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Frequently asked questions

Best-writing-service.com provides a wide range of essay writing services, including custom essays, case studies, research papers, dissertations, and term papers. As our customer, you can choose the most suitable deadline for your paper. You will have to pay a higher price, if you choose a more urgent deadline and higher academic level (please refer to our “Prices” page).

Rest assured that we supply only original content, since we use state-of-art plagiarism checking software for every paper we write. If any of our writers happens to violate the principles of our anti-plagiarism policy, our cooperation will be instantly terminated.

We realize the importance of timely delivery for every client, which is why we guarantee that every paper is delivered on time. However, we also ask our customers to provide as many details as they can so that the writer has everything needed to finish the paper on time. Before you place the order with us, please, make sure that the following criteria are met:
a. The requirements and instructions are specific;
b. You have uploaded all the additional information and materials.
c. You have provided valid contact details.
In this way, you will avoid many misunderstandings with our writers.

We offer you great discounts which depend on total number of pages ordered. If you’ve ordered more than 30 pages you will be given 5% discount on your next orders. After ordering more than 50 pages, your discount will increase to 10%. And, finally, after you’ve ordered more than 100 pages, you will be given a 15% discount. Please note, all first-time customers receive 15% discount on their first order.

Use Order Now page and provide all the necessary information about the paper required. You will have to spend just a few minutes in order to provide your contact information. Please, don’t forget to provide a valid phone number.

We suggest that you contact our Customer Care before placing an order. Our agents are amazing advisors and they can guide you through the ordering process if you are a new client. It is important to give as many details as possible no matter the length of your assignment. The precision of the instructions guarantees mutual understanding and excellent results. Do not hesitate to ask questions if something seems to be ambiguous. Specify your academic level, writing style, the scope of creative freedom for the writer, word count, and all the necessary educational material. You can also explore our standardized order form independently to see a range of other features.

You can contact our support agents and they will help you contact the assigned writer directly. Besides, you will see that the work on your order has started if your order has the status “Processing” on your profile next to the author’s ID.

The problem is that not all companies that claim to be professional are academic writing experts for real. Our clients had come across lots of semi-feigned advertisements and ordered from amateurs instead of genuine experts before they discovered Best-writing-service.com. The second you start cooperating with us, you will understand that we are customer-oriented. The moment you read through the final paper, you will realize that it is original and well-written. The main discerning aspect between professionals and amateurs is the promise of super-quick research. Keep in mind that even the best academic writer will not be able to produce an outstanding paper in an hour, as it entails preparation, meticulous research, and writing and editing processes. Prices for high quality also cannot be low.

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