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There are a lot of degree courses that set a requirement to write a narrative literature review for a high grade. So, after you have suggested an outline for your paper on the chosen topic, you also have to give a first-rate proposal. Still, a critical review of research conducted in the relevant topics is another challenge you have to face. Have you ever struggled with any papers? If you have, you know that it is not easy to meet all the expectations of your professors.

In brief, what you have to do to be effective in writing a narrative literature review is to make a comparison of corresponding literature. It has to be thorough and relevant to the research you have started. To be successful, it ought to imply in-depth analysis, proper evaluation, and precise identification of the gaps in the field. You do realize that this activity takes a lot of time and you have to know a lot to be effective. Let the writers of get you a paper that you deserve. You can request for excellent writing and our experts will offer you customized help with any types of assignments. We cover all levels of writing, starting from high school, college, undergraduate, post-graduate, Master’s and PhD.

What Is a Narrative Literature Review?

A modern student is always knowledgeable about the opportunities the Internet gives. Just a few clicks bring a lot of information. Googling opens up ample possibilities.

According to a definition, a narrative literature review is one of the research articles prepared for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Students in their first year frequently learn the basics of narrative review writing to gain an understanding of how to present their problem for study. Without any particular strategy of the search or question for the research, its focus is only on the topic of interest. Narrative reviews follow no standard protocols. They lack a systematic approach and they are never written to demonstrate full knowledge of the corresponding area of science.

How Can You Make Your Narrative Literature Review Truly Effective?

  • Step 1: Start your search

Various databases contain indices of the published research articles; so, you can get studies for your research there. It is not enough to check on only one database. Limiting your search, you will neglect a lot of studies which could make your research brilliant. For instance, the most popular options of databases in the area of nursing are PsycINFO, PubMed, and CINAHL.

  • Step 2: Specify the keywords

Publishing the research, authors identify the main keywords to help others make a quick and effective search for materials. Looking for the articles, analyze the keywords and insert corresponding ones in your own research. Try various keywords until you make sure that your review question is presented thoroughly.

  • Step 3: Do a review of the articles and abstracts

Make sure that the search is completed. It is high time to review whether the abstracts of the articles you have chosen to know exactly that they are devoted to the problem of your interest. For sure, working on a narrative review of literature does not imply including all the relevant articles on the topic.

  • Step 4: Record the obtained results

Make a summary of the findings you have and integrate all important things into your own writing. Using information from other studies, make references to the articles you have selected.

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Typical Mistakes You Can Make with Narrative Literature Review

Have a look at a short list of the common mistakes that the most inexperienced writers make. By the way, they are frequent even in the manuscripts of writers with years of work on the problem.

1. Ineffective introduction

Introduction of the topic is one of the key moments to pay special attention to. Skipping this stage, the writer develops the ideas inadequately and gets down to giving the concepts of the research when it is still not the right time to do that. If you have studied the narrative literature review definition thoroughly, you do know that it presents all findings relevant to the topic with the theory and integrative approaches. The only objective of the introduction is to sound convincing enough to make the readers believe that the topic for discussion is exciting and meaningful.

In most cases, it is essential to give a theoretical background of the problem as early as in the introduction. You need to help your readers as they want to know the key issues of your research at once instead of looking through dozens of pages to get to know about numerous findings before they actually understand what the paper is about. Also, it may not be enough for a publication to describe the findings in a simple manner without any reference to the theory.

2. Insufficient presentation of evidence

One of the typical reasons for denial in publication is lack of citing from the literature taken for a narrative literature review. Inadequacy in coverage is usually explained with a little understanding of the readers’ expectations of and requirements for the task.

It is wrong to cover the available literature in an unbalanced manner. Too many pages are devoted to certain studies, while others are just mentioned superficially. If you want to be a successful journal reviewer, you need to know how to make a proper evaluation of the article and notice which information is missing.

3. Too little critical appraisal

The evidence in the area of behavioral and social sciences determines the quality of conclusions. If it is full of flaws, it has to be noted by a reviewer of narrative literature. It is a common mistake to disregard the flaws and concentrate on the strengths only. It is necessary to make a justified critical remark if there are some failures in the author’s work. Actually, it is a core responsibility in reviewing literature.

One of the explanations authors use to say that they neglect criticism is that their efforts are aimed at using a certain argument for building a new case. So, they claim that they have searched the literature to make their own viewpoint sound more convincing and have all the results collected. Nevertheless, one of the mistakes in the approach to articles is that the case is overstated. If the weaknesses are indicated in the review, it makes the value of manuscript reviews better; however, many of the authors believe that this may diminish it. The article may even grow in practical use if the empirical investigators get help and remarks about what should be done for improvements.

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4. No adjustment of conclusions

Working on a narrative literature review, you need to keep in mind that the weaknesses and flaws in the evidence can make the conclusions stronger. In some works, the authors critique the selected evidence, but the conclusions are strong and the critique is neglected. Going beyond the data, the narrative literature reviewers use another pattern. If an advisor or editor insists on changes after reviewing the first variant of the paper, it is necessary to add the critique. In that case, the author follows the advice and addresses the issues with the critique with no revision of the conclusions.

5. Evidence review is selective

Empirical investigations are more subjective than narrative literature reviews, but the latter are more often biased and prejudiced. Learning how to write a narrative literature review, you see a theoretical principle or pattern for this writing in diverse areas of evidence and behavior. For sure, if you set a task to put together all the findings and get a ready paper according to the standards of effective writing, you need thorough search for relevant evidence to match the hypothesis and selected pattern.

6. Remarks in the conclusion

If you ask us, ‘what is a narrative review for you?’ we would answer that it is one of the most privileged papers in the area of scientific enterprise. It has its own limitations, opportunities, and benefits. Only if individual researchers are aware of these differences, they will be more successful in writing.

Our skills are unequalled when it goes about working on a narrative writing review. We offer excellent professional support to our clients. We take into account all their requirements and desires and we highly appreciate if they delegate their tasks to us. You ought not to worry about deadlines as our effective team can cope with the most demanding cases, even if you believe that they are hopeless.

No time pressures can make us compromise on the quality of our writing. Whatever deadline you set, we handle the task with due care. Time is also one of the most precious resources and we will help you save both time and money with us.

Thus, as soon as you realize that you cannot do without professional support from the writers, you have to find a good solution. Actually, it is easy. Contact us and you will know the way out. Specify the assignment type and make a payment. We will assign a writer after that and your task will get into good hands. You can communicate about your narrative review with the assigned writer. We have a special messaging system and you may questions and comment on the text directly. We do value confidentiality and privacy of every client and we make sure that no one gets access to this correspondence. Every detail of our cooperation remains secret. Our customers are anonymous as we protect their rights without any exception.

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Professional Service to Help You with Narrative Literature Review Writing

The modern world is too busy to cope with all the tasks without help. Having a lot of social obligations and job responsibilities, students cannot handle their studies as they lack time for everything. For sure, teachers will not approve your decision, but you do understand that getting academic help can be a perfect solution to your problems. We never store any personal data; so, you can be absolutely sure that your personal information is kept secret. Everything we need to know is your email address. We never ask questions about your college or university. We do appreciate when you provide us with a phone number as it makes our communication easier. So, what we offer is:

  • Unique writing

You know the narrative review definition and you expect our writers to follow all the standards and make papers of unmatched quality and originality. We guarantee that we tailor every text according to the instructions you provide. Give us all the unique details about your narrative literature review, including the number of sources and specific databases you want us to use. We give individualized help and a guarantee of customized writing.

  • Support without any limits 

Get in contact with the team of if you need help with perfect narrative review structure. We work on the round-the-clock schedule and you can address all your concerns to us. No disappointments for our clients! Our writers know how much every ordered paper means to you.

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You need your task done timely. At, we never waste your time. Our writers stick to the strictest deadlines and we always meet the dates you set. Rely on us not only in terms of quality academic writing, but also timely submissions.

  • Professionalism of the writers

We hire only qualified experts in narrative review format, structure, content, and organization of ideas. They have significant experience and their Master’s and Ph.D. degrees serve as a guarantee that the assignments are always done in a proper way. The experts do surveys of the needed literature, specify the available gaps, do analysis of the important information, and do everything to give the product of the highest value to the readers.

  • Confidentiality

No one will ever get to know about your decision to hire a professional academic writing. We know that it is important to keep secrets.

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You are not the only student who decides to get help with academic assignments. It is not a problem to ask for assistance! A problem is to get stressed and waste time without making any decisions at all. Order your narrative literature review here and now! Let us handle your lengthy projects and short papers.

We have organized a perfect team and the writers or can work on your papers 24/7. In case of any issues, let our technical support team know about them immediately. Leave all your troubles for us to handle as we know how to write a narrative review!

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