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If you are one of those students, who do not know how to write a good synopsis, we advise you to look through our manual. Written by the skilled and experienced academic writers, this guide includes a lot of helpful tips and secrets on writing a synopsis. Following our suggestions, you will be able to create a synopsis that will be just perfect in terms of content, structure, and formatting.

A synopsis is a unique document that is usually written for different purposes. In an academic setting, a synopsis is usually written along with a dissertation. Being rather short in length, a synopsis should familiarize the dissertation board with the key aspects discussed in a dissertation. Basically, a synopsis is a short summary of the lengthy document emphasizing what makes it unique and authentic.

In the literature area, a synopsis is usually written by the book writer for the publisher. It should also contain all the important parts and retell the plot of the book in such a way so the literary agent could realize that the manuscript is worth publishing. Undoubtedly, an effectively written synopsis is a great tool for reaching career goals. Writing a synopsis can be compared to creating a trailer of the movie. As you know, the trailer contains the most striking and intriguing elements that should make the audience watch the movie. The same rule applies to writing a synopsis. After reading your synopsis, the audience should want to read more.

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Key Steps in Writing a Movie Synopsis

In order to succeed in writing a movie synopsis, one has to be aware of the main rules and requirements. However, how can one transform numerous complex and profound thoughts and ideas into a brief synopsis?

What Is a Synopsis of a Movie?

It is a piece of writing summarizing the plot of the depicted video. It illustrates the details of each of the parts of a movie, describes the characters, and reflects their emotions.

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Specifics of a Synopsis of TV Episodes

Creating a synopsis of the pilot and the following episodes is a must. Thus, what are the peculiarities of the synopses of this type of videos? The description of a pilot episode should consist of about a page, while that of the following episodes – a couple of paragraphs only. Note that meaningful events as well as the ending of the episode have to be described in great detail. This algorithm should be applied when working on the bible. When submitting your episodes for the network approval, you will be supposed to provide a detailed treatment.

It is clear that you desire to discuss all important elements of a video, i.e. acts, scenery, etc., while writing a movie synopsis. It is worth stating that such a synopsis is considered an improved version of a trailer with the highlighted ending. When working on your writing project, you will crave to make it noticed in the market.

Hence, what to include in a synopsis? A checklist to consider:

  • Ensure that your synopsis is no longer than three pages
  • Highlight every act and the moments defining the break of each of them
  • Describe the depicted story and the characters’ play
  • Illustrate the most crucial points in the story
  • Link the paragraphs with the help of transitions to make your paper consistent
  • Write a few sentences about the ending of the story under the consideration
  • Make sure your writing reflects the tone of the movie you are evaluating
  • Check your paper for grammar, punctuation and other writing aspects


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Why Is a Synopsis Needed?

Mastering your synopsis writing skills is rather useful especially if you desire to become an assistant of a film director in a Hollywood, for example. When working on the movie outline, a synopsis may help you present the key points and ideas of your story to readers. Additionally, synopses are very helpful in selling scripts. When reading a concise synopsis, it is easier for producers to understand whether a specific story is worth their attention. If the synopsis is great, producers understand that the film which the synopsis is focused on is superior as well and it can be easily sold.

It is necessary to state that movie synopses are widely used in the area. Being enrolled on the internship program, you may be assigned to produce several synopses. Mind this!

How to Create a Top-Notch Synopsis?

If you pay attention to the points described below, you will not face any issues when crafting your synopsis:

    1. Retell the story under examination in the respective style and tone. If you are analyzing a comedy, you need to make readers laugh. If you are assessing a detective story, surprise your readers. In case of a horror film, scare readers.
    2. Provide accurate data. Your paper should include straightforward facts. No irrelevant details should be provided.
    3. Make your synopsis clear so that readers can retell it without a hassle.
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How to Write a Synopsis? Expert Hints

Considering the importance of a synopsis, you should realize that underestimating such an important task will lead to failure. Therefore, the first and the main goal in the process of writing a good synopsis is understanding its purpose.

Then, you should read your instructions thoroughly. If you are an undergraduate student writing a synopsis for a dissertation, you may ask your professor for a piece of advice. We assure you that by clarifying all the controversial moments in the very beginning, you will experience less stress when writing the synopsis. In addition, you may ask your instructor to provide you with the good samples completed by other students. Undoubtedly, having a great example of a synopsis in front of your eyes, you will understand how such a paper should look like.

A Synopsis Example

It is apparent that it will be easier for you to produce your synopsis with a well-crafted example at hand. It will be easier for you to describe characters and their roles in the movie development, reveal specific details about each of the acts and explain what emotions the plot arouses. Thus, take a look at the samples provided on our website to make the writing process less complicated.

Take care of the organization of your synopsis. Keep in mind that your synopsis is a mini-version of your paper, so you need to begin with the introduction in which you will present your work engaging your reader. Take some time to inform the reader about all the plot twists. To make your synopsis clear and concise, try to skip all the irrelevant or unnecessary details. Pay attention that too many details may confuse your reader, whereas your mission is to please them. Remember that when writing a synopsis, your primary purpose is to provide your reader with the essential information omitting all the superfluous details.

Keep your synopsis clear. When working on a synopsis, remember that clarity is your integral instrument. If the agent reading your synopsis decides that it is unclear, most probably, you will receive negative feedback. Therefore, if your synopsis contains some unknown terms and concepts, do not hesitate to explain them whenever it is possible. Also, when moving from one aspect to another, try to use transition words that will make your writing smooth.

Do not forget about the proper formatting. As for the common formatting rules, make sure to follow the rules mentioned below:

      • Do not make your synopsis too long. Remember that your primary goal is to provide your readers with the shortened version of your document. As for the length, a synopsis usually takes two full pages. A busy publisher will not even start reading a synopsis that will be 10-page long;
      • Always write your synopsis in the present tense;
      • Do not jump from one idea to another because you will only confuse your reader.

Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes and other mechanical flaws in your paper. We assure you that multiple grammatical mistakes in your synopsis will show your carelessness, which is not good if you want your paper to get accepted. Therefore, after the synopsis is written, do not forget to look it through several times to fix all the awkward sentences and other mistakes compromising the overall quality of your document.

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We do realize that writing a synopsis is not your favorite task to do. However, if you are a determined and goal-oriented person focused on reaching success, you need to boost your writing competence and learn how to write a great synopsis.

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