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All of us have interesting stories to tell to others. Some of these stories help people learn more about us whereas others help us analyze our behavior and find reasons for our aspirations. A memoir essay is one of the common assignments given to students in high schools and colleges. Having an intricate nature, this task aims to not only enable the student to demonstrate their writing and creative thinking skills but also have an in-depth introspection into their life. In our guide, we are going to help you understand what is a memoir essay and how to write it well.

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What Is a Memoir Essay?

In its essence, a memoir essay is an essay describing a certain memoir from your life. Containing approximately 500-2000 words, this essay is a personal narrative drawn from the author‘s life. Pay attention that you do not need to create a fictional story but have to tell about a meaningful episode of your life and inform your readers about it choosing the right wording. Although a memoir essay is a piece of non-fictional writing, it should include appropriate literary devices and techniques that are widely used in fiction literature.

Many students confuse a memoir essay with an autobiography, though these assignments are different. Whereas an autobiography should provide the audience with information about the events happening in the author‘s life in chronological order, a memoir essay should tell about a single episode allowing the author to reconsider their values and life path. Pay attention that your memoir essay should not cover your entire life as you will just need to choose an event that had played a significant role in your development.

Writing a memoir essay can be a particularly fascinating activity that requires advanced writing skills, a high level of creativity, as well as deep introspection. If you have never worked on such an assignment, most probably, you will experience some difficulties with it. However, we are going to provide you with some tips and strategies that will help you cope with this task successfully.

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How to Write a Memoir Essay?

Before you start working on your memoir essay, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort on the pre-writing stage as it is an important requirement for writing a good-looking essay.

Know your audience

First and foremost, you should understand who your target audience is. By having this information, you will be able to choose an appropriate tone, goal, and topic for your essay. For instance, if you are writing a memoir for your online blog, you will need to tell a story that will help your target audience will learn more about you. In case you need to write a memoir essay for your application, you will need to tell a story that will present you as a passionate and goal-oriented individual with good leadership skills, who will benefit the educational community of a college or university you apply to.

Choose an Appropriate Topic

The next step to writing a winning memoir essay is defining a topic for your essay. An appropriate topic will help you stay focused and engage your reader from the first until the last lines of your essay. A bad topic will turn the writing process into torture as you will find it too challenging to make your essay look creative and well-structured. But how to choose a topic for a memoir essay? How to understand what subject will help you please the demanding readers? Well, a good topic is always a result of a thorough brainstorming process. Nevertheless, there are topics that are interesting to all people. Therefore, if you want to choose a good subject for your essay, you will need to consider one of the ideas provided below:

  • A turning point. People like to read about life-changing events, as well as about feelings and emotions that were caused by those events. Very often, these stories motivate them to change their lives as well. If you have such a story to tell to your audience, go ahead;
  • Family life. A vast majority of events in our lives revolve around our families. If you have interesting stories about your interaction with the family members, feel free to choose the one that is the most interesting and develop it into an exciting memoir essay;
  • Work and money. Almost all people have clear career goals and they know what money they want to receive. If you have interesting stories related to money (for instance, you may tell about your traveling experience having just a couple of bucks in your pocket), you can write an essay about it;
  • Self-development. Self-made people always cause interest because people want to know what qualities and skills have helped them achieve their goals. It is very interesting to read memoirs of famous people about their path to glory. If you have an interesting episode from your life that can teach your readers, feel free to make it a subject for your memoir essay;
  • Culture identity. Since childhood, parents teach us that all people should be respected regardless of their religions, gender, and cultural characteristics. If you belong to a specific ethnic group and you have an interesting story to tell about it, feel free to use it in your essay.

If you look through some well-written memoir essay examples, you will see that there are many other subjects you may choose when working on your essay. However, you should not forget that your essay is your creative work, thus you need to choose a topic that will perfectly fit your interests. No matter what topic you select, it should help you tell an interesting and appealing story that will make your reader think “Wow! What a great narration!”

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Write an outline

If you do not want to jump from one idea to another without smooth transitions, you will need to create an outline before you start working on your memoir essay. An outline is a short plan of your essay that will consist of the main points that will be included in your paper.

Tell your story

Once you are done with the preparation part, you will need to start working on your paper. You should know that this essay is different from other academic papers as it allows using the first person and requires vivid language. Make sure not to make your story too dry and boring because it will make your reader put it away. When you are writing a memoir essay, it is particularly important to start it with an engaging introduction. To make your reader want to follow the flow of your writing, you will need to include an appropriate hook. It can be a brief description of the story, its outcome, etc.

Then, you will need to write the main body of your story in which you will provide your reader with more detail on the episode you are discussing. To make your writing logically structured, you will need to divide your main body into a couple of paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should be connected with another with the help of appropriate transition words.

Finally, you need to summarize your memoir essay informing the audience about the impact of this flashback on your life. To help your reader remember your essay, make sure to make your concluding part thought-provoking.

Revise your essay

Once your paper is written, you will need to read it carefully making sure it is properly written and structured. Besides, you will need to scan it through plagiarism-detection tools making sure it is free from unintentional plagiarism. Finally, you need to proofread your essay fixing all grammatical mistakes compromising its quality. If you have a friend, who can review your essay and provide you with an objective opinion about it, make sure to ask them for help.

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Have a Look at Some Memoir Essay Example

Sometimes, studying a well-written example is a much more efficient strategy than reading numerous tutorials. We strongly recommend you read a memoir essay provided further to boost your writing talent.

Additional Tips on Writing a Memoir Essay

  • Do not hesitate to add a personal touch to your essay by describing your ordinary life;
  • Do not share stories that are not related to you, even if you find them very interesting. Remember that a memoir essay is a piece of personal writing;
  • Make your story positive. Even if you are describing a negative experience, you should not paint it black;
  • Feel free to incorporate appropriate dialogues in your story as they will make it sound more interesting;
  • Do not turn your memoir essay into an autobiography. As it was previously mentioned, these tasks are different.

As you can see, writing a memoir essay can be a truly exciting experience if you know some secrets and efficient practices. We do hope that our guide will help you produce a winning essay.


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