


Literary Analysis Paper Definition

In order to complete a writing task properly, it is important to understand how it should be done. Literary analysis is a piece of writing that evaluates a literary work (book, poem, etc.) according to the specific requirements provided by the professor. It can be approached from different perspectives. For example, this assignment can have an argumentative nature or require an analytical approach. Nevertheless, regardless of its nature, a writer has to consider the main elements of the literary piece, including the plot, main characters, tone, place, etc.

It is important to remember that literary analysis should go beyond the plot. In order to write a good paper of such kind, it is important to consider the following questions:

  • What is the main idea of the book and why do you think it was written?
  • What events influenced the writer and made him/her write the book?
  • What message did the writer want to send to the readers? etc.

Besides, a writer will also have to provide strong argumentation to support their ideas and points. If you consider the process too difficult and if you have little experience in completing such assignments, you can always buy literary analysis projects from us.

Our services can be useful to students for a number of reasons. The truth is that studying at college may turn out to be much more complicated than it seemed at first. There are many students who show high results during their first year but over time, the tasks and requirements become more and more complicated. The information students knew when they entered the college turns out to be insufficient during later years of studying. It is a breaking point for many of them, as they either start learning harder or fail their courses one by one.

Still, there is one more group of students, which lead a balanced academic life. Such students gain knowledge systematically and do not become overwhelmed with their tasks because they use help with writing a literary analysis and other academic papers.

Many students who take literature courses ask themselves, ‘How to write a literary analysis essay?’ It is a normal question to those individuals who do not have enough experience in writing an assignment of such type. Our company helps such students cope with their assignments, improve their grades, and gain sufficient knowledge regarding literary analysis writing. You will be pleased with the quality and content of the papers we write.


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5 Steps to Writing a Literary Analysis

In its essence, this type of analysis resembles an argumentative paper. A student should avoid a mere summarization of a plot and the main ideas. Instead, one is supposed to analyze aspects such as perspective, text structure, the choice of words, and comment on how the use of specific literary devices helps the author to present ideas and create effects.

The process of literary analysis writing starts with a careful examination of the text. Next, you are to shape your own thesis statement. This will allow you to stay focused and present a strong argument. The overall structure is pretty standard:

  • An introduction that outlines the focus of your essay.
  • The main part, consisting of several paragraphs, setting out your argument plus evidence.
  • A concluding section with the main ideas.

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Step 1: Read the text and highlight literary devices

Read the piece carefully, jotting down the main ideas, as well as the most surprising, unexpected, and confusing statements. You will further use these things in your text analysis.

It is not your job to explain what happens to the main heroes or why it happens. You are to study the text itself and explain how the writing works, commenting on its literary essence. Thus, you are to analyze the literary devices the author uses. These are the structures used to effectively pass the writer’s messages to the reader influencing his/her mind and feelings.

Where to start your literary analysis from? Below are a few main aspects you should focus on. Try to find the connection between these aspects to understand how they work synergetically. Use stickers or a marker so you don't lose important quotes.

Literary devices and language structures

Determine the author’s language style. Is the text overwhelmed with complicated and poetic sentences? Are the statements short and simple?

Highlight interesting word choices. Do they have a direct meaning or are they used in a figurative sense? In other words, look for metaphors, similes, hidden meanings.

Try to also detect repetitive images (imagery) that serve to create a specific atmosphere or signify something important. In literary works, words are used to say more than just what lies on the surface.

The perspective the info is presented from

In your literary analysis paper, you should also determine the narrative voice. In other words, you should note who is telling the analyzed story and how he/she is telling it. This may be a third person, describing events and characters, and standing at a distance from them. Or this may be a first-person narrator; someone who is also involved in this story.

What kind of the narrator’s perspective do we get? Does the info come from an omniscient individual who knows everything about every person and event in the book? Or is it someone who has partial knowledge? Perhaps this is an unreliable person, whose account of events is not always accurate and unbiased. The writer may prompt you that you should not blindly believe every word the narrator says.

The tone of the story

Is the text meant to be tragic, comic, thought-provoking, or entertaining? What about the whole story: is it realistic or fantastic? Are funny topics addressed as serious ones or vice versa?


Analyze the structure of the literary piece under discussion. Determine how the structure correlates with the story the author tells us. All the poems are divided into lines and stanzas. All plays have separate acts and scenes. As for novels, they are divided into parts and chapters.

There is always the author’s logic behind the specific division of the text into smaller parts.

Next, you are to pay attention to less obvious structural elements. Are the events presented in chronological order? Or does the narrator jump back and forth in time? Do you find yourself in the middle of the action right from the start? Or does the story move towards a definite climax?

When analyzing the play, you may speak about the relations between the setting and the action. You should also pay attention to the change in the relationship between the characters from one scene to another. Dramatic irony is an important element in the play. Maybe the readers know something that the heroes of the play don’t? This creates a double meaning in their thoughts, actions, and words.

When analyzing the poem, explain how meter and rhyme influence the meaning of the text and the impression the tone makes on the reader. You can read it aloud to feel the influence of the rhyme.

If you are not closely familiar with the main literary devices or simply have no previous experience in this kind of writing, you should study a professionally written literary analysis sample. This example will guide you throughout your writing process. of course, the best way out in this case is to order an individually crafted literary analysis from a professional custom writer. An expert will carefully read your instructions as well as those provided by your professor, study the assigned reading and create a high-quality literary analysis essay that will earn you high grades and respect from your instructor.

Step 2: Shape your thesis

What point would you like to make about the analyzed piece of literature? You should formulate the central argument that gives your writing a vector.

It is relatively easy to formulate a thesis if your instructor gave you the prompt. In this case, your thesis should answer the questions or aspects stressed in the prompt. Please note that your answer must contain arguments, and not just statements like "yes, it's true that..."

In case you are allowed to choose the topic yourself, you will have to shape a unique thesis. Think about the things that impressed you most in this text. What elements interest you and how you can answer them.

Make sure your thesis is arguable. This should not be something obvious. The statement should be complex enough to be developed through arguments and evidence throughout the essay.

When composing the literary analysis outline and in the process of literary analysis writing you can revise and change your thesis statement. In fact, it may become more complex and nuanced, as you dig deeper into details. The aim of the initial version of your thesis is to help you stay focused.

Textual evidence and support

You will have to support your central claim with relevant textual evidence. This is how you will build up your argument. In the body of the literary analysis, you will present specific quotes and analyze them to explain your argument to your audience.

So, it makes sense to write down all the highlighted sentences (quotes for your future literary analysis essay) before you actually start crafting your masterpiece. Some of these quotes may be left unused, and you may even need to look through the text again for more info, but the compilation of textual evidence will let you structure the arguments and the draft of the essay.

Step 3: Presenting the title and introductory paragraph

Your literary analysis essay starts with a title and introduction of a relevant length.

Literature analysis title

As a rule, the title of this academic paper consists of the last name of the writer and the text under analysis. This shows the audience what the essay is about. It is supposed to be concise. Still, you should try to make it engaging, too.

If you cannot find an appropriate title for your literary analysis, start writing the draft and let the title come to your mind as you work.

If you want to buy literary analysis online, you can ask a professional writer to find the best heading for it. Custom writers know best which title is suitable for a particular type of work.

Literary analysis introduction

This section should give your reader a general idea of where the central argument goes. So, you are to provide a short summary of the text under analysis along with your thesis statement.

Start with general info about the piece and its author. You may want to present a commonly known citation from this text or get down to a specific literary device you aim to focus on in the body of this paper. The last sentence of this section should be your unique thesis statement.

You may want to write your introduction after the main body of the essay is written, and it is fine. You will have a better idea of how to start your paper once the main part of it is written.

If you choose a traditional approach to essay writing, when a student creates a work section after section, you’ll have to return to your intro after the job is done, to make sure it is in line with the rest of your analysis.

Step 4: The body of the literary analysis

As you know, the body of your essay should be tightly connected to your thesis, revealing its essence, and supporting it with evidence.

In general, it takes from three to five paragraphs to present a literary text analysis. Each paragraph should discuss a certain aspect of the main thesis statement. There is no need to carefully provide every observation you have made regarding this text, just the analysis you have done to support your specific argument.

Relevant topic sentences

In academic writing, every paragraph should have one topic sentence. Usually, it is the first statement of the paragraph. It should support your central claim signaling your readers what the paragraph is about. Further, a sentence of additional explanation is provided. Next comes a quote that serves as evidence. It should be followed by your comments and explanations. A transitional sentence helps to create a smooth flow of ideas, preparing the audience for the next piece of info.

Use transitional words to connect your paragraphs. “Moreover,” “however,” “nevertheless” - these words will ensure smooth transitions between your main ideas.

Relevant textual evidence

A literary analysis writing is impossible without relevant evidence from the assigned reading. Thus, you are to present quotes from the novel, poem, or play under discussion, and explain how they support your point.

Every quote should be contextualized, introduced, and analyzed properly. Don’t forget to use the assigned citation style. Usually, this is MLA.

As a rule, we use direct quotes to discuss the writer’s language and stylistic devices. Whenever you need to discuss the plot in general or some of its structural elements, direct quotes are not useful. instead, professional writers recommend that you summarize or paraphrase the parts of the text.

Step 5: Concluding section

The general rules of essay writing are applicable here. First, you should restate the central claim of your essay. Then, you are to summarize the main ideas. Stress their significance; it will give more weight to your paper.

Editing your literary analysis

It is impossible to write an academic paper without any mistakes right from the start. As you know, “to err is human.” That’s why God has created editors! We recommend that you ask a professional editor or writer to proofread your literary essay, correcting any mistakes. It is definitely better than editing it yourself or scanning it with the help of Grammarly. In the first case, you may simply lack knowledge about the features of academic writing. In the second case, the online tool may not detect a typo, if it is simply a different word (like ‘does’ instead of ‘goes’). A solid writing company like Best-Writing-Service.com has got a team of professional editors who edit academic papers purchased by customers and perform proofreading and editing as a separately paid job.

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Professional Writing Assistance

“What is a literary analysis?” – If it is the first question that comes to your mind when you are asked to write a literary analysis paper, you should definitely ask for assistance. It may be easy for a student to read the assigned piece and understand its main message. However, it may be difficult to figure out what exactly to write and how to approach the task. Going beyond the plot is quite complex, as you must be able to analyze things that are not obvious and are not directly presented in a book.

The writers working for our company are specialists in writing literary analyses. They are able to analyze big pieces of literature effectively and outline the main points easily. The papers you order from us will be written perfectly and in accordance with the academic writing standards. Our writers will do their best to provide deep analysis and explain the meaning of the text to the readers in full. Critical analysis is what helps in better understanding the book, poem, novel, etc.

The difficulty with this type of paper is that it requires much time to read the text, find its main points, identify the characters, the background of the story, etc. Moreover, you, as a writer, will also be required to understand the deeper meaning of the text that is behind the information provided by the writer.

Without a doubt, writing a paper like this is complex and professional writing help is a good way to get the task done perfectly. Still, you have to make sure the chosen writing platform is a reliable one. Some of them offer low-quality services, which may cause you many problems. We recommend that you buy literary analysis from us because we offer reliable services to anyone who needs writing help. Our company is an experienced provider of writing services with a good reputation among the students.

You can understand whether the company is trustworthy by three criteria:

  • Checking testimonials from customers;
  • Visiting the company’s website;
  • Contacting the company’s customer support agents.

If you see that the feedback is good and the website provides all the necessary data, including their customer support contacts, you can place your order without hesitation. Contact us now and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our services!

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