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In order to test the students’ ability to express their opinion in a convincing and engaging manner, professors come up with more and more writing assignments. Apart from the traditional persuasive, compare and contrast, and argumentative essays, learners are also asked to prepare papers about values. Obviously, such essays are often controversial and require thorough argumentation, which poses a certain challenge for most students. In addition, sometimes the students are asked to create their own value essay topics, which adds responsibility to their work and requires a great extent of resourcefulness. Considering that a good topic can make the writing easier and a bad one can ruin even the brightest theses, the moment of choosing a theme becomes decisive. If you are stuck with your assignment and do not know what to start from, browse the 20 ideas we have prepared for your value essay topics below.

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  1. Since tobacco damages the consumers’ health just as much or even more than some of the illegal drugs, do you think it should be forbidden by the law too?
  2. Tests for drugs have become compulsory for one’s career ladder promotion in many institutions today. Do you think this tendency is compliant with the principle of confidentiality of one’s personal life?
  3. Some countries allow abortion, while in others an attempt to make an abortion is punished by the law. Which policy is correct? Why? 
  4. Do you think that death penalty is acceptable nowadays? How to know whether there is really no chance to treat the convicted person psychologically?
  5. Does legalization of drugs make it easier or harder to control the consumption rates and prevent negative consequences?
  6. Why religion has been a part of social life for centuries? What function does it have for the society? 
  7. Some countries give up their nuclear weapons, while others keep investing in this sphere intensively. What do you think is the right position and who should be responsible for controlling this process?
  8. Under which circumstances can killing another human be justified?
  9. Is prostitution an act of freedom for prostitutes? Should they be forbidden to use their bodies like they want to?
  10. Does the erotic content online reshape the notion of sex appeal?
  11. Is animal testing justified for inventing medicine?
  12. Where is the line between free expression of one’s mind and crossing another person’s borders?
  13. Should the citizens pay taxes that are partially used for feeding the imprisoned persons?
  14. What age is appropriate for starting to drive a car legally?
  15. Should mental health screening be obligatory for every citizen?
  16. The ethics of children’s advertisements: what is acceptable, what is not?
  17. The phenomenon of celebrity and its impact on people’s vision of success.
  18. Should giving birth before reaching a certain age be illegal?
  19. Psychological violence in families is sometimes more harmful than physical violence. What are the ways to regulate it?
  20. Should there be a limit for the number of children for each family based on the family’s income?


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