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White paper writing is important for businesses both already operating and the new ones. As a result, white paper writing services are very useful for delivering high quality papers and original content. Many companies, especially the ones working in B2B sphere, may use white paper writing help for different purposes. For example, they can use these services for creating a list of subscribers, for creating businesses, as well as for improving their work with customers.

As an option, white paper writing services can also be useful in case you want to receive a good white paper and sell its copies in the future. The main task of white paper writing companies is to make sure that regardless of business goals, the customers get a high quality paper. As a result, white paper writing services may be used in cases when you want to make someone to buy your goods or order your services, as well as to improve your position in the market by content marketing.

The Importance of White Papers

Different surveys and reports show a close connection between professional white papers and increased revenues and sales by different companies. For instance, the report from Business.com website showed that almost half of respondents proved an importance of white papers for getting useful leads in relation to such industries as marketing, telecommunications, etc. The white papers, in this case, used such methods of lead generation as e-mails, webinars, videos and product guides.

One of the examples of successful white papers usage is a company Vircom. It is a company specializing in security software. The white paper released by the company was so successful and popular among the readers that it was difficult to believe that it was possible. Nevertheless, it generated approximately 97,000 USD, as a result of increased sales, and the paper itself was downloaded more than 2,000 times.

What Is a White Paper Writing?

Basically, white paper is a form of product advertising. Previously, white papers were widely used in business-to-business market for offering solution to some specific business problems. They were used as a method of fast presentation of information to company executives. Nowadays, these papers serve a similar function and they are used to recommend a product as a solution to some problems people may face in their everyday lives.

White paper can be a guide, which provided detailed description of how a specific product or service can help solve an existing problem and why it is the best choice. White papers can simply provide a description of an issue that may be interesting in relation to some industry.

The example of Vircom shows that white papers play an important role in advertising products and services. Their value is in that they provide necessary information that is aimed at indicating why the product is important and how it can solve the existing problems, how effective it is and why the customers should choose it.

At present, white papers are mostly represented in digital format. They are exclusively created for viewing in PDF reader. They are often confused with eBooks but it should be said that these two documents are totally different.

Special features of white papers include that they represent formal piece of writing, it is specific and detailed, and the information is focused and presented in a persuasive way.

White Paper Writing Services

In case you are in a need of a high quality white paper, you can always ask us, Write my white paper and get professional assistance. We are ready to provide you with a detailed, well-structured and perfect piece of writing without problems. The papers we provide are always audience-oriented and are created to make people find out about products they may be interested in in a simple manner without being too salesy.

Our writers will help you by providing papers based on a deep and thorough research of the discussed topic.However, in order to deliver high quality product, we require from our customer necessary data and all possible information to make the white paper perfect. We find communication with customers one of the key elements of success, as a result we encourage them to be as responsive as possible. Nevertheless, if the client asks for improvements, we offer free revision option to get the task done properly.

If you hire a white paper writer, you can be sure that the work will be done properly and your personal information will not be disclosed. Please also be informed that any information regarding our cooperation remains private regardless of kind of services you order. Confidentiality of our customers is a high priority for us, which is clearly outlined in our company policy. Working with us will be a pleasure! Contact us now to make sure yourself.

White Paper Writing

The process of white paper writing is difficult in that clear and detailed information should be gathered and later presented in the paper. As a result, the work with our customers starts from assigning a project manager who will be in charge and control all the process from its very beginning to the end. It is a person you will discuss all the issues with, including the aim of the project, purpose, format, deadlines, etc.

After all the important details are discussed with the project manager, the further work will be performed by the team of researchers and writers. When the paper is written, our team of editors will make sure that it is mistakes free. After that, designers will work on the general look of the paper giving it an elegant and professional structure. When it is done, it will be delivered to the customer. If you wonder how much do white papers cost, we can assure you that our prices are affordable and pocket-friendly and you will never regret placing your order on our website!

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