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There is hardly any sector of business or life today that is not experiencing a strong impact of the Internet. Moreover, access to online resources has changed the approach of people to their routines and obligations. There are a lot of new industries that appeared only due to a development of websites, in particular, the popularity of review websites is increasing daily all around the globe. Thus, the ability to write an impressive restaurant essay has become important as millions of people in different corners of the world choose the services they need on the basis of online reviews. They have terrible toothache, but before going to a dentist, they view a number of local reviews to opt for the best clinic. They go sightseeing to a specific place if they have read that many visitors enjoyed the services of a guide there and took tremendous photos. They need new shoes, but they will make a purchase only after they are sure that the quality of the products in a particular shop is high. If there is a new café or restaurant in the city, they will book a table only after several of the visitors give positive reviews of the food and interior design. It is impossible to disregard the importance of this new online review industry as it is popular among the people in the entire world. Restaurants are the venues that require positive reviews to get new visitors and be profitable. There are thousands of review websites, but most frequently the people read comments about the places to eat. Why do they need trustworthy reviews? It is natural that people would like to avoid all kinds of disappointing experience especially if they pay their money for it. Instead, they are looking for places which offer affordable prices, delicious food, and friendly service. 

Restaurant Review Essay Guide to Follow

Writing a Restaurant Review: How to Start?

First of all, writing a restaurant essay requires your utmost attention. Collect the background details about the restaurant you would like to comment on. The readers of your review would like to know all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular restaurant, but they should be aware of the key factual information, including the location and opening hours. Hence, writing a review should always start with profound research in the area. What the audience expects from you is getting acquainted with the main details of a restaurant before they learn about the design, cuisine, and atmosphere in it. Look at the valuable tips on how to prepare a review essay for a restaurant.

  • Give valid background details regarding the restaurant – The readers always look for such information as location, phone number, opening hours, cuisine of the restaurant, and so on. It is essential to provide this information because potential clients will know when and how to get this particular venue when they have a corresponding occasion. 
  • Make sure that you express your attitude to a restaurant from the very beginning of the review – The readers should not read through the whole text of the review to learn that this place is not to your liking. Your opinion should be stated clearly in the introductory part and then explained in detail throughout the text with the focus on specific information.
  • Do not use the pronoun ‘I’ very often – It is understandable that your restaurant review will demonstrate your individual attitude to a place on the basis of your personal experience of visiting, but excessive use of the first person will make your text too subjective. On the other hand, the use of the second person will change the focus of the review, and the readers will fill that the review is written for them, taking into account their interests.
  • Avoid superlatives and be creative in descriptions. For instance, such adjectives as ‘best,’ ‘stunning,’ ‘awesome,’ ‘nice,’ ‘incredible’ and so on are not impressive and they should be substituted with their brighter equivalents if you want your review to be outstanding. 
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Writing the Body of a Restaurant Review: How to Make It Informative and Interesting to Read

The introduction gradually leads to the main body of any essay. In this largest part of the text, the writer explains the presented assertions and provides sufficient support to all expressed opinions from the essay introduction. Your restaurant essay should have a long body section divided into paragraphs with a conclusion after it. 

The main aspects to present in a restaurant review are the quality of food, the service of the staff, and the atmosphere. It is essential to give sufficient detail to let the readers know whether the place is worth visiting, and they should perceive the provided information as objective and well-grounded. Look at the valuable tips on how to write the body for your essay about a restaurant

  • Give characteristics of the general mood – Capture the restaurant atmosphere in your first body paragraph. Tell the readers what sounds they will hear in the restaurant, what they will see on the walls, and what smells they will feel sitting at the booked table. It is important to describe the restaurant decorations so that the visitors could understand whether they would like to have their birthday party, the first date, or any official meeting at that place.  
  • Evaluate the quality of staff service – One of the main factors that influence the choice of restaurants is the attitude of the waiters and waitresses to their responsibilities. Restaurant visitors always take into consideration not only the food and atmosphere, but also the customer service in a particular place. Focus on the courteously and politeness of the staff in one or two body paragraphs. Do not forget to mention how they can cope with emergencies, if any. 
  • Give an objective review of the offered cuisine – Have a full meal as a visitor and tell what you think of the food and drinks you had. Your text should contain details regarding the texture, spiciness, manner of presentation, and price. 

Concluding a Restaurant Essay: How to Make It Appealing?

Writing an effective conclusion is one of the most challenging parts of working on an essay. The readers should get the lasting impression which will bring them to the restaurant you have reviewed. Have a look at the tips that will guide you in conclusion writing:

  1. Refer to your main idea and present your personal opinion of the restaurant again.
  2. Summarize the key points of your essay with the focus on the most essential ones. 
  3. Include a sentence, in which you recommend the readers either to find time and visit or avoid visiting the restaurant you have reviewed.  
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Writing a Restaurant Essay Review: What to Remember?

  • Structure

Learn the standards of review structuring before you start the actual writing. Do not forget that this type of texts should be descriptive. Develop you specific writing style and include as many details as possible to make the readers interested. Check whether the sentences in your review are complete and review the vocabulary you have used. It should be bright and descriptive. Mind the chronological order of your text. Start with the moment of your coming and finalize with paying the bill and leaving the restaurant. Make your review unique by adding your personal suggestions and comments. Keep using the second person and the present tense. 

  • Choose an appropriate place

Choosing of the restaurant for a review should be careful. For instance, you can write your favorite restaurant essay about a venue in Montreal. Your task will be to check whether the food they offer will be to your liking. Entering the place, do not forget to pay special attention to such details of interior appearance as colors, arrangement of the furniture, decorations, lighting, and location of bathrooms. Check whether the place is clean and cozy. Mention the time you had to wait before you were taken to your booked table, the level of friendliness the staff has, and the politeness of the hostesses. Look around and evaluate the general atmosphere of the place. Would you define it as relaxing, friendly, tense, loud, or excessively busy? 

  • Mind the details

Looking at the menu, mind how various the meal choice is. Pay special attention to the prices. Check whether the restaurant offers any specialties or healthy food options. Your dining experience will not be full if you have not tasted an appetizer, entrée, and then dessert. Your review should mention whether the food you have ordered is cooked properly. Is there any distinctive taste in your dish? Can it be characterized as sweet or spicy? Do they serve large portions? Select the dishes you normally like eating to make your review trustworthy and fair. Tell whether you are treated nicely by the waiters. Are they polite, friendly, knowledgeable, and dressed properly? 

Mention the manner of presenting your meal with the analysis of its taste, smell, and appearance. Is it cold or hot? Be creative and descriptive. Make suggestions about who would enjoy meals of such kind: young people on dates, families with the children, etc. The readers will also be interested in the information about how long you have to wait to receive a bill.

In your conclusion, make recommendations on the basis of your own experience. Take into consideration how much you have paid, what you have disliked, and how you can compare this place to similar places of this kind. Tell your readers whether you will come to this restaurant again. 

Remember that your review of a restaurant should include much more than just your opinion about the food you have eaten. Learn the key elements of an effective review and have fun writing! 

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Example of Restaurant Essay Writing

This Is the Place to Be: Excellent Service and Cozy Environment

The weather is chilly and the breeze is cool. We are looking for a good restaurant to spend an evening with friends. As we are cruising along the streets, alas a board gets our attention; it is screaming Gianni’s Pizza, it is conspicuously noticed from a far because of its size and creative graphics depicting a food joint . Immediately, we decide to give it a try. In the entrance, huge colorful flower vases had been placed so strategically to capture the attention of every entering the restaurant, there are green in color and the flowers look so lively and lovely. This made the whole place look quiet and serene, contrasting the usually busy environment around Monterey California. 

Walking into Gianni’s Pizza restaurant I identify the enterprise and presence of pizza from the outstanding arrangement of the dining region. Decorated are the walls, with attractive pictures of salads and pasta. This restaurant proves to be the leading in serving mouth watering pizzas in the region code. Approaching the waiter who is next to the counter; I question him, the kind of regulars they expect and the performance of the business. The attendant responds that, working people and families are their frequent customers.

From my own observation and know-how, I could confirm to that. Having clear look on the surrounding, I could see business men reading papers well relaxed on the seats. For those with jobs that are inflexible, they are served with quick pizza. As for the case of the families, there is satisfactory space for them to spread out and enjoy their pizza. Proceeding with answering the second question, the attendant adds that the business is stable. I noted that the thriving of the business was following the up to standard prices which match with their services and products. In this case, I observed that the restaurant offers large products at price which is considerable and fair to their regulars.

This facilitates continuous flow of regulars seeking the delicious pizza. In addition, the restaurant also facilitates other budgets which are always in high demand like the gargantuan. After recording my field notes at my first restaurant, my second target was the Stokes Restaurant and bar. It’s quite small and less spacious. From my long term conversation with a regular, I noted that their fresh produce was fairly good. In addition, the restaurant is flexible with different budgets. This is inclusive of various types of soft drinks. 

By looking at the walls, pictures of different drinks and their menu clearly depicted a business environment. Their prices match with the kind of services they offer. From my own observations, I could note down that their most frequent customers are travelers, who don’t have enough time to sprawl on the surrounding. Through comparing posted previews concerning the above examined restaurants with my field notes; I came to my conclusion that, Gianni’s Pizza restaurant offers worth pizzas as compared to the Stokes Restaurant and bar. This being the case, I suggest it. In addition to this, it is more flexible for all sorts of people hence; it offers favorite foods at good price.      

From my keen observation I have noted that restaurants do not only stand to serve meals to their regulars only, but they transmit civilization, promote socialization and convey the morals of a particular place. At the end of the evening, it was evident in our faces; we were content and satisfied, ready to come back any time soon. In deed this is the place to be, every time I think of friends evening outing.

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