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A methodology chapter in a dissertation explains what methods were used in research or experiment. Usually, to reach the desired goals, the researcher uses various methods such as surveys, interviews, questionnaires, tests, etc. No matter if they are successful or not, they should be included in a methodology chapter to provide the reader with a clear understanding of what has the writer done in the paper. If you are too tired from writing other parts of your dissertation and need professional assistance with this section, feel free to buy a dissertation methodology chapter at Best-Writing-Service.com and we will provide you with the outstanding paper that will perfectly fit other chapters turning your dissertation into a fantastic example of academic writing.

Basically, a methodology chapter in a dissertation serves as an underpinning of the choice of the research methods. In this part, the researcher should provide a clear explanation of which methods were chosen and how did they help generate the results and reach the research objectives. Usually, this chapter is closely related to the literature review chapter as each method needs to support the topic mentioned in the literature review.


When it comes to methods used in research, they are usually divided into two groups: empirical and non-empirical ones. Empirical methods are the ones that enable the researcher to collect the information and conduct some sort of study whereas non-empirical ones just analyze the information provided in other sources. Therefore, it is obvious that writing a methodology including the empirical methods will take much more time than including the non-empirical ones.

In order to write a good methodology chapter, the writer should not only obtain good knowledge about the research methods but also possess excellent presentation and communication skills to make this chapter easy-to-understand for the reader. in other words, the fundamental purpose of a methodology chapter is to present the ways of approaching the questions. Such a chapter will help the researcher explain the procedure and, thus, familiarize the reader with the accuracy of the research.

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If you are not sure how to do a dissertation methodology section, we recommend you to come up with a plan that will outline the ways for topic analysis. This plan should clearly indicate the chosen approach, as well as the methods of information collection. No matter if you prefer qualitative or quantitative methods, all of them should be indicated in a methodology chapter.

The main methods used is research are the following

Let`s discuss some of these methods. An interview is the most convenient method of getting information. Usually, it is conducted in the form of a conversation between the interviewer and respondent knowledgeable and qualified in a specific topic. Although an interview is a very flexible tool for getting the necessary information, it is also a very time-consuming process. Thus, if the researcher should interview several people, it is better to create a questionnaire.

A questionnaire is a method that consists of a series of questions that help obtain information on a particular topic. No matter if the questions are open-ended or closed-ended, they should be detailed enough to retrieve the necessary data. Questionnaires as research methods are widely used when a large group of people should be interviewed.

Observation is one more method that is used in research. In some cases, the only way to obtain the necessary data is to observe the behavior of a particular person, group of people, etc. The most interesting thing about observation is that the subjects are not always aware that they are a part of the experiment. At the same time, such an approach allows getting the most accurate results.

A documentary analysis assumes collecting data through learning documents. If freely accessible, these documents can help a researcher analyze the facts and ideas about the subjects of research. Such a method is widely used by historians and social scientists.

To understand each of the methods better, we recommend you to ask your supervisor for good methodology examples that will help you grasp how this chapter should be written.

If you want to avoid all the traps and pitfalls related to writing a methodology chapter, we highly recommend you to find a professional writing company and buy a dissertation methodology chapter there. Close interaction with a trustworthy writing platform will save your time and nerves bringing you the expected outcome.

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