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First, let us try to define what analysis essays are in order to understand this type of writing. An analysis essay implies that the writer will examine and evaluate a given work such as an article, book, advertisement, journal, or journals. Irrespective of what you are analyzing e.g. if your assignment is, for example, a book or advertisement analysis paper, your work will have the same purpose, which means:

  • Breaking the topic or subject up into its component parts;
  • Examining each individual part on its own merit;
  • Finding a link between the different parts.

So, suppose you are asked to write an advertisement analysis paper or carry out an analysis of some poem, you will need to identify a link between the ad or poem’s content and the form it is written in. If it is the case you are interpreting a play, you may have to figure out how the main plot and any subplot are linked and then track how the character develops by analyzing the way they act throughout the entire performance. The goals of analysis can differ. In every case, it is important you clearly understand what a professor or tutor expects you to draw attention to.

The aim of an advertisement analysis paper is to study a given ad, identify its primary points, and offer your own opinion on what impact the ad has on its intended audience. The role that advertising has and still plays in every person’s life is tremendous. We encounter ads everywhere: in shops, on roads, on television, and on the Internet, etc. It makes no difference whether the aim of the ad is to sell a product or draw an audience’s attention to some particular thing – its influence is still powerful. Hence, it is essential to be able to undertake an effective analysis of an advertisement and properly understand how ads work. And you have come to the best place if aren’t sure how to go about analyzing an ad and writing a superb essay that will impress your readers. Read the following tips to understand how to write great analysis essays.

Guide on Writing Advertisement Analysis Essays

Like every type of academic text, writing an advertisement analysis involves adhering strictly to a specific structure. Before looking at this structure and its component parts, we first provide a set of questions concerning the ad and you need to work on these before you begin writing your essay.

  • The first step involves introducing the subject you wish to advertise. Those reading your ad may be unfamiliar with your product or service. So introducing it earlier rather than later will make it easier to understand. Regardless of what the ad’s content or popularity, provide a short description so that everyone gets a clear idea of what your upcoming essay will contain.
  • You also need to establish what audience you will be addressing. It is important you know who you will be working with since this should enable you to focus your essay’s content appropriately and draw attention to the aspects your readers will be most interested in.
  • It is additionally essential you understand the ad’s purpose and your reason for writing an essay about this particular ad. What is your reason for telling readers about construction of this ad? A good understanding of the ad’s purpose will help you produce a paper that is well structured.
  • Something else that needs attention is your essay’s thesis. This sets out the main point you will discuss in the remainder of your essay.
  • Allow yourself time to create an advertisement analysis essay outline and for organizing your written work. The content or analysis in your essay should be presented in a particular order and you need to devise the sequence of these elements before you start writing.
  • An essay of this type needs to simultaneously be challenging and simple. It attempts to illustrate what the ad’s creator hoped to convey but you need to help readers understand all of its negative and positive influences. Mostly, business executives do their best to get as many consumers as possible to buy the products they are offering. They can often spend large sums on ads and commercials. The methods – especially the psychological mechanisms – that advertisers use to persuade buyers can be extremely intricate since they are designed to subliminally influence the way we think. They change our inclinations and preferences and cause us to buy items we might never before have considered buying. Therefore, you need to give readers a broader view of the ad and make them aware of its potential pitfalls. Put simply, you need to explain the effectiveness or otherwise of the advertisement.

Helpful Tips on Structure Plus Topic Idea Examples

Here we provide a simple structure that can be applied to an analysis-type essay. These simple tips should help you produce a good-quality essay:

  1. Devise an essay title and central thesis.
  2. Start writing your essay’s introduction. This section should aim to get the attention of readers. As mentioned previously, provide some relevant background information concerning the ad, indicate what you think of it, and set out your position in relation to it. This section should also describe your essay’s topic and set out your central thesis statement.
  3. The essay’s main body section. This contains the main body paragraphs (three at least in the case of an essay comprised of between 500 and 700 words). These should support the central thesis with facts, examples, and evidence. This shows readers how your point of view is built on indisputable proof. If desired, include evidence by paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting or providing exact details from the advertisement’s text. Attempt to use as much detail from the ad as possible. Do not omit details and every aspect of the chosen advertisement should be discussed.
  4. The concluding section. This part brings your entire essay to its culmination. Sum-up all key points and provide a closing comment regarding the advertisement.

Draft an outline for your essay. A lot of people skim over this task even though it really helps a writer to organize their thoughts and ideas. When creating the outline for an advertisement analysis essay, it is advisable to mention the topic you have chosen, why you noticed the ad, and what you think of it. Furthermore, it can help to create a short title for each paragraph and to describe briefly what each one will contain.

Do not rush when choosing the best topic for this type of essay. Choose something that both yourself and your readers will find interesting. Below are a few example topics for an advertisement analysis essay:

  • How are our minds influenced by military advertisements?
  • When Burger King talks of its “Super Seven Incher,” what message is the company trying to convey?
  • Is there really “viability” and “drinkability” in Bud Light?

Are people really convinced they are about to open “happiness” when they open a Coca-Cola as suggested by the company’ new ad?

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