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Are you studying in a college or university? We know that you are loaded with numerous written tasks. You have to conduct research, synthesize and analyze information, and write many papers. You are not alone. Each student is overloaded with written assignments, and a systematic literature review seems the worst nightmare. This task requires substantial research and analysis. You will spend days and nights selecting appropriate sources and making notes of the obtained results.

You cannot avoid this task because it is a common assignment you will receive. Sometimes it will be a separate task, while in other cases it will be a part of a research paper or even a dissertation. You should be ready to work on such papers. The level of complexity of systematic reviews may also differ. Sometimes, professors may ask you to write short reviews, which will require little effort and a limited amount of sources. Yet, you should be ready to work on substantial reviews with thousands of sources after the primary search and hundreds of articles after applying limits and criteria. In this case, the systematic review of literature will require you to check each source and either include or exclude it from your list.

A systematic review is different from a literature review. When you write a literature review, you just gather the sources related to your topic and discuss them. A systematic review presupposes that you compare and contrast the methodologies, results, and conclusions from several studies related to the same theme. Thus, it is a more time-consuming assignment.

If you need to write such a task but you are not sure you are able to do this properly, you can always turn for professional assistance. is a service that guarantees help with the tasks you cannot cope with. We work with different assignments of various academic levels. Turn to our agents for consultations or place an order on our website to get a superior paper within your deadline.

How to Write a Systematic Literature Review

What is a systematic review of literature? A systematic review is a task that involves collecting sources on a particular topic, synthesizing and analyzing information, and comparing the findings referring to the methodologies used. Still, this definition is useless if you do not know how to conduct a systematic literature review. As has already been mentioned above, this task differs from a simple literature review. Some students call this task a study of studies, and they are right.

Apart from the academic application, systematic reviews are frequently used in other professional fields. Healthcare professionals use such reviews to stay up-to-date regarding the recent changes in treatment strategies and approaches to dealing with patients. Healthcare is a fast-changing area. May scholars and practicing nurses conduct research daily and present their findings in the professional literature.

The importance of literature review projects lies in remaining informed personally about the recent achievements of other professionals. Some scholars use systematic reviews to define the area for further research or develop clinical practice guidelines.

If you do not know how to do a systematic literature review, you may check the following fast outline. It will guide you on what steps to include in your work:

  • Indicate the goal of writing. What is a systematic literature review particularly for you?
  • Thoroughly search for the literature related to the topic, attentively note each stage of your search covering how many sources were excluded and why to list the most appropriate sources you will cover in your review.
  • Indicate validity and reliability of the selected studies.
  • Systematically synthesize the obtained findings.

The major value of the review is not in the search and summary of the data you provide but in the way how critical you are in reflecting and interpreting the findings.

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Types of a Systematic Literature Review

After we have provided a systematic literature review definition, it may be helpful to define the types of reviews, which may help you develop your paper within your primary expectations:

  1. Effectiveness reviews. Such papers have a goal to justify the effectiveness of the selected strategy and confirm it by the number of studies in this field.
  2. Diagnostic test accuracy reviews. The papers gather the data regarding the findings of some tests and information about their outcomes expanding the sample involved.
  3. Experiential (qualitative) reviews. Such essays evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention from the position of the human perspective.
  4. Methodology systematic reviews. These essays measure the effectiveness of the methodology applied to a particular research topic to ensure its effectiveness for further studies.
  5. Prevalence/incidence reviews. You may use this type of task to measure the incidence of the issue occurring in patients and the frequency of its occurring depending on various factors.
  6. Psychometric reviews. You may use this type to evaluate the best instruments to measure defined issues/diseases.
  7. Prognostic reviews. The papers used for review may help forecast the disease development and possible outcomes.
  8. Expert opinion/policy reviews. Such papers focus on the opinion of experts regarding a particular topic. reviews

Why Choose

If you have decided to buy a literature review paper, you may need professional assistance. Many custom writing platforms offer their help online. Yet, you need to choose for several reasons. We are professionals in what we do. We perfectly understand your needs and may support you in any field of study. We hire numerous writers with various specializations, and it helps us choose an appropriate assistant for your paper. Moreover, we are ready to complete any variation of the review. Just take a quick look at what we can offer apart from a standard systematic literature review.

  • A literature review for a thesis. This is an analysis of the sources related to your thesis work that can support it.
  • A literature review for a dissertation. In this case, we will analyze a range of sources you can use to support your dissertation.
  • Book review. This will be a critical assessment of the ideas presented in a specific book.
  • Article review. This paper will contain a critical analysis of the article in focus.
  • Critical review. A critical and analytical discussion of a specific written piece will be presented.
  • A systematic review. This is a detailed selection of the sources focused on a particular question.

Most frequently, systematic reviews are part of research papers or dissertations. Yet, some professors may ask you to write such a paper as a separate assignment. They may give you such an assignment with the purpose to see how professional you are in data collection and its critical and analytical assessment.

Still, the main purpose of literature review writing is to gather the sources related to the topic, critically assess them, define the major findings, and understand what is already known about the topic. This information is highly important in further research as seeing what is known about the topic one can define the gaps and see what aspects require further consideration. As a result, the literature review helps in defining the research questions and the direction of further study.

We understand that working on a dissertation you may be highly busy with your primary research. Thus, if you need help with literature review writing, our custom writing service is ready to assist you. We can write a literature review and a systematic review. We can help you with the sources search and annotated bibliography if needed. We can complete the whole assignment from scratch or continue your writing. Just send us a request indicating what you need, and we will help you. You will not have to spend hours on literature search. We will do everything for you.

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Looking for a company that can assist you with writing, you ask yourself whether you can trust a specific literature review writing service. Here is a list of the points you need to pay attention to when you choose a service to work with. Mind that each aspect is a part of our service and you may use the advantage of working with us:

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