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When it comes to dissertation writing, students often choose to order its separate chapters from professional writers. The reasons are simple: the lack of time and knowledge of certain aspects of academic writing. For instance, a dissertation literature review may turn out to be one of the largest chapters of the entire work. It is also a foundational section. It allows a student to understand what has already been researched on the chosen topic and what gaps still remain unfilled. Thus, there is no place for inconsistencies there. And that is why many students prefer to buy literature review online.

An academic writer with a master’s or doctoral degree knows best how to craft a decent academic review. Also, using the advice of a professional writer every student can create this important dissertation chapter themselves. Thus, in this article, you will find a guide on dissertation literature review writing, as well as information as to where to hire a specialist to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Fortunately, however, it is possible to buy and pay for a literature review online if you think all this sounds quite exhausting. Indeed, this option is extremely easy nowadays with the Internet. With a few mouse clicks, you may buy a literature review this minute from

What is a Dissertation Literature Review?

In general, this is a critical and careful evaluation of the sources identified and read by the student on the selected topic, along with the highlighted gap in the knowledge the researcher aims to address.

The characteristics of the information presented in a dissertation literature review vary from institution to institution. For instance, this can be a simple summary of significant sources. But more often than not, the student needs to use critical thinking skills to present a personal opinion about each publication (positive or negative). Presenting your own interpretation of a text under analysis you provide the appropriate degree of critical engagement necessary for this thesis chapter.

In a simple summary, a student presents a concise list of the general arguments of a certain scholar. Instead, an academic review, meant to become a section of a thesis, should go beyond this. The student should offer a fresh interpretation of a traditional research article or both, old and new perspectives. Also, a careful and critical explanation of the advancements in the chosen field with a stress on the main debates can be offered. It is also possible for a literature review to simply present an estimation of a source along with the comments on its validity and relevance to the topic of the research.

In short, your task is to sum up and critically analyze the research arguments extracted from your readings without any new contributions to these ideas.

If you have no time to do this job yourself, you can always turn to our literature review writing services for professional help. Still, if you are determined to write this piece yourself, you should understand what purpose it serves.

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Literature Review Purposes

As already said, this piece of writing is meant to help you and your reader understand what is known on the topic, as well as what is not yet known. Being an integral part of any academic work, it shows your audience that you have a fine understanding of the chosen sources that discuss your topic/ research area.

You may be surprised, but this section of your dissertation will convince your instructor and your audience that your own research is relevant and the presented arguments are valid and valuable. Thus, this piece of writing is important and worth the time spent on its creation.

How to Write a Literature Review

In case you don’t want to pay for literature review created by a professional writer, you should follow a correct plan to compose it yourself. Below our team of writers presents the steps they follow to craft a quality literature review.

     1. Find the Right Sources

First and foremost, you should have a clear idea of what publications you would like to read and examine. Here, a formal list of sources obtained from your instructor will surely make your life easier. The general rules are as follows:

    • First, identify the publications that are relevant to your research. Use the keywords to find the articles with the help of Google Scholar, or JSTOR. These sources provide a good overview of the published literature. If you need more articles, just click on the “related articles” button.
    • You should have a balanced mix of sources. This means a selection of academic articles, books, and other useful works from reputable sources. Think about the aims and parameters of your research. What do you hope to reveal? What about the theoretical perspectives you want to address? The type of methodology you plan to use also matters. All these aspects should guide you in selecting the literature for your review. Scan every publication reading its abstract. Even a quick look at the keywords will help you to understand if the publication is relevant to your research.
    • Keep track of the sources. You should stay on your chosen track. You can do this using such tools as Mendeley. Thus, you will save the info about the articles online. As this is a citation tool, later, you will be able to cite every article in your paper in the required citation format.

    2. Read the Chosen Sources

This may look obvious, but you should read the text chosen for your literature review. Screen the texts to get the overall idea about each one. Then, examine every source for the second time, taking notes and highlighting quotes. Write down your own reaction to the text. Comment on the overall hypothesis, methodological approach, etc.

Identify the research gap. In case your review is a section of the research proposal, it will help you to demonstrate that the forthcoming research is important as it will address an existing knowledge gap.

When looking for the gap, ask yourself if there is a research problem, question, or perspective that is still not answered. If you manage to find such an area, you can be sure that your research that aims to address it, is indeed original.

Also, you will demonstrate that you do understand the current situation in terms of research in the chosen field of knowledge.

If you have looked through many academic articles, but still don’t know where a research gap is, ask an expert custom writer from a literature review writing service to craft this chapter of the dissertation for you. This step will allow you to save more time for work on the other sections of your thesis.

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    3. Write Your Literature Reviews

Now you have selected the right sources and are ready to create your written masterpiece. To do things right, follow this simple strategy:

  • Consult a sample dissertation literature review. Find a relevant example in your field. Read about the themes that are now discussed. Take a look at the paper structure. It will help you to shape your own literature review. Get a sense of the academic language and style of writing.
  • Stay focused. The discussed theme should be narrowed down. Don’t let yourself be lost among the hundreds of perspectives. The articles that discuss your topic may be extremely broad. You don’t need to address each scholarly argument. This may actually prevent you from presenting a focused written work. Thus, make sure to stress the focus of your review while writing it.
  • Use only current sources. It is recommended to use sources that are no older than five years. The field of science develops really fast. In some disciplines, even the article that was published three years ago may be outdated. Still, seminal works such as Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams” do not lose their significance even decades after their publication. Be sure to find contemporary approaches to the issues covered in such seminal publications or fresh perspectives on these classic works. Remember, your literature review should be well-balanced.
  • Organize your paper properly. Of course, the literature review outline is fairly standard. It should have its own introduction, body, and conclusion. Still, it may be not easy to decide how the reviewed sources should be organized. As for the introductory part, it should be focused and clear. It should outline the main topics and arguments, that will be further discussed in the paper.

As for the body section, your sources should be grouped according to the themes that they cover, methodology used by their authors, or the dates when they were published (chronological approach). You should clearly present your arguments and explain how they are related to the literature under discussion. Explain why a certain scholar agrees with your views. Comment on the other views and positions. Present direct quotations only when it is needed. Make sure you really critically engage with the chosen articles.

When summarizing your written piece, highlight the conclusions you have made from the sources. Paraphrase the claim made in your intro regarding the gap in the literature. Explain how your future work will close it. It is also an appropriate place to present recommendations regarding further studies.


Some Handy Tips

If you are determined to prepare your dissertation literature review yourself, you should be ready to spend much time writing and editing it. Still, even in this case, a reliable literature review writing service can come in handy: you can pay a professional writer to proofread and edit your paper, addressing any grammar or stylistic errors. Professional editing will turn your original literature review into a masterpiece.

Also, while writing, don’t present the description of the scholar’s ideas. Provide your analysis of these ideas instead.

Utilize relevant evidence. Evidence is the heart of a dissertation literature review. Your claims and interpretations should be always supported with evidence. There is no place for groundless claims in this academic text.

Make your opinion heard. Of course, the aim of the review is to present a critical analysis of the claims and observations of other scholars, but your critical review also includes the presentation of your own opinion in the context of the discussed sources.

Reference the text correctly. If you are not familiar with the required citation style or you know that you lack attention to tiny details, it is recommended that you turn to a professional editor for help. Solid writing companies such as Best Writing offer formatting services, in addition to custom writing and editing. If you don’t know how to order separate editing services or pay for literature review, contact support agents. These people work in shifts to address all your requests immediately.

Buying a Literature Review

If you buy a literature review paper from us it will be crafted by professional, experienced writers. These experts are adept at developing appropriate thesis statements and they understand how to make an essay come alive, demonstrating how well you understand the reviewed material and apply it in a compelling way.

So, if you are wondering “where can I buy a literature review,” the answer is Ordering a dissertation literature review from us you may be sure that your dissertation grade will be high. Very often, a well-written dissertation is the first step to being accepted onto a Ph.D. program, so this paper is really significant.

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Literature Reviews Written by Ph.D. Writers

We are sure that you will decide to use our services upon checking some of our sample papers. To order and pay for literature review writing services you need to complete a few simple steps. Just open and fill out our order form provided online for this purpose. We will find one of our company’s best writers with a relevant degree for you to get reliable and quick help.

Each of our writers is appropriately qualified to write reviews and has expertise in the literature field. Being well-read and well-educated, they know precisely what is required to ensure a dissertation stands out. Students often find the task of writing a dissertation literature review especially tricky since there is such a great deal to take into account and numerous ways in which a text can be interpreted. Our service relieves you of all this worry!

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Expert Help with Literature Review Writing

You may be wondering if there is a literature review writing service that will provide you with a reasonably cheap paper in a twelve-hour timeframe. Undoubtedly, this deadline is tight. The writers at are capable of writing accurately and quickly, but to turn such a complex project around in this short timeframe will not come cheaply. However, you will get great value for your money. This will be a long-term investment in a successful future.

A good way of reducing the cost of a literature review is, if possible, to allow our company’s writer enough time to complete the task.

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Our Literature Reviews are Custom-Written

When written properly, a literature review is worth its weight in gold. The process of writing such a paper is not something that the majority of people find easy. It is a tricky task even for those who love literature and are passionate about every book they review.

Transforming ideas into a successful, structured, and coherent paper can be difficult and you may find yourself repeating information or missing important points. It may happen that you deviate from the point, and upon re-reading your paper, it bears little relation to your central thesis. We believe this is one of the key reasons why the writing services we provide are so sought-after. A lot of people understand the difficulties involved in writing a high-scoring paper and want to avoid poor marks for such an important assignment. Why take such risks when assistance is readily available?

Customers who buy literature reviews online from trust our competent writers to provide high-quality papers – papers that often completely surpass expectation. Your dissertation can be the factor that decides whether you just pass, pass with distinction, or even fail. Hence, it is vitally important to get it right. Writing a literature review is always a tricky undertaking, but when the paper is a decisive dissertation, you don’t want to risk it, right? So spare yourself nights without sleep and unending stress by allowing to help you meet your goals this academic year.

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Professional Service to Help You with Narrative Literature Review Writing

The modern world is too busy to cope with all the tasks without help. Having a lot of social obligations and job responsibilities, students cannot handle their studies as they lack time for everything. For sure, teachers will not approve your decision, but you do understand that getting academic help can be a perfect solution to your problems. We never store any personal data; so, you can be absolutely sure that your personal information is kept secret. Everything we need to know is your email address. We never ask questions about your college or university. We do appreciate when you provide us with a phone number as it makes our communication easier. So, what we offer is:

  • Unique writing

You know the narrative review definition and you expect our writers to follow all the standards and make papers of unmatched quality and originality. We guarantee that we tailor every text according to the instructions you provide. Give us all the unique details about your narrative literature review, including the number of sources and specific databases you want us to use. We give individualized help and a guarantee of customized writing.

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  • Confidentiality

No one will ever get to know about your decision to hire a professional academic writing. We know that it is important to keep secrets.

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You are not the only student who decides to get help with academic assignments. It is not a problem to ask for assistance! A problem is to get stressed and waste time without making any decisions at all. Order your narrative literature review here and now! Let us handle your lengthy projects and short papers.

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